Marbelized Pattern Thick Rubber Mat by Amazon Basics

A kitchen is the most focused part of a house when it comes to decoration. In addition to have stylish kitchen appliances, a kitchen mat also plays an important role to give a decorative look to your kitchen.

Different design kitchen mats are used to be placed on different floor patterns like Amazon Basics Marbelized pattern rubber mat, in addition to its anti-fatigue feature, gives a kitchen floor a marble style look.

Marbelized Pattern Thick Rubber Mat by Amazon Basics

Let us discuss some prominent features of this decorative kitchen mat by Amazon Basics.


  • Its anti-fatigue and anti-stress smooth rubber surface are composed of thick foam padding and non-slip backing.
  • It’s a heavy-duty multipurpose mat that, in addition to the kitchen floor, is ideal for an industrial environment, garages, and workshops.
  • It prevents the body strain and fatigue that results due to the long-standing hours on kitchen hard surfaces.
  • It provides resistance to water, common oil, alkyd, and other acids.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain and can easily be cleaned with a warm wet cloth or any mild detergent
  • It comes in three color patterns i.e. Black & White, Gray & White, and Blue & White
  • It comes in 3 different sizes 2 X 3, 3 X 5, and 3 x 10 with ½ inch and 7/8-inch thickness

Let us discuss the Pros & Cons of this Amazon Basics Premium mat


  • Good sized for kitchen placement and standing long hours
  • Prevents floor slipping and tripping
  • Comes in different color and sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Branded by Amazon Basics that only deliver highly rated products at low prices
  • Decorative


  • Sometimes show water spots and mat walks

Where to Buy

When it comes to buying online, we always recommend Amazon as the only online platform due to fast shipping and its outstanding customer support which extends to the immediate return and replacement in case of any customer complaint.

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