The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by U’Artlines

U’Artlines is a name you can trust. Based in Zhengzhou China, this rug manufacturer is known for its premium quality mats and exceptional customer support.

Manufactured with the utmost attention to quality, detail, and functionality; their kitchen floor mats ace at versatility, durability and provide a great bang for your buck.


We thus bring to you the three best mats that this manufacturer offers. The addition of one of these kitchen mats would add to the décor and functionality of your kitchen. Easy to clean, stain, and fade resistant, these rugs would help keep your kitchen clean, safe, and comfortable.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

The Three Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by U’Artlines

Our list of the best mats for kitchen floor by U’Artlines is the result of extensive research and meticulous testing. These top 3 mats boast pros that significantly outweigh the cons and can thus truly be termed, the best of both worlds.

ProductSize(s)Color(s)MaterialThicknessShop Now
U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat20”x72”Black & CoffeePVC Foam4/5 inchesCheck Latest Price
U’Artlines Buffalo Plaid Rug24″ x 36″  
24 x 36″
24″ x 50.4″  
24″ x 50.4″
Black-white Plaid
Black-white Stripe,
Grey & Sunrise Grey
      Cotton  N/ACheck Latest Price
U’Artlines Bathroom Rug18” x 26”
18” x 26” (2pcs)
18” x 26”
18” x 47
18” x 47”
21” x 34” 21” x 34”
Blue, Gray & Wine RedMicrofiberN/ACheck Latest Price

1. U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

mat for kitchen floor

We would like to start this list with an anti-fatigue rug; the U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat. You must have heard of this non-fatigue feature that the best kitchen floor mats provide.

Anti-fatigue rugs use extensive padding in their cores to provide cushioning to the user’s feet. The feet adapt to the cushioned surface of the mat and prevent irregular blood circulation thus inhibiting fatigue or pain in the joints and back.

Furthermore, these rugs also promote an improved posture and make long hours in the kitchen bearable.

Are you still not sold? Well, the best anti-fatigue rugs like the U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat come packed with tons of other great features.

The phthalate-free composition includes only the most premium and safe high-density PVC foam which is super durable and resistant to matting or disintegrating over time. Throw any amount of foot traffic at this marvel of a rug and it would always emerge unscathed!

The super-soft surface is also very easy to clean. Spot clean or vacuum, it is totally up to you. Rest assured, this mat would always look brand new on your kitchen floor.

The comfortable surface is also backed by a non-slip bottom which helps it hug the floor tightly even when it is wet. Stepping on a non-slip mat such as the U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat would not cause you to stumble or slide across the floor thus preventing tripping accidents.

Speaking about tripping, the mat’s beveled edges prevent it from curling and hampering the overall mobility in the kitchen. They have also been reinforced to prevent fraying.

The 20 inch by 72 inches rug comes in two colors of black and coffee that are perfect for elegant and minimalistic kitchens.


  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-fatigue top and nonskid backing
  • Extremely sturdy and durable


  • Few color and size options due to the focus on functionality

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2. U’Artlines Buffalo Plaid Rug

U'Artlines Buffalo Plaid Rug

The U’Artlines Buffalo Plaid Rug focuses more on aesthetics than functionality. It comes in four beautifully designed patterns of Black & White Plaid, Black & White Stripe, Grey, and Sunrise Grey.

Everyone loves buffalo plaid! The white and black colored yarns woven in stripes create large intersecting blocks which creates an elegant and cozy pattern that makes utilitarian textiles beautiful.

The mat also comes in classic black and white stripes and the more luxurious looking grey and sunrise grey options. Fade-resistant and beautiful, these designs are sure to add warmth to your kitchen.

The soft surface is also easy to take care of and machine washable. Exquisitely stitched with environment-friendly materials, the mat is sure to stand the test of time and the low pile height means it can be placed under doors too.

The U’Artlines Buffalo Plaid Rug comes in two size options; standard measuring 24 inches by 36 inches and a runner measuring 24 inches by 50.4 inches. You can also get both the rugs with the rug set featuring both.


  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Beautiful designs and many size options
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors


  • A little low on functionality due to the focus on aesthetics

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3. U’Artlines Bathroom Rug

U'Artlines Bathroom Rug

U’Artlines worked their magic on a bathroom rug that makes for the perfect kitchen rug as well due to its enhanced water-absorbing capabilities which enables it to absorb more moisture in its deep pile and dry quickly.

The U’Artlines Bathroom Rug is made of soft to the touch microfiber which is environment friendly and super easy to clean. The kitchen mat uses a flocked technique to hold up or withstand multiple machines or hand washes without disintegrating or fraying.

The fade-resistant and warm surface is backed by a TPR bottom whose strong adhesion helps keep the rug in place, prevents skidding, and protects your floors from water damage.

The U’Artlines Bathroom Rug comes in six variations; 18 inches by 26 inches, 18 inches by 26 inches 2 pieces, rug set of 18 inches by 26 inches + 18 inches by 47 inches, 18 inches by 47 inches, 21 inches by 34 inches, and finally 21 inches by 34 inches 2 pieces. Each option comes in three colors of Blue, Gray, and Wine Red.


  • Machine washable and durable
  • Super soft and water-absorbent
  • Beautiful designs and many size options
  • Non-Slip bottom


  • Sometimes slips a little on tile flooring
  • No anti-fatigue element
  • Might be considered a little too thin

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Why Buy These Kitchen Floor Mats by U’Artlines?

If you have ever been to the home section of a departmental store, you would know the sheer number of manufacturers and brands offering the ‘best’ kitchen rugs. While most of these claims boast rightful backing, it can be hard for a single individual to be the judge, jury, and executioner.

Consequently, with the hopes of lifting the stress and burden of purchasing off your shoulders; our team reviews and tests most products in the market and then compare their user reviews and comes to a conclusion.

We were thus able to shortlist these 3 products from a manufacturer who is proud of its loyal customer base, premium products, and amazing customer support.

We have also added Amazon product links with each product where you can see the reviews of other people to reach a conclusion and get the mat of your dreams delivered at your doorstep with safe transactions and minimal hassle.

In case of any unfortunate defects or unsatisfactory product quality, you can also claim a refund or exchange!


Why Do I Need A Kitchen Mat?

Kitchen floor mats are a necessity due to many reasons. They add to the charm of the room with their unique designs and vibrant colors. Kitchen floor mats keep your kitchen clean with their stain-resistant surfaces that use their water retention capabilities to contain messes and spills.

Talking about spills, the best kitchen mats like our top picks also protect the floor from water damage and use their non-slip backing to prevent slippage and skidding.
Their foam or rubber cores also provide anti-fatigue and thus provide you with the most comfortable experience when working for long hours in the kitchen. It is thus for all these reasons that you need one for your kitchen floor.

Is U’Artlines a Trusted Rug Manufacturer?

Yes, U’Artlines is a trusted rug manufacturer registered with many online stores such as Amazon and eBay. It is well known for its products backed by money-back guarantees and exceptional customer support via calls and emails.

Where Do You Place A Kitchen Mat?

The rule of thumb is to place area rugs under the kitchen table, small rugs under the sink, refrigerator and range, and runners where your kitchen is the longest.

What Is the Best Kitchen Floor Mat by U’Artlines?

All three kitchen floor mats offer versatility, elegance, and functionality and thus can be bought without batting an eye. If, however, we were to choose one as our top pick, we would go for the U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat.
The rug features a non-slip bottom, an anti-fatigue top, and a durable design that is easy to clean.

With that, we would like to end this article. We hope it answered most of your questions regarding mats for kitchen floors and helped you in making a purchase. Happy Shopping