The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by HEBE

HEBE is a prominent US-based manufacturer that offers a variety of home and kitchen products. They have a huge customer base from all around the world who love most of their products, especially their kitchen mats.

mat for kitchen floor by HEBE

What is the reason? Well, their mats are manufactured with high-quality materials that offer excellent functionality with trendy designs. We thus bring to you the best ones in their catalog.

Most of these mats are anti-fatigue, slip-resistant, and water-resistant to keep your beautiful kitchen clean and protected.

Not to forget, HEBE is well known for its customer service. You can bring up queries at any time of the day, and they will be answered. Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, HEBE will provide a hassle-free full money-back guarantee.

So, without further delay, let’s dive right into the best HEBE’s kitchen floor mats!

The Three Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by HEBE

This detailed list mentions the 3 best kitchen floor mats by HEBE. You can trust this list as it is backed by research and testing by mat experts.

ProductSize(s)Color(s)MaterialThicknessShop Now
HEBE Extra Long Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat20” x 59”Grey Lettice-
Silver Grey
Silver Grey
Polyurethane0.6″Check Latest Price
HEBE Non-Slip Moroccan Trellis Kitchen Rug
18″ x 47″ + 18″ + 30″
20″ x 55″ + 20″ x  32″
Black Brown
Dark Blue Flower Grey Flower
Sky Blue Light Tan
PolypropyleneN/ACheck Latest Price
HEBE Vintage Rug Runner for Kitchen Floor20” x 48”ColorfulRubber0.2″Check Latest Price

1) HEBE Extra Long Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

HEBE Extra Long Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

We want to start this list with one of the bestselling mats for the kitchen floor by HEBE i.e. the “Extra Long Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat”. As the name suggests, it is an anti-fatigue mat.

If you are new to kitchen rugs, you might be wondering what anti-fatigue means. In simple words, an anti-fatigue element in kitchen floor mats reduces the chances of you being tired and exhausted.

The product mentioned above is a thick cushioned mat made from 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) of polyurethane gel foam, which makes it anti-fatigue. With this comes several health benefits such as better blood circulation and muscle conditions.

The extra-long size gives rug stability and functionality, while the nonslip feature protects you from slipping. If you are anxious that the mat will get dirty due to excessive exposure to lubricants then don’t worry, this mat is not only waterproof but also stain resistant.

You also don’t have to wash it often as it can easily be cleaned with the vacuum machine or merely a damp cloth.  Moreover, the beveled edges will protect you and your family members from tripping.

The mat only comes in one size, which is 20 inches by 59 inches. There are four unique colors available: Grey, Lettice-Silver Grey, Lattice-Brown, and Silver Grey. The beautiful pattern and design are sure to make your kitchen look classy and elegant!


  • Anti-fatigue
  • Beveled edges
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy
  • Distinctive colors


  • Not machine washable
  • A little hard to fold

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2) HEBE Non-Slip Moroccan Trellis Kitchen Rug

Next up, we have the “HEBE Non-Slip Moroccan Trellis Kitchen Rug”. It is a two-piece durable polypropylene fabric rug set. In simple words, it is manufactured with high-quality material with a focus on comfort and functionality both.

The Moroccan touch to this rug gives it a striking look, which can brighten up any kitchen. The seven varieties of colors make this mat match-able with almost every theme or decor. The luxurious looking design is sure to add sophistication to your kitchen.

If you are someone who does not like to wear slippers in your house, then you must consider this mat. It is cozy and extra soft, which makes it very comfortable to stand barefoot on it.

Making your kitchen look elegant without compromising on the functionality has never been easier. The non-skid rubberized backing makes this mat slip-resistant and keeps it in place.

You can also say goodbye to slips and trips as the low profile prevents all sorts of tripping hazards. The impressive water absorption quality of this Moroccan Trellis Rug Protects the floor from stains as well.

Since the rug is machine friendly, washing it over and over again would not damage it. HEBE is famous for making durable mats, and this product is one of the prime examples. Without a doubt, you can use this mat for several years.

The 2 piece mat is available in two sizes: 18 inches by 47 inches + 18 inches by 30 inches and 20 inches x 55 inches + 20 inches by 32 inches. The wide color variety includes Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Flower Grey, Flower Sky Blue, and Light Tan.


  • Anti-fatigue
  • Moroccan design
  • 2 pieces (small and large)
  • Machine friendly
  • Soft enough to stand barefoot
  • Seven colors available
  • Nonslip due to rubberized backing


  • A little expensive but well worth it

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3) HEBE Vintage Runner for Kitchen Floor

kitchen floor mats HEBE

Do you love a vintage look? If yes, then we have something exciting for you. The fantastic “HEBE Vintage Runner for kitchen Floor” is nothing less than an artistic masterpiece. The mat displays three wine glasses with vibrant colors at the back.

Regardless of the excessive focus on design, this mat protects you from slipping as the back is made up of heavy rubber. Such backing keeps the rug in place and prevents anyone from slipping.

It is also stain and water-resistant, which keeps your kitchen clean and pleasant. As far as the mat’s cleanliness is concerned, it can easily be vacuumed or rinsed without affecting the integrity or durability.

As the design is artistic, it is only available in one variance; 20 inches by 28 inches size with a colorful theme. By choosing this artistic rug, you are sure to bring more life in your kitchen.


  • Artistic design
  • Anti-slip
  • Water and oil resistant


  • No choice of size and color

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Why Buy These Mats For Kitchen Floor By HEBE?

If you are new to kitchen floor mats, you must be thinking that all mats are similar. However, this is not true. Our mat experts have been reviewing a variety of mats, and they have concluded that HEBE provides some of the best A-grade kitchen floor mats at a reasonable price. These mats incorporate essential qualities demanded in a practical kitchen mat.

All three of the mats listed above are available on Amazon. Amazon is a trusted website for online shopping which is user friendly. Hopefully, you will not face any problem in placing an order.


Why do I need a kitchen mat?

Kitchen mats are essential as they add to the functionality and ambiance of the kitchen. Most people believe that not having a carpet will keep their kitchen clean and tidy. However, a mat is something that improves the cleanliness of the most heavily used place of the house.

Mats absorb the water and other greasy spills. This way, your floor is protected. As far as the rug is concerned, it can later be washed.

Apart from that, the kitchen is also a dangerous place where you may slip and fall. For this, anti-slip mats are available that stay in place and protect you from falling due to lubricants.

Kitchen mats also add to the aesthetics and give a pleasant feeling. If the kitchen is brightly colored and well maintained with the help of mats, you would enjoy cooking and cleaning.

What are anti-fatigue kitchen mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce exhaustion and fatigue. Such rugs are preferred to improve working conditions in the kitchen. An anti-fatigue mat not only helps you in standing long hours cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes, but it also helps with leg pain, comfort, and improved blood circulation.

Most anti-fatigue mats provide a soft barrier between our feet and the floor. This is usually done through numerous layers of cushioning.

Is HEBE a trusted manufacturer?

HEBE is a manufacturer based in the USA, which sells its items all over the world. HEBE products are only made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.

Customers trust HEBE because they believe that they put the customers first. HEBE would answer all your doubts, and if you are not satisfied, they will also repay.

For the best products in their kitchen rug catalog, check out the above article!

What is the best kitchen floor mat by HEBE?

The best mat for the kitchen floor by HEBE, in our opinion, is the HEBE Non-Slip Moroccan Trellis Kitchen Rug.” This rug is one of the company’s bestselling products due to its functionality and a huge choice of colors.

Furthermore, this mat comes in a set of two complimenting pieces, one small and one large. For more on its versatility and extensive functionality, check out the above article!

With that, we would like to end this article. We hope it responded to most of your queries regarding mats for kitchen floors by HEBE and helped you in making an informed purchase. Happy Shopping!