Best Rubber Mats For Kitchen Reviews -2021

Imagine you’re cooking a delicious meal and it’s all prepared until you lose your balance because of the wet floor underneath and drop the entire cuisine. Overly fatigued limbs and skidding incidents are the biggest challenges one faces in the kitchen. But, did you know rubber mats for kitchen are designed to counter these very problems?

Everyone likes to have a full-course delicious meal but the overly stressing kitchen tasks can make this a huge challenge. Dining out every day or hiring a cook can slip out of your budget. So what is the solution to this issue?

Yes, a kitchen mat that also adds a beautiful look onto your flooring is the ideal answer. But, we’re not talking about an ordinary mat. In fact, we’ll talk about specially designed rubber mats that’ll not only provide the ultimate comfort but will also be proved the ultimate remedy to the drainage issues in your kitchen.

rubber mats for kitchen

You might have come across these mats through Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Rubbermaid, Kohler, and Target. We’ll list down some of the best options on Amazon and show how they stand out in the market.

Why Go for Rubber Mats for Kitchen?

Did you know skidding and slipping has been listed amongst the three most common accidents in the kitchen? While these incidents are very dangerous on their own, they can prove to be hazardous if one falls upon a sharp object or a hot item.

While these incidents cannot be fully avoided, a rubber mat will drain the items you spill and minimize the chances of tripping over. The holes within help water pass through and provide for a dry surface to stand on.

Vinyl flooring is commonly used in kitchens and it’s an ideal surface for a rubber mat. The floor material will help make it more durable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, it comes with a non-skid surface that helps keep it in place. So you can freely move around your kitchen while working without having to worry about slipping.

Let’s talk about the comfort level it provides now. We know how tired you feel after a long day at work. Nobody wants to further push himself/herself in the kitchen and stress out ankles and knees even more. Therefore, we’ll list down multiple anti-fatigue options here.

Anti-fatigue mats provide an alleviated surface which helps balance your weight across the body. This avoids fatigue in your heels and ankles and hence you have a very relieving experience in the kitchen.

Finally, these products provide an aesthetic theme to your kitchen. An empty floor gives out a bare look and spoils the overall appearance of the room. So why not buy a mat that eliminates the drainage concern, provides the ultimate comfort, and gives an aesthetic look to your kitchen floor all at once?

Best Options in the Market

After learning why rubber mats are an ideal suit to your kitchen floors, you’d be curious to find out the best possible options to choose from. So without further delay, we’ll review the mats that we’ve shortlisted for you. The following table draws a basic comparison amongst all the listed options.

Name of matColor(s) availableDimension(s)ThicknessShop Now
GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat
Beige, black, brown, diamond: black, Charcoal, gray, hunter green, navy, plaid: brown, quatrefoil: gray, stripe: gray, stripe: brown, red, sky blue, stripe: dark gray, taupe17″ x 24″
20″ x 32″
32″ x 20″
39″ x 20″
48″ x 20″
60″ x 20″
70″ x 24″    
3/4”Check Latest Price
Rubber Door Mat Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats  Black24” x 36”
36” x 60”
0.4”Check Latest Price
ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat  
(Editors Choice)
Beige, black, brown, gray, red20” x 32”
20” x 39”
3/4”Check Latest Price
WellnessMats Original 3/4″ Anti-Fatigue Mat  Black, Brown, Gray, Tan36” x 24”
72” x 24”
3/4”Check Latest Price
Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats
(Editors Choice)
Blue diamonds, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Gray, Indigo Deco, Midnight black, Sedona red rock20” x 32”
20” x 39”
24” x 70”
3/4”Check Latest Price
DEXI Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat Kitchen Rug    Black, Brown, Gray39” x 20”
48” x 20”
70” x 20”
3/4”Check Latest Price
Commercial Interlock Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting  Black83” x 36”0.5”Check Latest Price
Rubber-Cal 03_122_WBK 1/2-inch Dura Chef Anti-Slip Rubber Kitchen Mat  Black36” x 60”0.5”Check Latest Price
Erie Tools 3×5 Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mat  Black36” x 60”1/3”Check Latest Price
Color&Geometry Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Rug  Black, brown, gray19″ x 47″
19″ x 70″
20″ x 39″    
3/4”Check Latest Price

1) GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

An all in one package of colors, comfort and quality, the gorilla grip is your go-to choice if you have a heavily trafficked kitchen. The premium quality rubber used in making the mat helps it withstand the everyday use without wearing out.

It is an anti-fatigue mat and the extra thick foam inside will give you the most stress relieving kitchen experience.  The textured surface combined with a variety of colors also gives the room a beautiful and attractive look.

Moreover, the rubber on the surface is phthalate-free and creates a non-toxic environment in the house. If you spill something onto the mat, damp cloth or a vacuum will suffice to clean up the mess. The beveled edges also help keep it in one place.

The best part is how easily it adjusts to different rooms. The same mat can be used near a standing desk, in the laundry room, or near the sink. If you’re still not pleased after the purchase, you can always avail of the 10-year warranty and get a refund or an exchange.


  • The mat provides a variety of options with respect to colors and dimensions
  • The rubber surface is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned
  • A thick foam helps provide the ultimate comfort level when working for long hours
  • Elite customer service helps save you from any post-purchase dissonance


  • The surface is water resistant but the bottom layer might get slippery at times.

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2) Rubber Door Mat Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

rubber mats for kitchen

This strong anti-skid rubber mat will fit perfectly in your busy kitchen. We’ve selected this option mainly because of how adjustable it is. Whether you place it on the entrance or near the sink it will fit right in.

The thickness makes it an anti-fatigue mat and hence you’ll feel relieved when doing dishes or cooking while standing on it. The non-slip nature and the drainage holes also make it an ideal surface on a wet floor. The water spills can easily pass through the holes and the non-skid backing will help avoid any tripping incidents.

The rubber used in its design is also eco-friendly which helps create a safe environment for pets and children. Although the mat comes in two dimensions, the soft rubber material can be easily cut to suit your exact requirement.

Its surface is water and stain-resistant. So don’t freak out due to the occasional spills. All you need to do is hose the mat in water and it will be as good as new.


  • The holes designed on the mat make it a perfect draining surface for your kitchen.
  • The price of the mat is very reasonable when compared to other similar brands
  • Its maintenance is easy and saves time and effort
  • The mat is versatile and can be used on the entrance, in the bathroom, or even in the garage


  • The product might have an odor when it first arrives but it will surely go away after a single wash

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3) ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat (Editors Choice)

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Manufactured by a well-reputed brand, this mat stands out in its material, quality, and variety of colors. As the name suggests it is an anti-fatigue mat and you can feel the difference in your knees and heels after purchasing it for your kitchen.

It comprises three layers. The uppermost layer has been made using antimicrobial rubber which is 100% phthalate-free. Therefore, it is stain resistant and a damp cloth wipe will be enough to clean any mess you make in the kitchen.

The middle layer is a high-density thick cushion foam. The padded surface helps balance your weight while standing for long hours and is the ultimate source of comfort. The lowermost layer is a non-skid bottom that makes the mat a suitable product for wet surfaces. The non-curl beveled edges also help keep it in place on hard surfaces.

If you’re worried about post-purchase satisfaction then this is the right option for you. Comfilife provides a lifetime warranty and will replace or refund the product if you’re unsatisfied.


  • The extra-thick foam is suitable for anyone with a back or knee pain
  • A stain-resistant non-toxic surface makes for an ideal indoor mat. You do not have to worry about the safety or cleanliness
  • The edges and bottom make for a skid-free kitchen experience
  • A premium quality customer service adds to the charm of the product


  • The mat is high in demand and can run out of stock very quickly

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4) WellnessMats Original 3/4″ Anti-Fatigue Mat

best rubber mat

The original anti-fatigue mat also makes it to this list due to its sublime texture and premium quality. It is a perfect suit for anyone looking at a comfortable product that matches the overall theme of the floor and cabinets.

Its surface is made of non-toxic BPA-free rubber. This eliminates the regular odor of a rubber mat and leads to a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen. The antimicrobial design also makes it resistant to stains, physical wear and tear, and any curls. This means you’d be buying a product that can serve you for a long time.

An advanced polyurethane technology also keeps the mat flat at all times giving the kitchen a neat look. The stain resistant design frees you of all worries as a wet cloth or a sponge is enough to clean up the spills.

The thickness of the mat and its ergonomic design provide for a stress-releasing experience. So forget about that back pain or those knee jerks as kitchen-related chores are not fatiguing anymore.


  • The eco-friendly surface of the mat helps create a safe environment in your house
  • A non-skid bottom helps avoid any slipping incidents
  • The antimicrobial design makes the mat more strong and durable
  • It comes with a 20-year warranty accounting for premium customer service


  • Just like the Comfilife, the Original mat is also high in demand and hence low in stock. So you have to hurry up to avail the product before it completely runs out of stock

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5) Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats (Editors Choice)

sky mat

As a part of Sky mats’ all-new product line, this floor mat is ideal for both home and restaurant kitchens. Therefore, if you’re looking for a floor mat for commercial use then this option is perfect for you.

The modern design of this product combined with a variety of dimensions and colors makes it an aesthetic part of any kitchen. Match the colors with your floor and cabinets and do not worry about the maintenance. Simply wipe the surface in case you spill anything.

Its rubber surface combined with a non-slip bottom makes it an ideal drainer on wet surfaces. The beveled edges also help stabilize and keep it in place so that you do not trip over while walking.

The mat’s cushioned foam relieves the excessive pressure of your spine helping you avoid lower back issues. Statistically, it has been tested to reduce knee and joint pain by 32%. Even after all these features if you’re not fully satisfied then contact the customer service and get a refund or an exchange.


  • The dimensions and material quality of this mat make it ideal and durable for commercial usage
  • It has a sleek design, a variety of colors, and is very easy to keep clean
  • It’s a perfect suit for wet surfaces as the steady surface will help avoid any accidents
  • The brand is well-recognized and hence very reliable


  • The mat is of high quality and hence a little expensive

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6) DEXI Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat Kitchen Rug

DEXI rubber mat

If you’re someone who prefers dark and sober colors then this Dexi mat has been handpicked for you. The exquisite pattern design on the rubber surface combined with attractive colors will spark up your kitchen theme.

It can easily rebound and hence won’t flatten over time. The durable surface is also stain and water-resistant. Once again the rubber quality makes the product an ideal drainer. You won’t see any punctures or stains spoiling its look and you can easily clean up any mess you make with a wet cloth and a vacuum cleaner.

DEXI has placed a soft inner cushion within the mat which when combined with the ergonomic design on the exterior, helps avoid any fatigue in your back and your knees. Furthermore, the rough texture on the bottom provides an ideal grip and the non-curl edges make for a safe skid-free experience in the kitchen.

The thick padded foam also makes the comfort mat an ideal surface to stand on while performing kitchen-related tasks.


  • Dexi provides a wide range of colors and dimensions to choose from, hence widening your options
  • The soft rubber surface and a cushion foam provide a fatigue-free time in the kitchen
  • The ergonomic design makes this mat ideal for wet surfaces without worrying about tripping over
  • Its unique design makes for a versatile and multi-purposed mat


  • Needs to be purchased keeping in view the theme of your kitchen due to dark color of the mat

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7) Commercial Interlock Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting

Commercial Interlock Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting

If you want to buy an ideal mat for a busy kitchen, be it residential or that of a commercial restaurant, then go for this option. The large hexagonal holes incorporated in the product design help drain off any spilled water and account for a safe and dry environment.

The mat has been made using high-grade rubber and does not wear off over time. The rough surface at the bottom also gives it a strong grip and minimizes the possibility of tripping over. You can use it indoors as it grips onto the flooring or outdoors as the material is weather resistant.

Do not worry about marks of spills as the rubber makes this mat stain resistant. If it does get dirty then hose it down with a spray and the dust will get off. It’s also washable and hence can occasionally be cleaned with water and detergent.

Its thickness makes for an ideal anti-fatigue mat and whether working in a garage, a restaurant, or at home relieves you of body pain.


  • The mat size and quality makes this mat ideal for commercial usage
  • High-quality raw materials also make it more durable and hence long-lasting
  • It is a versatile product and can be used at multiple places such as the kitchen, garage, or below the sink
  • Its thickness provides a comfortable experience when working for long hours


  • It can have a smell of rubber initially, but it will go away after a wash

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8) Rubber-Cal 03_122_WBK 1/2-inch Dura Chef Anti-Slip Rubber Kitchen Mat

rubber mats for kitchen

Specifically designed to cater to the needs of the food industry, this mat is ideal for a heavily trafficked kitchen. If you regularly use the kitchen for commercial cooking or have a huge family and end up spilling several items then the rubber cal is an ideal addition.

The circular holes designed onto this mat are large enough to allow food particles and water to pass through them and yet small enough to provide a comfortable surface to stand on. The natural ability of rubber to create a cushion around weight also makes this an ideal anti-fatigue mat.

The thick material provides for a padded surface to stand on thus relieving the spine and joints pressure and helping you carry out the chores in a painless manner. The unique drainage also makes this mat a non-slip surface minimizing skidding incidents in your kitchen.

Finally, the dirt and debris will pass through the drainage holes and settle underneath. So the mat will appear to be clean and it can be later washed to remove all the dirt underneath.


  • The large size of the mat and the use of strong quality of rubber make this mat an ideal suit for commercial restaurants and heavily used kitchens
  • The drainage holes help keep the surface clean and dry while avoiding any tripping incidents
  • The thick yet soft surface makes it an ideal anti-fatigue mat


  • It might prove to be too large for a regular sized kitchen

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9) Erie Tools 3×5 Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mat

Erie Tools 3x5 Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mat

If you’re looking for a smaller sized mat that acts as a good drainer then this is the right option for you. While we’re listing it as a rubber mat for the kitchen, it can be used for multiple purposes.

The product has been made using synthetic rubber which makes it stronger and helps it stand the heavy traffic alongside the spills in your kitchen. The large holes designed to provide a wide gap for both solid and liquid spills to pass through and settle down. This alongside the strong grip at the bottom protects you from slipping in the kitchen.

The soft yet durable nature of the rubber alongside the thickness incorporated in the design makes it an ideal surface to stand on while working. You’ll feel the difference in your ankles, back, and heels once you start using it.

The surface is stain and oil resistant while dirt and debris settle down due to the large holes. So whenever you feel convenient, hose the mat or give it a wash and you’ll be set to stand on a clean surface again.


  • The synthetic rubber used in the mat makes it ideal to use near the sink, in the garage, and even in the gym
  • It is a highly durable product
  • The surface is oil and water-resistant which helps give a cleaner look while avoiding any hazardous accidents


  • The product does come with a light smell of synthetic rubber

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10) Color&Geometry Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Rug

rubber mats for kitchen

We’ve saved one of the best options for the last. Coming in a variety of sizes, this mat is a true piece of decorative craft and an ideal addition to your dark-themed kitchen.

Its thick memory foam makes for an ideal anti-fatigue mat. If you have lower-back issues or suffer from excessive joint pain then buy this mat and feel the pressure relieve off these body parts.

Do you place a kitchen mat in front of the sink? No issue at all. The textured rubber surface combined with a non-skid rubber backing helps provide firm support to the mat. The beveled edges also keep it in place and even if you spill water from the sink onto it you don’t have to worry about tripping over.

The surface is also stain resistant so just wipe the spills off with a sponge. A damp cloth would be enough to clean off any dirt or dust and give the mat a fresh look.

It comes with a lifetime support commitment. So if you feel any form of dissatisfaction, just ring the customer support and they’ll come up with a reasonable solution for you.


  • The quality of rubber used makes this mat a long-lasting kitchen companion
  • The strong rough backing and the thick foam helps counter physical fatigue
  • Very easy to maintain and clean up
  • The quality and customer support provided at this price is unmatched


  • This mat comes in dark colors only.

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How to Select the Best Rubber Mats for Kitchen?

How did we come across these options? While shortlisting the best products is always important, it is also vital to know what features make them stand out amongst others.

This rule goes for all purchases and especially for something as essential and central to your house as rubber mats for the kitchen. Hence, we’ve listed down four aspects that you should keep in mind while selecting the product that suits you the best.

Quality of the rubber used

Not all raw materials are of the same quality. Hence, be careful and select the mat which uses premium quality rubber only, for instance, brands like Wellness mats and Comfilife that use polyurethane technology to mold the rubber and produce high-quality products. Even if you buy a mat that uses synthetic rubber make sure it does not have a smell as that leads to an unpleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

The material quality also determines how eco-friendly a product is. For instance, most of the options on this list use 100 percent non-toxic material. Moreover, premium quality rubber would not only make your mat longer-lasting but also stain-resistant and easier to clean up.

Commercial or residential usage

It’s true that some mats like the one by Sky mats are all-rounders and prove to be effective in both home and restaurant kitchens, however, the usage in both these places is particularly different. While restaurants require mats that can endure heavy traffic, large spills, and a lot of moisture, home kitchens demand beautiful, attractive, colorful, and comfortable mats.

Hence, some products like the “Commercial Interlock” are more suited to commercial sites while others such as “Color&Geometry” would look better in a designed kitchen. Identify your requirement and then choose accordingly from the vast options available.

Comfort level

Kitchen chores can be very hectic and lead to several issues in different parts of the body. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re working in a restaurant or at home, you need a basic level of comfort while doing those long hours.

Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed in a way to balance off your weight while standing in one place. So you can focus upon mixing and blending the right ingredients while these mats will help relieve the fatigue off your limbs and your back.

Therefore, here we’ve only listed anti-fatigue rubber mats for the kitchen. While you buy the mat to cover the flooring or secure the area and avoid wet surfaces, it’ll also be providing you ultimate comfortable work experience.

Non-skid backing

As we mentioned before, tripping incidents are amongst the most common kitchen hazards. Therefore, make sure that the floor mat you purchase guarantees protection from such accidents.

You’ll notice that all of the products we’ve selected either have a rough lowermost layer or a non-slip backing for this very purpose. Most of them also have non-curl beveled edges and their surfaces are water-resistant.

We know how common spills are in the kitchen and how easily the flooring near the stove and the sink can get wet. These mats stay in place on such trippy surfaces and provide a stable ground to stand on. While the surface stays unaffected and stainless, the non-slip back protects you from slipping and hurting yourself.

Why These Mats?

Now that you know how suitable rubber mats are for the kitchen and how to look out for the best options in the market, you might be wondering why we’re suggesting these very products.

It’s very simple. Just go through the factors that make for a good quality mat and then go through all the options we’ve listed here. You’ll realize that even though all these products are different, they fit the criteria set for the best options.

  •  All of them use premium quality rubber
  • The design for all these options is anti-fatigue and hence provides ultimate relaxation
  • These mats come with a non-slip backing hence being safe for the kitchen
  • We’ve listed down mats for home kitchens and commercial restaurants so that you can choose according to your requirements.

Moreover, we’ve made sure to include only those products that are durable and easy to maintain. The entire list comprises products that back the price you’re paying for them through quality and customer service. This is the very reason we’ve preferred products from amazon over those from Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Rubbermaid, Kohler, and Target.

Finally, if you ask us to further select the best product from this list we’ll suggest two options:


1) Are rubber mats good for kitchens?

Rubber is largely considered to be the go-to material when it comes to kitchen mats. This is due to two major reasons. As far as commercial kitchens are considered, these surfaces prove to be ideally oil and grease resistant. It can also withstand the heavy traffic without wearing out. The water-resistant surface also proves to be ideal for wet floors. Secondly, most home kitchens have a Vinyl floor and rubber mats ideally grip on to these surfaces while avoiding any accidents. Therefore, these mats prove to be ideal additions to all types of kitchens

2) What are the best rubber mats for kitchens?

Just like there’s no single answer to suggest the best kitchen design or theme, this question is also dependent upon its context. Some options are ideal for one theme while the remaining are suitable for others. Similarly, some mats are fit for home environments while others can be used in huge commercial setups. We have kept all these things in mind and then shortlisted 10 of the best possible products available in the market. For more details go through the article and decide which option suits you the best.

3) Do rubber mats go with kitchens consisting of multiple cabinets and drawers?

All kitchens have some cabinets and drawers. This built-in-furniture decides an overall theme for the room. A good mat would be the one that serves all its purposes while fitting that theme. Therefore, there are multiple rubber mats that offer a variety of colors and designs. You can choose the right size and color to integrate its look with that of the cabinets and drawers. For more details, go through the options we’ve listed in this article and find out the best possible match for your kitchen.

4) Can rubber mats be placed near the sink?

Synthetic and polyurethane rubber usually helps to drain the water/moisture in your kitchen. Therefore, if you spill some water over the surface it does not leave stains and the mat also stays in one place. So yes, most rubber mats would be ideal to place near the kitchen sink. However, some of them are more suitable than others. Their design and texture help them drain the moisture in a quicker and better way. Therefore, go through our list and choose from the options that are suitable in areas with more moisture.

We’ve listed down everything that you need to know about rubber mats for kitchens. So, make a decision and select the newest addition to your lovely kitchen.

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