Best Non Slip Rugs for Kitchen in 2021

In the olden days, the kitchen was the utilitarian room of the house, used simply for preparing the meals and often separated from the dining rooms to conceal the mess and smell. Nowadays, however, the kitchen is considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house, with some people even using it as a workspace! Where once only scullions roamed, our kitchens now house our kids’ souvenir magnets and artworks.

It is the place where meals are shared, and memories are made. It can rightfully be said that the kitchen is the new hub of the home, but this also means that the high foot traffic, coupled with frequent spillages and splashes makes it rather unsafe, especially for our kids and pets. At this point, we want everyone to gather around, pull up a stool, and grab a plate, as we review the best non slip rugs for the kitchen. These mats would not only add safety and comfort to your home’s hub, but also aesthetics to your kitchen.

non slip rugs for kitchen

Why Do We Need Non Slip Rugs for Kitchen?

Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of household accidents and the kitchen, along with the bathroom perhaps, is the area most prone to host these accidents. Dishwashers, sinks, stoves and refrigerators are just some of the many contributors to the liquid spills on kitchen floors thus comes the need to use non-slip options.

A non-slip mat has either a latex or rubber backing which helps it hug the floor tightly while simultaneously providing traction on the top. Stepping on a non-slip rug doesn’t cause you to stumble or slide across the floor thus preventing household accidents.

Nonslip mats, like any floor covering, would also act as a remedy to the high foot traffic by protecting the floors while also providing noise reduction. Some of these rugs also have foam which adds bounce to it. These rugs are thus the perfect cushioning for your feet and will keep you comfortable. Nonslip rugs often come in bright colors. By placing a saturated solid-color rug beneath your kitchen table or in front of your sink, you can effortlessly brighten up your neutral kitchen. These multicolored rugs are a great way to transform the look of the room and give you the freedom to switch up your color palette.


ProductSize(s) (inches)Color(s)MaterialThicknessShop Now
Shape28 Floor Mat
Ultra-Thin Kitchen Rug Editors Choice
35 x 23
Blue, Cappuccino, Grey, Green, Mocha, and RedMicrofiber0.1″Check Latest Price
Pretigo Kitchen
Rug Sets

17 x 48
17 x 24
Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, and NavyChenille1.0″Check Latest Price
Maples Rugs
Southwestern Stone
Distressed Abstract
Kitchen Rugs

20 x 34
24 x 72
30 x 46
30 x 10
60 x 84
84 x 120
MultiSynthetic, Nylon, Latex0.44″Check Latest Price
Kmat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug
17.3 x 47
17.3 x 28
GreyPVC0.4″Check Latest Price
DEXI Kitchen
Runner Rug
24 x 63Grey, Happy Time, Lion, Lvory White, Ocean World, Rainbow, SmileySynthetic LambswoolNACheck Latest Price
Farmhouse Themed
Kitchen Mats
18 x 30
18 x 47
18 x 70.8
3-Apple Pie, 3-Cheeses, 3-Female Chef,
3-Grapes And Bottles, 3-Kitchenware,
3-Macaroni, 3-Merry, 3-Sweet Tea,
3-Xmas-Red, Baroque-Gray,
Baroque-Light Brown
1-Chef, 1-Sunflower, 1-Sweet, 1-Wine
1-Fresh Lemon, 1-Gray Plaid,
1-Green Plaid, 1-Leaves, 1-Lemon, 1-Tableware, 1-Vegetable
PVC LeatherN/ACheck Latest Price
Anti Fatigue
Kitchen Rug Beige
27 x 18
32 x 20
Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Grey & NavyPolypropyleneN/ACheck Latest Price
Antep Rugs’ Alfombras
Modern Bordered Rug

27 x 48
24 x 60 Oval
24 x 84
36 x 60
48 x 72
60 x 84
60 x 84 Oval
96 x 120
Blue, Grey, and GreenPolypropylene0.25″Check Latest Price
Brumlow MILLS Rooster
Kitchen Area Rug
19 x 31
20 x 44
RoosterPolypropylene0.25″Check Latest Price
Icolor Bigger Carpets
Floor Mat

16 x 24

19.7 x 31.5
Beautiful Flowers, Black & White Butterfly,
Blue Butterfly, Blue & Purple, Cassette
Cat, Eiffel Tower, Forest, Marble, Mermaid,
Mount Fuji, Music, Starry Sky, Three Owls, White Flowers, Wolf & Moon
Soft Coral Velvet0.23″Check Latest Price

The 10 Best Non Slip Rugs for Kitchen

The following kitchen rugs have been selected as the best all-round mats that would not only protect your kitchen floors but also have non-skid element to them. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it:

1. Shape28 Floor Mat Ultra-Thin Kitchen Rug (EDITORS CHOICE)

non slip rugs for kitchen

With its surface composed entirely of the most premium microfibers, the Shape28 floor mat is extraordinarily thin. With a thickness of about 0.1 inches, the rug is almost impossible to get caught beneath doors. In fact, its ultra-thinness is so remarkable that if your floors are vacuumed by a Roomba, the robot would not even get latched onto it and just breeze over it!

The microfiber support and premium craftsmanship also mean that it is incredibly comfortable and resistant to stains and fading. Due to its resistance to smears, small kitchen messes can be spot cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. The fact that it is washable in a washing machine also makes it extremely convenient.

The slip-resistant rubber backing keeps it securely in place for added safety from tripping. Installation is also hassle-free and can be done without using glue or tape.

This 35 inch by 23-inch low profile rug weighs only 1.8 pounds and comes in four unique designs and patterns. Each print also comes in six different colors: blue, cappuccino, grey, green, mocha, and red. Fashionable and functional, this stylish rug will surely complement any kitchen.


  • Extraordinarily thin with a thickness of about 0.1 inch
  • Long-lasting and resistant to stains and fading
  • Washing machine safe
  • Available in a variety of colors and prints
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Backed by a full satisfaction money-back guarantee


  • A little pricey but well worth it

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2. Pretigo Kitchen Rug Sets

Pretigo Kitchen Rug Sets

The Pretigo Kitchen Rug Sets is super soft and super absorbent. The super-absorbent microfibers not only soak up an impressive amount of water but also keep it contained making it dry very quickly. This protects your kitchen floor from water damage.

The rug is machine washable since both the chenille microfiber and the top layer used in the mat are designed to be machine washable. For best results, it is recommended to wash on cold and lightly tumble dry on low heat.

The super-soft surface is exceptionally comfortable to stand on and is thus the perfect cushioning. The backing is Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) and offers a non-skid element to the mat. This means that you or your pets would no longer slip on it.

The set comes with two rugs measuring 17 by 48 inches and 17 by 24 inches respectively. You can buy it in five colors: beige, black, brown, grey, and navy. These colors are sure to contrast with the average kitchen color pallets and make it more aesthetic.


  • Super absorbent and easy to clean
  • Washing machine safe
  • Super soft to stand on
  • Backed by full satisfaction money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • Dirt and crumbs of food might get stuck onto it and so need frequent washing
  • Smaller than what is shown in the product picture

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3. Maples Rugs Southwestern Stone Distressed Abstract Kitchen Rugs

Maples Rugs

A tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t buy rugs with intricate abstracts that are sure to catch the eyes of guests. Maples Rugs has a 60 plus year experience of rug making and it’s Southwestern Stone Distressed Abstract Kitchen Rug is the answer to every consumer demand.

The rug’s surface is made up of nylon (a tough synthetic material that’s fairly inexpensive and stain-resistant), so it will work well in your kitchen where you’re getting a lot of foot traffic. Its great earthly tones are a fun way to liven up your kitchen space with color while the intricate pattern makes the rug look much more expensive than it actually is.

The Skid Resistant Latex Backing keeps the rug in place and protects the floor. This also means that no additional rug pad is needed, and your kitchen would no longer host tripping accidents. The rug is machine washable, easy to clean, and is also fade resistant.

The Southwestern Stone Distressed Abstract Kitchen Rug comes in various sizes: 1 foot 8 inches by 2 feet 10 inches, 2 feet by 6 feet, 2 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 10 inches, 2 feet 6 inches by 10 feet, 5 feet by 7 feet and 7 feet by 10 feet. The 0.44-inch thickness gives it a low-profile look. The thinness also prevents tripping over the rugs and makes it safe to be placed in doorways or entryways.


  • Low price
  • Machine Washable
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • Super soft to stand on


  • No color options
  • An initial odor is prominent in the rug

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4. Kmat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug

non slip rug for kitchen

The Kmat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug has everything you can ask for in the best non slip rugs for the kitchen. It is durable, comfortable, and versatile. Whether you’re a professional chef who spends hours in the kitchen each day or you’re simply looking for ample cushioning, the Kmat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug cradles and supports your feet with its 0.4-inch high-grade premium PVC material. This cushioned support helps relieve pressure off of your feet and knees and is phthalate-free, latex-free, and odor-free.

Your kitchen might be a high traffic area, but there is no match for this eco-friendly rug that is constructed with premium strength materials to ensure longevity even with extended and heavy use. It also has a slow-rebound feature to protect dishes from breaking if dropped on its scratch resistant surface.

The kitchen mat, like others on the list, boasts a non-slip bottom. The mat will stay in place for added safety and stability so pay farewell to trips and slips. The Kmat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen may also be used on various floor surfaces.

The set comes with two mats each measuring 17.3 by 47 inches and 17.3 by 28 inches respectively.


  • Low price Anti-fatigue cushioning
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • Super soft to stand on


  • No color options
  • Might be considered too thin

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5. Dexi Kitchen Runner Rug

Dexi Kitchen Runner Rug

DEXI is the brand that delivers to its promise of exceptional quality and phenomenal customer service. Backed by a full satisfaction money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with the DEXI Kitchen Runner Rug. The ultra-plush top layer is made of synthetic lamb’s wool that gives it an incredibly soft touch and its cozy fabric adds warmth and softness to your kitchen. The dense fluff weaved into it brings a thicker feel to it all the while being extremely lightweight.

The DEXI Runner rug is machine washable and easily cleanable. The durable and premium fibers make it hard to deform and wrinkle and it is thus the ultimate tool to counter the heavy foot traffic in your kitchen.

The runner mat’s underside is made up of sturdy grip dots that gives it its non-skid element and also protects your kitchen floors.

This amazing 24 by 63 inches runner rug comes in seven different colors and patterns, namely: Grey, Happy Time, Lion, Ivory White, Ocean World, Rainbow, and smiley. The intricate and colorful patterns would bring about a contrast to your kitchen like nothing else being offered in the market!


  • Available in a variety of colors and prints
  • Excellent customer support
  • Cheap yet rich looking
  • Super soft and super light


  • Might be considered too fluffy and towel like
  • Limited size options

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6. Farmhouse Themed Kitchen Mats

farmhouse themed mat

Evergrace is a rug manufacturer you can trust, and their Farmhouse Themed Kitchen Mats are the best-illustrated kitchen mats of this list. To say that it comes in a variety of colors and designs would be an understatement. The Farmhouse Themed Kitchen Mats come in three different sizes and 22 different variations, ranging from sweet dishes, adorable chefs, delicious cuisines and intricate patterns. For more details check the product page linked.

The rug does not shy away in the comfort and built-quality aspect either. Made from the most premium PVC leather, this kitchen mat is durable, soft, and anti-fatigue. Furthermore, it is also stain-resistant, water and oil proof, and easy to clean. All this coupled with the mat’s anti-slip backing makes it an excellent choice for your kitchen!


  • Available in a huge variety of colors, prints and sizes
  • 6 month no questions asked warranty
  • Reversible Memory Foam
  • Water, oil and stain proof


  • A little pricey

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7. Cosyhomeer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Mats

Cosyhomeer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Mats

It is cheap but well made. It is low-key and basic. It is durable and versatile. The Cosyhomeer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug mat is light yet sturdy and thick second layer for your kitchen floors.

The polypropylene composition gives it longevity and a high-quality anti-fatigue property allows you to bid farewell to joint pains from standing too long. While the polypropylene surface is soft to the touch, the backside is made up of PVC material, which is much more durable than the standard rubber bottoms in most non-slip rugs. It also increases the friction between the mat and floor thus providing it with a non-skid element.

Cosyhomeer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug comes in two sizes: 27 by 18 inches and the bigger 32 by 20 inches size. Each of these sizes comes in 8 different colors: beige, black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey & navy.


  • Low price
  • Soft and durable
  • Perfect for basic and minimal kitchens


  • Some of the colors such as beige and burgundy are darker than what is shown in the pictures

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8. Antep Rugs Alfombras Modern Bordered

Antep Rugs Alfombras Modern Bordered

With its colorful and timeless design, the Antep Rugs’ Alfombras Modern Bordered Rug is soft, versatile, and low profile. Plenty of cushioning and durable fibers are sure to stand the test of time. Even though the price is high, this runner rug is a good value for the money and is sure to catch the eyes of guests with its intricate and colorful patterns.

This product, like others, is non-skid and won’t move out of place when cooking and has also proven to work on all floor surfaces. Some mats only come in a few colors and sizes, but not the Antep Rugs’ Alfombras Modern Bordered Rug. Unlike others on the list, this mat comes in different shapes too. The rectangular rug comes in 2 feet 3 inches by 4 feet, 2 feet by 7 feet, 3 feet by 5 feet, 4 feet by 6 feet, 5 feet by 7 feet, and 8 feet by 10 feet options, while the unique oval shape comes in 2 feet by 5 feet and 5 feet by 7 feet options. Each size and shape can be bought in blue, grey, or green colors. All in all, this means limitless options for you when trying to find the perfect kitchen rug for your home!


  • Comes in oval shape too
  • Colorful patterns won’t fade over time
  • Built to withstand heavy foot traffic


  • Might be too pricey for some
  • Washing instructions given by the manufacturer must be followed to ensure longevity

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9. Brumlow Mills Rooster Kitchen Area Rug

Brumlow Mills Rooster Kitchen Area Rug

You can take a man out of the country, but you can never take the country out of him. If you are looking to bring the rustic country spirit into your kitchen then look no further than the Brumlow MILLS Rooster Kitchen Area Rug which is one of the best non slip rugs for kitchen. Whether you’re standing on it with flat shoes, with socks, or with bare feet, you will feel very comfortable because of the soft Polypropylene composition.

This affordable rug is available in two shapes. The crescent shape is 19 by 31 inches and the rectangle shape is 20 by 44 inches. High definition printing technology brings the rooster graphic to life with precise clarity and picturesque detail wherever you place it. The latex rubber backing also provides the mat with non-skid.


  • Comes in a crescent shape
  • Brings your kitchen into the country spirit
  • Colorful eye-catching design that won’t fade over time


  • Not many sizes or style options
  • May slip a little on wet areas with ceramic flooring

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10. Icolor Bigger Carpets Floor Mat

non slip rugs for kitchen

Make a statement with this rug, which comes in bright bold designs with gorgeous pairings of blue, indigo, and neon tones. The Icolor Bigger Carpets Floor Mat is sure to bring life to your kitchen and make for amazing pictures. Place it on the kitchen entrance and get ready to get complimented by every guest that steps on it.

The Icolor Bigger Carpets Floor Mat has 0.23 inch broadness, the ideal thickness to be durable, yet still low-profile enough to allow your door to pass over it. The soft coral velvet fibers give this mat a premium soft feel and makes it comfortable enough when you go barefoot in the kitchen.

The rug is easy to clean and even the washing machine safe. Its underside has a non-skid rubber backing that protects both your floor and you from water damage and tripping accidents respectively. Both the small size options (16 by 24 inches) and the big size option (19.7 by 31.5 inches) come in not one or two, but 16 different colors and patterns. From the ‘starry sky’ design to the rich vibrant colors of ‘blue butterfly’, Icolor has something for everyone!


  • The vivid colors will last long and won’t fade away in the washer
  • 16 different color schemes and patterns
  • Soft to the touch and super comfortable


  • Might get dirty at times but also easy to clean

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Microwave Oven

The Silicone Microwave Mat sold by kongnai is a definite must-have if you are looking for a non-stick mat to place under your microwave oven to keep it clean of spills and splatters. It may also be used as a jar opener, hot pad, trivet, or a pot grabber.

The 12-inch circular multi-purpose mat is made up of high-grade silicone that would resist extreme microwave oven temperatures of -40°F to 482°F. The bright red color is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, if you find the mat to be too big for your oven, you can even cut it to your preferred size.


  • High-grade silicon would survive the most scalding of temperatures
  • Can be cut to your size liking
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Might be considered too thin by some

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Kitchen Drawers

The 17.7 by 59 inches Amorus 3 Rolls Plastic Shelf Liners for Kitchen Cabinet Drawer come in grey or transparent variants. The high-quality EVA is BPA and odor-free and safe to be used in contact with fruit and vegetables directly. You can now easily store cutlery in your kitchen drawers as the mat would not accumulate unwanted dirt and debris. Non-adhesive and waterproof, these mats are easy to clean and can be trimmed to the size of liking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Will stay in place
  • Easy to cut


  • A little expensive

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Trays

Composed of 60% Viscose and 40% Polyester, the DII Non-Adhesive Cut to Fit Machine Washable Fridge Liner for Drawers, Bins and Trays comes in nine different color schemes: Dahlia Aqua, Dahlia Black, Dahlia Tango Red, Lattice Aqua, Lattice Black, Lattice Navy Blue, Veggies Gray, Veggies Green, and Veggies Red. The 12″ by 24″ mats are washable, reusable, and non-adhesive and are the perfect mats to place on trays.


  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in many vibrant color options.
  • Easy to cut


  • Could use a little more grip on the bottom

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Under Cutting and Chopping Boards

The Carroll Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats come in a pack of 4 bright colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. They have gripped bottoms that provide anti-slippage on your cutting board. For wet or very slippery surfaces, however, we recommend placing a dampened paper towel for stability. These 12″×15″ flexible mats for chopping boards are made of BPA-free materials and are built to last.


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Doesn’t show scratches very quickly
  • Inexpensive


  • Sometimes slippery on wet surfaces

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Kitchen Counter

Looking for a rug to drape your kitchen counter with? A durable mat that would not only protect your worktop from damage but also dry your plates, cutlery and even fruits? If you are then looking no further than the Microfiber Dish Drying Mat which, as the name suggests, is composed entirely of the most premium microfibers that absorb up to 4 times its weight and radiate moisture from its point of origin.

The 20″ x 15″ foldable rug comes in a basic grey color and is washable. The pack comes with two reversible mats that when dirty, can be reversed to the other side. This reduces the need to be washed again and again.


  • Washable
  • Very absorbent
  • Inexpensive


  • No color options

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Kitchen Cabinets

The Bloss Premium Shelf Liner comes in a 17.7 * 177-inch sheet that can be cut according to the buyer’s requirement. The non-slip, no stick, and waterproof kitchen cupboard rug would be the perfect gift for any homeowner!

Along with a transparent option, the durable and flexible mat comes in four different color options: pink, grey, blue, and green. It is sure to make your kitchen cleaner and more organized.


  • Washable
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Stays put


  • Might be a little too thin for some

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The Best Non-Slip Mat for Plates

Who likes it when their plates keep slipping on a tabletop? Or when the mats placed on the dining table just won’t stay put? The answer is no one! The iphox Black Placemat is thus here to save the day. The set of two 17.7″ x 12.6″ mats are made of 100% food-grade silicone. The 1mm thickness gives it a low-profile look while the leather texture design effectively prevents slippage.

The flexible and durable mat set is also water-resistant, odorless, and can survive extreme temperatures of up to 446°F. It comes in five different colors: black, coffee, dark and light grey and red.


  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to trim
  • Stays put


  • Hard to hand wash

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Best Non-Slip Mat for Garbage Can

Your kitchen’s trashcan needs to be securely in place. One trip or fall and you would have a smelly mess in your hand. By placing your garbage can on a non-slip mat like the wirthco 40098 multi-use mat, you can prevent these messes. Its heavy-duty polypropylene composition makes it durable and sturdy.

The 15″ x 25″ x .75″ mat that comes in a stark black color is the perfect rug to protect your kitchen floors while containing any misses. It offers non-slip and allows for air circulation that prevents the trash from developing a pungent smell.


  • Heavy duty polypropylene protects your floors
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers non-slip


  • A little smaller than what is described

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Why Buy These Non Slip Rugs for Kitchen?

The purpose of this article is to ease this purchase decision of yours. All of the above-mentioned products have been diligently reviewed and tested for this reason. These products excel at all the aspects of the kitchen as also mentioned above. Consequently, we have attached the Amazon product links in this article; a retail name we can all trust. In fact, according to a study, more than 39% of the American population trusts Amazon, this is more than the population percentage trusting the police forces.

While you can always use sites like Argos UK, Kmart AU, or even make a run to your local departmental store to buy these articles, you wouldn’t find a more trusted, safe, and reliable retailer than Amazon. Moreover, we understand that the customer is always right and so whichever source you use, we believe it would be the right one!

Buying Guide

The entire process of buying anything, kitchen rugs, in this case, commences from your researching to finally pulling the trigger on the purchase; can be hectic, to say the least. We are thus here to lift this stress from your shoulders and guide you through this process. In order to make a decision about kitchen rugs, it is important to know what to look for and what you should be looking for are three things or aspects of the product: the build, the fit, and the aesthetic of the rugs.

The Build Aspect of the Rug

A kitchen rug’s build can be divided into two; the surface and the underside. The kind of fabric used in the surface’s composition would vary and might include, but not limited to, nylon, microfiber, polypropylene, and PVC. It is important to note that each of these materials has its care and washing instructions so do read them before investing in it. Each of these materials has its strengths and weaknesses. The best fabrics might cost you a bit more but would offer longevity, durability, resistance to stain, water, and oil, etc. They would also be easier to clean and would not fray after repeated washes.

The underside’s composition would determine the special features of the rug. a latex or rubber-backed rug pad would provide non-slip while by the use of memory foam, extra cushioning and gel, a mat might also be anti-fatigue. The best rugs would also boast undersides that stay put on every floor surface.

The Fit Aspect of the Rug

The size and shape of the kitchen mat come next. They come in all kinds of shapes: Oval, round, and square and most commonly rectangle. The rule of thumb is to use a rectangular rug in a rectangular kitchen; a square rug in a square kitchen; and save round and oval rugs for use under the entry door, under any circular tables or cabinets, or even under the sink.

As far as the sizing goes, if you go too small, the rug will seem out of proportion with the room while a rug that is too large might overwhelm the space and may even not fit at all. It is thus important that you measure the spot for which you’re buying this product. If you have a dining table in your kitchen, we recommend placing a big rug underneath it. You may place smaller mats under your sink or stove.

The Aesthetic Aspect of the Rug

The colors and patterns that adorn your rug are its aesthetic aspect and it is what makes or breaks the deal. It is one of the most important aspect of the mat as colors not only determine the mood and vibe of the room, but also the influence the way other people see you.

We recommend going for lighter colors if your kitchen space is small as lighter colors make a smaller space appear larger while going for spicy colors such as red and orange would bring warmth to your kitchen. Mix and match with color pallets. Connect with your creativity. Go for basic or go for elaborate patterns like boho hexagon. This hub of your home is yours to live and yours to play with!

FAQs Regarding Non-Slip Rugs for Kitchen

We realize that all this information might be overwhelming for you and you might even have some further questions. Thus, we bring you this FAQ section to answer all these concerns:

What Type Of Non-Slip Rug Is Best For Kitchen?

Although it depends on the purpose of the purchase, a kitchen rug that excels in all it’s three aspects is the best.
In a nutshell, we recommend something small to place in front of the sink while something big to place under the dining table. Runner rugs are good options if you have enough walking space. Match the colors and shapes with the rest of the kitchens architecture and color scheme and go for easy to clean and non-skid mats.

How Do I Keep My Rug From Sliding On My Kitchen?

While you can apply a carpet tape to the rug or even use silicone caulking or hot glue on the bottom to keep the rug in place, the best option is to buy a non-slip rug. Its latex or rubber bottom acts as a rug pad and provides non-slip. To find out more about these rugs and how to choose the best of them, read the above article!

What Is The Purpose Of Non Slip Rugs for Kitchen?

Aside from the fact that they add color and warmth to your home’s hub, kitchen rugs have many practical benefits too. They drown the sound of footsteps and protect the floors. Some mats have a little bounce which protects falling plates and pots from breaking. While others are slip-proof thus they prevent tripping accidents. The ones with anti-fatigue provide you with cushioning and prevent joint pains from standing for too long. For more about kitchen rugs and the best ones that you can buy, check out the above article!

Where Should a Non Slip Rug be Placed in a Kitchen?

The fact that our kitchens host the highest foot traffic, a large rug with non-skid and enough cushioning would not only dampen the sound but also protect your floors. Such a runner rug should be placed at the point where the kitchen is the longest. A large rug may also be placed under the dining table to add a bit of luxury element.
We recommend placing smaller rugs where the likelihood of spillages and splashes are more. These would be your sink, refrigerator, and range. Make sure these have heavy-duty rubber backing which would increase their grip and prevent slips and trips.

The three aspects of non slip rugs for the kitchen are the features that make or break their viability. The best rug for you is that which either excels at all of those aspects or fulfills the purpose for which you would like to buy it. While you are the best judge for your impending purchase, we would like to add two of our humble recommendations too.

The Shape28 floor mat with its humble color offerings, extraordinary thinness and microfiber composition is surely the best of the bunch and is sure to stand everything you will throw at it.

DEXI Kitchen Runner Rug comes second and is the best runner rug your money can buy. It has a super soft texture and comes in a huge variety of shades and patterns.

With that, we would like to conclude this article. We hope that all of your queries regarding non-slip kitchen rugs have been answered. Happy Shopping!

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