Best Gel Kitchen Mats [Reviews – 2021]

Let us just agree that kitchen work would be so much more exciting if there was no physical stress attached to it. Imagine if you were able to make all those lovely dishes for your dear ones without getting all drained out. All you need to do is learn about gel kitchen mats and buy one of them to part yourself from all the physical strain of cooking.

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We’ve all experienced the fatigue of carrying out kitchen chores and the pain it causes in our knees, heels, and backs. However, advancements in technology always make our lives easier and advanced gel-filled kitchen mats are prime examples of this. The unique formula helps relax you during the process of working and relieves you of all the fatigue therein. Now let’s have a look at how these products make your life easier in the kitchen.

Why Buy a Gel Kitchen Mat?

The purpose of a long day in a kitchen should be to sit at the table and enjoy the meal you cooked for yourself. But will that even be possible with all that fatigue and pain you get?

Adequate research has shown that tasks such as kitchen related work that require prolonged standing can have serious health implications. Knee pain, backaches, fatigue, cardiovascular problems and even mental stress are results of constantly working in a standing position.

Moreover, apart from draining you out, this fatigue kills your motivation to work and hence you’ll realize that your work in the kitchen will lose its charm. Why not get an anti-fatigue mat which would release you of all the stress and help you enjoy your meal?

These anti-fatigue rugs are featured by shock-absorbing gel core. This helps evenly distribute your weight across your body hence avoiding over-fatigue in any specific part.

The core further provides enhanced cushioning. This helps bolster your feet from fatiguing and helps you work in the kitchen for a longer period of time without draining yourself.

Apart from all these physical benefits, these gel-filled mats are easier to maintain than your regular kitchen rugs. They are resistant to stain and mold and if spilled upon can be easily cleaned up at home. This further lessens your kitchen-related tasks.

Let’s not forget the aesthetics of it. After all, a well-designed kitchen would also seem bare without a rug or a mat. Therefore, these gel mats come in different colors, designs and patterns to suit your style and add an attractive look to your kitchen.


Mat Name/BrandColor(s)/DesignDimensions (inches)MaterialThicknessShop Now
GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Comfort Mat
( Editor’s Choice)
Basketweave black, basketweave truffle, blossom stone/ivory, damask beachcomber, damask dove gray, lattice garnet, lattice indigo, lattice gray, lattice tan, linen granite gray, linen khaki, linen truffle, new leaves deep sea, new leaves warm taupe, quill Atlantic blue, quill black, quill toast, rustic Texas flag vintage red and blue, vintage leather rustic brown, vintage leather mushroom, vintage leather slate, Basketweave khaki, lattice indigo stain, linen granite gray20 X 36
20 X 48
20 X 72
Non-toxic polyurethane Middle layer comprises of gel-core and energy-return foam3/4″Check Latest Price
GelPro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Chef Floor Mat
Basketweave black, basketweave truffle, basketweave chestnut, basketweave khaki, linen cardinal, linen granite gray, linen khaki, linen sandalwood, linen truffle, quill Atlantic blue, quill black, vintage leather brown, vintage leather rustic brown, vintage leather sherry, vintage leather slate, linen granite gray20 X 36
20 X 48
20 X 72
PVC leather1/2″Check Latest Price
The Next Generation Gel-Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats
Black20 X 36 Rubber3/4″Check Latest Price
GelPro Elite Mat Taryn
Blue calypso, Dove gray, Wildberry20 X 36
20 X 48
20 X 72
Non-toxic polyurethane Middle layer comprises of gel-core and energy-return foam3/4″Check Latest Price

We’ll move on to reviewing some of the best gel mats available on Amazon now.

Top 4 Best Gel Kitchen Mats

We have selected the best products we found online and will discuss their features and their pros and cons to give you a detailed overview of which product to buy.

1) GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Comfort Mat

gel kitchen mats

If you’re looking for a rather simple design with maximum comfort then the GelPro Elite is your go-to choice. The combination of soothing gel and energy-return foam makes this mat the best one for standing.

You don’t have to be worried about tripping over or slipping down as well. The product comes with beveled edges that do not wear out. Moreover, the bottom side has a steady grip which makes sure the rug won’t slip on wet surfaces. This feature will make you feel much safer in your own kitchen.

The surface of the mat is stain-resistant which makes it easy to maintain and clean it up. All you need is a damp cloth and mild detergent and your mat will be as good as new. The exotic choice of colors means you can get all the comfort with the visuals that suit you.


  • The product is an ultimate comfort provider as its soothing gel and foam help relax your feet
  • The cleaning process makes it more durable
  • It comes with beveled edges and hence helps avoid any accidents
  • The price range is reasonable for an established brand like GelPro
  • This mat comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It comes in multiple dimensions and color patterns


  • As the review highlights, this is a highly demanded product and hence usually runs out of stock quickly

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2) GelPro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Chef Floor Mat

GelPro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Chef Floor Mat

This GelPro product will suit you if you’re looking for a runner with a simple design and a variety of colors. Its half-inch gel core helps balance your body weight and relieve you of excessive heel and knee pain. These qualities make this mat one of the best ones for standing.

The runner isn’t just aesthetically appealing but its surface is also stain and water-resistant. This means you’ll be easily able to clean up any mess you make in-house. Just like our last listed product the beveled edges alongside a non-skid bottom also frees you from the stress of any incidents in the kitchen.

Expert opinion is always important when making any decision. The fact that Rachael Ray, HGTV and Food Network rely on this runner makes it an even more reliable option.


  • The plain design of this product will work with any style of kitchen you have
  • The gel core makes it a comfort package for you
  • Beveled edges and a non-skid bottom will help you avoid any hazards in the kitchen
  • This runner also comes with a 3 year warranty
  • The variety of colors and dimensions give you a greater set of options to choose from


  • Just like the previous GelPro product this classic mat is also very high in demand and hence runs out of stock at times

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3) The Next Generation Gel-Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats

The Next Generation Gel-Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats

If you’re tired of looking at gel-mats beyond your price range then this option is just right for you.  The gel foam within this runner is rubberized and it provides your feet with the ultimate rest and comfort.

The ¾ inch thickness of the gel and edges that are beveled up to 30 degrees make this product a reliable and comfortable one for your kitchen. The solid rubberized foam also makes the product light weighted and hence easy to move around.

As we mentioned this runner is extremely reasonable however it is not stained resistant. Therefore, be very careful when handling utensils near it.


  • Primarily, the product’s price range is its biggest advantage. It is extremely cheaper than mats that come with gel-foam in the market.
  • The beveled edges of the runner make it suitable to use on wet surfaces
  • The next generation runner is quite light in weight and therefore is easy to carry.


  • The gel-foam inside is not in its original form and therefore the comfort level will be slightly lesser
  • The quality can sometimes be unreliable which in turn affects the durability of this mat.

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4) GelPro Elite Mat Taryn

GelPro Elite Mat Taryn

A product of the same category that GelPro has redesigned the visuals of. The GelPro Elite is the market leader for gel-filled mats. As discussed before it comes with a gel-core layer over an energy-return foam.

The product line is an advanced version of the GelPro classic. Compared to its predecessor, this rug comes with a middle layer that is 50 percent thicker. The gel-core and energy return foam combine to make the mat ¾ inch thick and this provides you with extra comfort while you carry out your kitchen chores.

The elegant design and the variety of colors not only attract one’s eyes but also adds to your choices as you decide which mat suits your kitchen the best. Moreover, the beveled edges and a slip-resistant bottom helps you avoid any skidding incidents at home.

The top surface is made from non-toxic polyurethane. This when laid upon a hard flooring will help save you from fatigue in the back legs and other body parts. The surface is also stain resistant which makes it pretty easy to maintain and hence increases the durability. A damp cloth is enough to wipe off any mess you made.


  • GelPro is one of the most reliable and well established brands when it comes to buying gel-filled mats.
  • The beautiful design and choice of colors add to the aesthetics of the product
  • The beveled edges and non-skid bottom help avoid any tripping incidents amongst children, pets and adults
  • The polyurethane surface not only makes the mat easy to clean but also adds to the comfort level when laid on a hard surface.


  • The mat is light-weight and might not stay still on some surfaces
  • It is quite expensive when purchased from platforms other than Amazon. (Such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, HomeDepot, and Walmart.)

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How to Choose the Best Gel Mat for Your Kitchen

Even after reading several product reviews you would still want a proper guideline before deciding which mat suits you the best. So before explaining why we have recommended the listed products, it’s important to understand what you should be looking for in a good quality gel kitchen mat.

Quality of the Gel and Thickness of the Foam

Gel foam technology is relatively new and that’s why you’ll see that these runners are more expensive than other anti-fatigue ones made of rubber and leather. However, not all brands use the same quality of gel-core and that is reflected in the comfort level their product provides.

Try to buy a mat that uses gel in its original form rather than a rubberized version of it. Also, companies such as GelPro add a cushion pad with the gel-core to make sure it doesn’t wear out too quickly and the extra thickness relieves you from excessive fatigue. Therefore gel kitchen mats that come with a cushion pad are more comfortable and durable.

An excessively thick mat might get too heavy and hence difficult to move around. Similarly, a thin one would not work on hard surfaces. Therefore, a good mat will always balance its weight and thickness.

Colors and Patterns

As important as quality and comfort level is for any homeware, visual attraction is one of the key selling points for these products. A kitchen is a central and crowded part of your house and therefore it is important to give it a coordinated look.

Mats can both add to your kitchen’s aesthetics and worsen them. So before you make a decision, make sure the color and texture of the mat coordinate with the architecture of the kitchen.

As we’ve always said, a good color doesn’t have to be too fancy. In fact, a sober kitchen will only look more pleasant if the mat laid on its floor has a simple pattern and color. This article has only listed down those products that either provide a variety of color options or go with most designed kitchens.

Edges and Surface of the Mat

Our major focus here has been on the material used on the inside of a mat and there’s no doubt that the middle layer plays a central role in your comfort level. However, when it comes to durability, usage and safety, the upper surface and the edges of the mat are equally important.

A polyurethane or vinyl surface is usually easy to maintain and clean. We all spill ingredients while cooking our favorite dishes and if our mat isn’t stain-resistant, it will only add to our fatigue level in the kitchen.

Similarly, we’ve only mentioned runners that have beveled edges, because if the edges are level and the mat doesn’t stay in place, you might be looking at some serious tripping incidents in the kitchen.


Your budget is the biggest and most important deciding factor of which final product you will purchase. It’s true that gel-foam mats are slightly expensive but we’ve tried to list down products with different prices so that you can decide which range suits you the best.

Try to avail of the best deals when buying these mats. There is no objective best price. Any product with the level of quality backing its price will be termed as a good and smart choice.

Our Recommendations

Every product has its own pros and cons and that’s why it’s a tiring task to list down the best possible options available in the market. However, we have made our recommendations while keeping certain factors in mind.

Firstly, you’ll see that our list fits the four criteria that we’ve discussed in the previous section. We’ve made sure that the mats we’ve selected are from reliable brands and have the highest quality of gel-core embedded within. The texture of all four products is different and so are the materials used on their surface. However, each product is comfortable and easy to maintain in its own way.

Your kitchen should be a safe space and that’s why we’ve only listed down the options that come with beveled edges and a non-skid bottom. Moreover, as you’ll notice most of these products offer a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Apart from these standards our selections display three basic qualities:

Durability: You don’t want to be spending money on a mat that would wear out within 3 years no matter how comfortable it is. Hence, these products come from reliable brands and their design and texture assure long term durability. Most of them also come with a money-back guarantee in case of any defect and if the product does not meet the quality criteria.

Comfort: As we said, cooking becomes hectic when you stand in the kitchen for long hours. Therefore, these mats are recommended by experts to provide the ultimate comfort level and relieve you of any excessive fatigue.

Quality backing the price: If you ask us to further shortlist the best mats, our choice would be the GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Comfort Mat and the GelPro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Chef Floor Mat. It’s not just their quality that stands out but when purchasing them from Amazon you’ll get discounts and a good warranty. The same products would be more costly when purchased from sites like Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, HomeDepot, and Walmart.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Are Gel Kitchen Mats worth it?

The idea of a gel mat is to provide ultimate comfort in the kitchen.  The gel-core combines with the cushion pad to relieve excessive stress from your knee joints, heels, and ankles. There’s no questioning the fact that this category of mats and runners are more costly than ones embedded with Vinyl, PVC, or plain foam. However, the addition of gel-core makes your mat extra soft and comfortable. The cushion pad further soothes the gel and helps make the product durable and long-lasting. Therefore, although more expensive, gel kitchen mats are totally worth it.

2) Are Gel Mats Safe for Hardwood Floors?

This is really a matter of concern that which particular gel mat are you buying. Some brands might not be as reliable as others and therefore their rubberized gel will make the mat hard and therefore add to your discomfort on hard floors. However, if you buy the right product from a reliable brand such as GelPro and from a reliable platform such as Amazon, the gel-core will make your mat the most suitable one on hard floors and save you from the breaking joint-pain.

3) What is the Best Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Anti-fatigue mats are made for the purpose of providing you soothing experience in your kitchen. These mats come with materials like Vinyl, foam, PVC, and gel-core embedded within. While every category has its own pros and cons, gel-core mats provide a soothing double inner layer. This further softens the mat and makes it longer lasting than most other categories. For more details please read comprehensive reviews about the best anti fatigue kitchen mats

4) How Do You Clean Kitchen Gel Mats?

Once again this question could be more accurately answered if it’s product-specific. However, most gel mats come with either a leather or polyurethane surface. These surfaces are stain-resistant and hence easy to clean up. A light spill can be cleaned up by using a mere damp cloth. Whereas, other stains can be washed off by using mild soap and water. However, be careful while applying soap as the non-skid bottom can be worn off if scrubbed too hard. Only rub the upper surface and wash it with some plain water. Your mat will be as good as new!

We’ve tried to cover all the possible queries you could have relating to this line of product. We know how important your comfort is and hence we’ve only mentioned the best options. Our aim was to mention those mats that not only make your life easier but also give you value for your money. Now look at all these options and decide on which color and texture suit your kitchen design the most. We welcome you to the beginning of a safe and comfort-filled kitchen life!

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