The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by COSY Homeer

When it comes to premium quality rugs, COSY Homeer is one of the names that come in our mind. COSY Homeer is a rug manufacturer that produces several varieties of mats. They undergo the entire manufacturing process themselves and provide people with the best mats for kitchen floor, bathroom, living room, etc.

best mats for kitchen floor by COSY Homeer

Let’s talk about the kitchen, the most frequently used place in the house. Everyone wants their kitchen to be a comfortable and pleasant place to spend time cooking with friends and family. Mats not only add to the aesthetics of your kitchen with their fantastic color schemes, but they also keep your kitchen clean from messes caused by food, oil, and other lubricant spills.

Why Do We Need Mats for Kitchen Floor By COSY Homeer?

COSY Homeer has been offering high-quality kitchen mats for years, and their rugs/carpets are not only comfortable but also practical. Allow us to guide you through the reasons why many people around the globe prefer this brand.

These mats offer exceptional anti-fatigue and anti-slip qualities. They come in a wide variety, and people can choose the size and color according to their kitchen and preferences. These mats are also durable and machine washable.

These properties make them simple to clean and maintain for several years. At any time, if you feel that you no more require a mat, you can fold it up and put it aside. Doing so will not damage these premium quality rugs in any way.

On top of it, you can get a full refund if you feel that you did not receive the product that you ordered or that you were not satisfied. COSY Homeer is known for its fantastic customer support and you can reach out to them at any time of the day.

Top 3 Rugs for Kitchen Floor by COSY Homeer

ProductSizeColorMaterialThicknessShop Now
Half Round Kitchen Rug Mats
27″ by 18″ 32″ by 20″Beige Black Blue Brown Burgundy Green Grey Navy
100% Polypropylene  
N/ACheck Latest Price
Washable Kitchen Rug Mats28″ by 18″Black-Grey Brown Red
100% Polypropylene  
N/ACheck Latest Price
Throw Rug28″ by 18″Black Blue Brown100% polyester  N/ACheck Latest Price

The 3 Best Rugs for Kitchen Floor by COSY Homeer

COSY Homeer always delivers exceptional quality to its customers through its kitchen mats. Without further ado, let us guide you through the three best kitchen mats by COSY Homeer

1) Half Round Kitchen Rug Mats

Half Round Kitchen Rug Mats

COSY Homeer does realize how important it is to keep the kitchen sophisticated and elegant. Therefore, they manufactured an eye-catching kitchen mat with an incredible half-rounded design; their Half Round Kitchen Rug Mat.

 It is made up of polypropylene which gives it a comfortable surface to stand on. High quality and durable materials are used which prevent it from breaking down, and it does not get stains quickly.

Washing the mat regularly is not essential as vacuuming is enough to clean it. However, if you want to wash it occasionally, you can easily do so as it is machine washable.

The mat has anti-fatigue properties making it easy to stand on for long hours. This quality provides several health benefits such as relieving leg and back pain, reducing exhaustion, and improving muscle condition.

Unlike regular mats, the backside of this mat is not made of rubber; instead, it is made up of PVC material. This material keeps the mat sturdy and long-lasting. Regardless of all these benefits, the main benefit is that it is water absorbent. This means that you no longer have to worry about slipping in your kitchen or have messes on your floor.

The half-round kitchen rug mat comes in 2 sizes and 8 colors. You can choose between 27 inches by 18 inches and 32 inches by 18 inches size options depending on your kitchen size. The color options available are beige, black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey, and navy.


  • Water absorbent
  • Elegant design and colors
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-slip PVC material on the back


  • None found

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2) Washable Kitchen Rug Mats

mat for kitchen floor

Another COSY Homeer bestselling rug is the washable kitchen rug. As the name suggests, it is easily cleaned by vacuum, and if the customers want, they may also wash it in the machine. This will not affect the color or integrity of the mat due to its high-quality composition.

This mat is stain resistant and its polypropylene composition helps in absorbing the water and other greasy lubricants from making messes. These properties help in reducing the dirt in the kitchen as well as keep the kitchen pleasant.

Apart from this, the PVC material at the back makes the mat anti-slip. Such an element is essential for kitchens as excessive exposure to different liquids brings an excessive risk of slip hazards.

This mat is available in one size: 28 inches by 18 inches. Black-grey, brown, and red are the three colors that can be chosen. The rug is squared shape with a beautiful design that is sure to accentuate the look of the kitchen.


  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Superior absorbency
  • PVC material at the back


  • Only one size with few color options
  • No anti-fatigue element

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3) Throw Rug

throw rug

COSY Homeer’s Throw Rug is a bathroom rug in essence. Confused? Don’t be since COSY Homeer specializes in all types of mats. They have created this multi-purpose mat that may be used in bathrooms, as well as kitchens as these two places, share a common property i.e. exposure to lots of moisture!

The throw rug switches things up a bit with its polyester composition instead of the regular polypropylene. This mat offers you an extra soft and warm surface to stand on while cooking.

Its super absorbent and anti-slip properties increase the versatility of this mat while the elegant design adds beauty to your kitchen. The back of the mat has numerous rows of microfiber polyester chains, which increases the friction between the mat and the floor to keep it in one spot.

The Throw rug is available in one size and three color options. This ‘28 inch by 18 inches’ mat can be bought in black, blue, and brown colors. The mat’s design is graceful with stripes of different shades of the same color. These colors can be matched with the overall theme of most kitchens.


  • Lightweight
  • Super soft
  • Microfiber rows at the back
  • 100% polyester
  • multipurpose


  • Only one size
  • Colors may be slightly different than shown in the picture.

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We heard you wanted to know all about this brand and the rugs it manufactures. Consequently, we bring to you the FAQs section!

1) Can bathroom mats be used in the kitchen?

The best bathroom rugs, like our throw rug, offer superior water retention capabilities and functionality. They are also usually softer which is why some people prefer to place bathroom rugs on their kitchen floors.

Bathroom mats are also more effective in their anti-slip properties compared to regular kitchen mats and they stay put on tile floors.

A large majority of rug manufacturers have started making multipurpose mats that may be used in all areas of the house and make for the perfect gift for your chef friends.

2) Where Should I Place My COSY Homeer Rug in the kitchen?

It is recommended that your COSY Homeer kitchen rug is placed in the area where the possibility of spillage is high. The sink, fridge, and stove are the places that you should consider when deciding where to place your rug.

Opt for runners when draping the long areas of your kitchen and area rugs when placing one underneath the kitchen table.

3) Should the kitchen rug match the flooring?

Designers believe that matching rugs with your floor is not necessary. It is thus a matter of personal choice. Many people like to contrast their kitchen floors with a vibrant colored mat while others demand a harmonious blend between the two.

COSY Homeer satisfies the needs of both the aforementioned types of customers. They offer a great variety of colors in their half round kitchen rugs range.

4) Which Is the Best Kitchen Mat by COSY Homeer?

All three mats mentioned in our article are incredible in both appearance and functionality. If, however, we were to pick the best kitchen mat by COSY Homeer, it would definitely be the Half Round Kitchen Rug.

This mat offers everything one needs in a kitchen rug from functionality to design. The amazing range of colors, water absorbance, and anti-fatigue characteristics are sure to keep all customers delighted and satisfied. There are hardly any cons of this mat, and this is the reason why we prefer it over all other rugs.

With that, we would like to wrap this article up. We hope all your queries regarding COSY Homeer and the top rugs in its catalog have been answered. Happy Shopping!