Best Non-Skid Kitchen Rugs Washable – 2021

Floor mats are becoming essential parts of modern kitchens. While they beautify the flooring and relax your heels, some mats can also help avoid slipping in a busy kitchen. Yes, we’re talking about non-skid kitchen rugs washable.

Aren’t you just tired of wet floors and slippery mats? Don’t you want to feel stress-free while cooking your favorite dish or preparing a family meal? The answer to all your concerns is very simple. The latest expertly engineered non-skid kitchen rugs are perfect additions to any kitchen.

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However, be aware and do not be misled into buying a low-quality product. We’ve saved you from excessive effort and time required to search for a good mat. Therefore, before making any decision, read through this article to find out the best option for your kitchen floor.

Why Opt for Washable Non-Skid Kitchen Rugs?

Did you know that in the US 45 percent of the total tripping incidents amongst adults aged above 65 occurred due to slippery mats and rugs? Almost 15 percent of these accidents occurred in the kitchen.

This concludes that slippery surfaces such as a wet floor or an ordinary rug can be hazardous to the overall kitchen environment. Moreover, tripping isn’t an unusual kitchen event and we’ve all either seen or experienced it at some point in life.

In fact, skidding incidents are amongst the most common kitchen related accidents. Therefore, you need a protective surface that is not only comfortable and elegant but also has a strong grip and won’t skid on a wet floor.

Who doesn’t want to give a fresh look to the central part of his/her house? Therefore, we’ve only selected non-skid rugs that are washable. We’ll also discuss how to wash some of them with hands and place others in a machine washer so that the surface can be clean and fresh.

We love how these products are multi-purposed and while they contribute to a safe environment in the kitchen, they also become a part of the room aesthetics. The options listed below come in various colors, designs, and sizes and will add elegance to any theme at all.

Similarly, most washable non-skid kitchen rugs are anti-fatigue and hence padded. This not only provides a strong grip onto the surface but also softens it and relaxes your heels, ankles and lower back. Ideally, these mats provide a combination of support, comfort, and safety.

The Best Non-Skid Kitchen Rugs (Washable)- Our Picks

These mats are now very common in the market and you can find them on various sites such as homedepot, Costco, etc. We’ve listed some of the most decorative floor mats available on Amazon. The following table summarizes and compares their key features.

Name of matDimension(s)Colour(s) and ThemesMaterialMachine Washable/ Wash at handThicknessShop Now
HEBE Kitchen Rugs18” X 47”
18” X 30”
Dandelion, Flower, Yellow Tree, Brown, BlackPolypropylene FabricMachine washable0.4″Check Latest Price
Pretigo Kitchen Rug
17” X 48”
17” X 24”
Beige, Black, Brown, GrayChenille MicrofiberMachine washable1″Check Latest Price
HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Mat20” X 60”Black Lattice, Brown, Gray, Lattice-brown, Gray Lattice, Lattice-silver gray, silver grayPUWash at hand0.6″Check Latest Price
Color&Geometry Kitchen Rug  59” X 18”
80” X 18”
Black, Brown, Cyan, Gray, Rust RedPUWash at hand0.4″Check Latest Price
Extra Thick Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat  20” X 39”Classic Beige- Tree bark grain, Natural brown- Tree bark grain, Classic Beige- Wood Grain, Natural Brown- Wood grain, Elegant Black- Leather Like skinPolyurethaneWash at hand0.75″Check Latest Price

1) HEBE Kitchen Rugs

non skid kitchen rugs washable

Our first pick is a warm-colored, slightly thick Hebe kitchen mat. The premium quality polypropylene used to make its surface provides a soft yet durable ground to stand on. Although the mat is not anti-fatigue, the 0.4-inch thickness provides the most relaxing kitchen experience.

The non-slip latex rubber backing gives it a very strong grip on the surface and helps avoid all tripping incidents in the kitchen. Don’t worry about all that moisture on the floor as the surface will absorb the water and dry up pretty quickly.

HEBE manufactures high-quality mats and that’s why the color does not fade nor does the surface withers off over time. The mat also acts as a layer to protect your feet from the cold floor in the winters.

 The cleaning process is very plain and simple so you don’t have to stress out about how to wash it. A stain and spill-resistant surface help the mat give a fresh look and it can occasionally be placed in the machine washer to maintain the cleanliness.

Overall the 2-rug package can be used near the stove, dishwasher or the sink and it will fit right in.


  • A wide variety of warm colors add to the aesthetic look of the kitchen
  • The mat is stain-resistant and highly durable
  • HEBE is a well-established brand providing 2 rugs for the price of one
  • Its a versatile mat and can be used in the doorway and laundry as well


  • Available in only 2 sizes

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2) Pretigo Kitchen Rug (Editors Choice)

mat for kitchen floor

If you’re looking for an ideally thick and warm set of rugs for your kitchen then Pretigo is the right choice for you. The chenille microfiber surface provides an extremely soft surface to stand on hence relaxing your toes and helping the overall blood circulation in the body.

Forget all about water damage as we’ve found the best drainer mat for you. The microfiber helps absorb water and oil spills and protects the floor while providing a dry surface to stand on. The thickness also makes a layer between the cold floor and your feet hence keeping you warm.

It’s not just about the maintenance but also about how premium quality the surface is. You won’t notice any wear and tear and color won’t fade even after months of usage. The thermoplastic rubber at the back makes Pretigo one of the best non-skid washable kitchen rugs.

Are you wondering about how to wash it? Don’t worry at all, just place it in a machine wash with cold water and dry it at a low heat and you’ll witness a look as good as new.


  • The premium chenille microfiber surface and a thermoplastic rubber backing make Pretigo one of the best floor mats in the market
  • Can easily be maintained and washed
  • The surface is stains and water-resistant
  • The customer service is great and you can always reach out in case of any inconvenience


  • The mat is very high in demand and can run out of stock pretty quickly

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3) HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

image 22

Another innovatively engineered product by Hebe, this anti-fatigue mat is an ideal pick for someone suffering from knee or back issues. The PU surface has an elite design and is water and oil resistant. Therefore, you can wash it with hand or vacuum the dirt off it.

The extra thick polyurethane gel foam will alleviate your posture and help relieve excessive fatigue off your ankles and heels. So get ready for a fully comfortable experience in the kitchen.

The modern and comfortable design makes it very versatile and the best floor mat to stand on. Its best part is the padded backing supported by the tapered edges. This gives the mat a strong grip even on a wet surface and avoids any sort of skidding or tripping incidents.

Another unique feature of this HEBE product is the set of environment-friendly raw materials used to design it. This makes the rug 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic.


  • A blend of beautiful colors and a unique pattern makes the mat aesthetically appealing
  • High durability makes it a long-term kitchen companion and a good back for the money spent
  • This is an anti-fatigue mat and hence the comfort it provides is unmatched
  • Its edges support the non-skid backing making it one of the best non-slip mats available in the market


  • The size is extra large and hence can prove to be strenuous to wash on hand

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4) Color&Geometry Kitchen Rug

Color&Geometry Kitchen Rug

Coming in a wide range of bright and sober colors, these mats by Color&Geometry are ideal for any large-sized kitchen. Be it performance, quality, comfort, or elegance you can always rely on this brand to provide the very best.

Made of environmental-friendly PVC materials, this kitchen rug protects the flooring from all kinds of stains and damage. A water-resistant surface makes it very easy to wipe off any spills and wash it on hand.

Who doesn’t wanna have his/her favorite meal without having to suffer from excessive pain due to standing in one position while cooking? You can completely relax now as the thick PVC foam provides a soft surface to stand on and maintains the blood flow in your body. This helps avoid the feeling of fatigue in your heels and ankles.

A low-rebound foam bottom provides a strong grip on wooden surfaces and makes for an ideal floor mat on wet surfaces as well. All in all, you’ll get great customer service, a wide variety of colours, high-quality materials and ultimate comfort.


  • Color&Geometry uses only high-quality raw materials and that makes their products environment-friendly and highly durable
  • The rough foam at the bottom is specifically designed to withstand any kind of slippery surface and avoid skidding on
  • The mat comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty and lifetime support


  • The large size of this mat is also huge and hence can be difficult to wash on hand

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 5) Extra Thick Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

Extra Thick Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

Broad Ihome has introduced these extremely comfortable and high-quality mats and we just can’t get over them. The 100% pure polyurethane used to design them makes for a strong and withstanding surface. The material won’t wither away even in a heavily-trafficked kitchen.

Just like a good anti-fatigue mat this product also comes with a thick foam. You can stand at an alleviated position and you’ll notice your posture improving over time. Say goodbye to the everyday joint pain and lower back issues as the soft surface will help manage the excessive stress of standing for long hours.

The non-slip backing grips onto all kinds of flooring (laminate, marble, and tiles) and protects your feet from skidding on wet surfaces. You can easily wash the surface on hand and wipe any dirt that accumulates over it.

An elegant and colorful wood grain texture makes this one of the best floor mats for themed kitchens. The design also makes it suitable to place in a bedroom or the main hallway.


  • The usage of top quality raw materials makes this comfort mat highly durable
  • The unique color and design pattern really attracts the eyes and adds to the beauty of your kitchen
  • The padded cushion foam accounts for a comfort filled kitchen experience
  • You can always contact the customer service if dissatisfied and they’ll come up with adequate solutions


  • Cannot be washed in a machine washer

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What to Look Out For?

You’ve read enough about how non-skid kitchen rugs washable are an essential part of any house and have also gone through some of the best options available on Amazon. It’s time to ask the next question. What exactly makes a good non-skid rug?

Let’s look into this from different perspectives and analyze that which things should look out for when choosing a non-skid mat for the kitchen.


This is probably the most important factor to look out for in any product you’re buying. A good mat will not only beautify the floor or comfort your feet but also last through the heavy traffic in the kitchen without withering off.

Durability is completely dependent on the raw materials used during the manufacturing phase. So for instance, if a mat is made using PVC or rubber, these materials should be top-notch so that they can withstand everyday usage.

This also includes how resistant the mat’s surface is to dirt and stains. We all know how common overspills can occur in a kitchen. You don’t want a mat that does not get rid of the stains even after a good wash.

Rough non-skid backing

Obviously, when you’re buying a mat specifically to avoid skidding incidents, you’d need a proper non-slip product. While many brands claim to supply such mats, only a few are of the utmost quality.

Make sure you read about the material used in the backing. For instance, thermoplastic rubber and low rebound foam reduce the friction between the soft upper layer and the hard flooring thus actually reducing the chance of slipping while moving in the kitchen.

Prefer buying mats that come with a warranty and good customer service. Thus, you can test if the backing grips onto your floor and avoids skidding on both dry and wet surfaces. All in all a rough texture at the bottom will account for a better non-slip mat.

Elegant theme and colour(s)

Let’s be honest. No matter how much we stress the comfort and quality of a mat, the primary appeal is always its design. A brand that offers a variety of colors and themes in the same option will always be more appealing than the one that does not do so.

However, do not always go for fancy colors. Take a good look at your kitchen and then decide upon the overall theme you want to be following. The cabinet color, the drawers, and the floor tiles will all play a key role in deciding which mat design can fit into the overall theme.

Similarly, be careful about the dimensions as a large mat would be useless for a small kitchen.


This aspect is very important and hence we made a completely separate list for it in the comparison table. There are two types of washable mats: Ones that can be placed in the machine washer, while others that have to be washed at hand.

There’s no general rule about which ones are better. It completely depends upon your convenience and requirement. If you’re very particular with colors/designs and are okay to maintain heavily textured mats on hand, then well and good but if this isn’t the case, then go for the other option where you can simply place the rug in a washer and then dry it off at low heat.

What Makes This List Stand Out?

This is a very genuine question. Now that you know what makes a good washable non-skid rug, why not shortlist the options yourself? If not, then why to select from the mats we’ve listed down here?

Firstly, we’ve reviewed these products after checking multiple options out. Therefore, this is a kind of research that we’ve conducted on your part to save your time and effort. Now that you know the features of a good mat, you can evaluate these options yourself and choose according to your particular requirements.

Secondly, after reading the previous section, go over our product reviews again. You’ll find out that even though all those rugs are designed using different materials and color combinations but yet all are:

  • Durable
  • Non-slip and easy to wash
  • Aesthetically good
  • Backing their price

Hence, this list fits the criteria set for a good range of kitchen mats.

Lastly, we’ve only selected the options available on Amazon. The world’s largest e-commerce site not only provides the best deals when compared to other platforms like Costco, home depot, etc. but also is well-reputed for great after service.

If you further ask us to shorten the list and select one best product, our choice would be the Pretigo Kitchen Rug. Its unique design is not only safe and comfortable but also provides the best package at a reasonable price.


1) Can you wash non-slip mats?

This really depends upon the materials used in making a particular mat. Some non-slip mats have textured surfaces that can get harmed during a wash and might even wear off. These mats then have to be cleaned using a sponge or a cloth. However, others come with a water resistant surface and can be either washed at hand or placed in a machine washer. For more details on the second type, read our full article.

2) Are kitchen mats machine washable?

No, not all kitchen mats are machine washable. Some might be harmed by water and hence have to be cleaned with a cloth or a sponge whereas, some are washed at hand. A machine washer might flatten them out and hence it’s preferred to wash them using a hose. However, a few particular designs are water-resistant and can be safely placed in a machine wash with cold or hot water (depending upon the instructions).

3) Why opt for a non-slip rug?

Tripping incidents are among the most common accidents reported in the kitchen. Statistically, thousands of young and old people report slipping due to a rug or a carpet. Some of them also report very serious injuries. Therefore, it’s important to equip your kitchen with a mat that not only relaxes your ankles and covers the bare floor, but also reduces the friction between your feet and the slippery surface and hence helps avoid such hazardous accidents.

4) Are non-slip mats comfortable?

The comfort level of a mat depends upon the upper and middle layers more than it does on a slippery or non-slip bottom. Therefore, we see that an anti-fatigue mat that comes with a PVC foam or a cushion pad provides a more comfortable surface to stand on and relieves the pressure points of any excessive stress. So if a non-slip mat is designed using premium quality material and foam it will be both comfortable and safe at the same time.

Knowledge is power. Now that you know all about non-skid kitchen rugs washable, don’t delay the process anymore and order the one that suits your requirements the best.

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