Best Padded Mat for Kitchen Reviews -2021

Do you spend a great deal of time standing in the kitchen? Be it you doing the dishes or cooking, both these jobs need an ample amount of standing time. Whilst standing for a long time can be tiring, it can adversely affect your blood flow too.

Given the amount of time that is spent in kitchens, investing in a padded mat for kitchen can help you save so much energy and money in the long run. Thus, irrespective if you are renovating your kitchen or not, just add in a mat by your kitchen sink which will add not only comfort but some decor too. So, when buying a mat for the kitchen, whatever your purpose is, decorative or comfort, make sure to thoroughly read about them beforehand.


Why Do We Need Padded Mat For Kitchen?

Well as the name suggests, padded mats help provide your feet with cushion. Standing for long hours is not only bad for your bones but affects your overall health as well. Many people have reported feeling strain in their shoulders and neck after standing for a long time period.

Why do you think that is?

The main reason for this is the pressure building up. Thus, when you are standing for too long, the tough surface of the kitchen floor does not absorb any form of pressure or weight, rather, it reflects it. This causes pain in muscles and bones.

Moreover, without a cushioned layer, the blood flow of the body is disrupted which causes pain in the neck and shoulders.

Keeping a padded mat for kitchen instead of just another decorative one will help your feet get some cushion. The padding in the mat will help provide a layer between your foot and the floor, thus relieving it of excessive pressure.

Best Padded Mats for your Kitchen

Now while the market is literally flooded with mats, you have to be careful when buying. Make sure that you know the essential elements and know which mat works best for you. To make it simple for you, we have made a comparison table for you to choose a mat that meets your needs best.

Name of matDimension(s) availableColours and ThemesMaterial(s) usedThicknessShop Now
KMAT kitchen mat  17” x 47”GrayFlannel0.78″Check Latest Price
Newlife by Gelpro20” x 32”
20” x 48”
20” x 72”
30” x 108”
Grasscloth: Charcoal, Crimson, Java, Khaki, Pecan Kitchen Tools warm stone, Lattice: Java, Mineral, Tan, Leather Grain: Jet, Navy, Truffle Orchard Almond, Origami: smokey, sweet berry Pebble, caramel, pomegranate, espresso, wheat, Rustic Texas Flag, Sisal: coffee bean, black, Tweed: antique white, grey goose, hydrangea, Mineral Grey, Origami Sweet BPolyurethane0.75″Check Latest Price
Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat20″ x 32″
20″x 39″
24″x 70″  
Antique dark, antique light, antique light medieval blue, antique love flower-dark, antique love flower-lightPolyurethane0.75″Check Latest Price
Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats20″ x 32″
20″ x 39″
24″ x 70″  
Blue diamonds, burgundy, chocolate brown, gray, dark blue, Green ombre, Midnight Black, Sedona Red rocks, Indigo DecoRubber0.75″Check Latest Price
ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat20” X 32”
20” X 39”
Beige, Black, Brown, Red, GrayRubber0.75″Check Latest Price
Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat20″ x 32″
20″ x 39″
24″ x 70″    
Black Tile, Quatrefoil Dark Brown, Quatrefoil Light Brown, Blue Vine, Quatrefoil Red, Spray Dark antique, Spray light antique, The dark antique, The light antiquePVC plus Premium PU0.75″Check Latest Price
GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat17″ x 24″
20″ x 32″
32″ x 20″
39″ x 20″
48″ x 20″
60″ x 20″
70″ x 24″  
Beige, black, brown, diamond: black, Charcoal, gray, hunter green, navy, plaid:brown, quatrefoil: gray, stripe: gray, stripe:brown, red, skyblue, stripe: darkgray, taupe  Rubber0.75″Check Latest Price
Color&Geometry Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Rug (Editors Choice)19″x47″ 19″x70″ 20″x39″    Black, brown, grayRubber0.75″Check Latest Price
FEATOL Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Mats Cushioned20” X 32”
20” X 39”
Black, Brown, Red, Gray  PU Leather0.9″Check Latest Price
Casa Pura Kitchen Mat20” X 39”
20” X 72”
Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Iron Oxide  PVF0.75″Check Latest Price

1) KMAT Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

KMAT kitchen mat

Let’s be honest, working in the kitchen tends to get messy. Especially the area near the sink is bound to get wet or have something spilled over. Imagine having water spilled on a normal mat, It would be nothing short of a disaster.

This is where KMAT proves to be a perfect choice. With dimensions of 47″ x 17″, these mats are made with super absorbent material. So if you spill something over, it will be absorbed.

Moreover, the TP rubber base prevents it from slipping away. So if you are placing the mat on a surface that is already wet, the mat would still stay in its place.

The KMAT kitchen mat is cushioned with memory foam, this helps absorb pressure and provides your feet with the right amount of cushioning. If you like being barefoot, then this mat would suit you best. The texture of the mat is smooth and soft, it resembles the texture of a bath towel.

Now, whilst the mat ticks all the boxes, there is still one concern. The fibers of the mat may feel good to your feet but they may collect some debris or pet hair in them. That being said since this mat is machine washable, a quick spin in the machine would make it as good as new.


  • Phthalate and latex-free
  • Eco friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Memory foam
  • Non-slip


  • The mat’s fiber may collect debris or pet hair

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2) New Life By Gelpro

padded mat for kitchen

Are you also very particular about the mat color you opt for? Don’t worry; we’ve got something for you. The Gelpro mat comes with a thick-ergo foam core to relieve your feet and back of the pressure created by standing in the kitchen.

The polyurethane surface not only makes the surface softer but also non-toxic and durable. It’s also water and stain resistant and in case of a spill you can clean up with a damp cloth and some soapy water.

You can be stress-free when it comes to kitchen safety now. The beveled edges of this mat not only make it slip-resistant but a non-skid bottom surface also strengthens the grip on hard flooring and makes sure to provide a risk-free comfortable experience in the kitchen.

As we mentioned before, this is an ideal choice for someone who’s picky with colors. The variety of design options and dimensions offered by Gelpro will certainly help you select the best option for your house.


  • A thick foam combined with a polyurethane surface makes for an ideally soft and comfortable support
  • The surface is stain and water-resistant and easy to clean
  • A wide range of options available when it comes to design, size, and colors
  • Gelpro is a well-established brand


  • If not maintained properly the edges might curl over time

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3) Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

anti fatigue mat

Amcofy’s latest product is the ultimate amalgamation of comfort and elegance. This mat’s unique floral pattern combined with a strong color appeal is the perfect addition you can make to your kitchen.

It’s not even all about the appearance as the thick gel foam inside the mat makes you feel like standing on a cloud. The ergonomic engineering on the mat helps focus on your entire feet rather than the heels or ankles and hence relieves you of any discomfort at all.

The surface is made of 100% non-toxic material and provides a safe environment for your children and pets. The strong material used also makes it resistant to heels, weight, and sharp objects. You’re going to add a long term partner to the kitchen!

Just like with Newlife you can easily wipe off any dirt or spills with a damp cloth. The non-curl edges help keep the product in one place and its rough bottom helps avoid all hazardous tripping events in the kitchen.


  • A unique pattern and some attractive colors help the mat stand out in an aesthetic sense
  • The gel foam within and the non-toxic surface make for an ideal comfortable kitchen-related product
  • The mat is durable, easy to maintain, and safe to use
  • Much more reasonable than similar products available at sites like Costco


  • The design only incorporates dark colors so it might not fit your requirements if you prefer lighter shades

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4) Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats

sky mat

We all know how important reliability is in any product. Therefore, we’ve selected Sky mats that not only promise the best quality but have been delivering on that commitment for years.

This particular anti-fatigue mat comes with the special sky core foam. The cushioned support is a blend of ultimate support and softness and helps you work all those hours without feeling overly fatigued.

The surface is also made using non-toxic materials and helps comfort your spine and statistically reduce knee and joint pain by almost 32 percent. Its anti-slip bottom and anti-curl edges also help grip hard surfaces and assure a safe cooking experience.

The variety of colors also add to your options and the multiple sizes make the Sky mat suitable for both large-sized and small I shaped kitchens. The modern design also means that the mat will not collect dirt or dust thus giving your kitchen a clean and fresh look.

Still, if you face any issues after the purchase you can always contact the sellers and they’ll help figure out a satisfying solution.


  • The variety offered in relation to sizes and design makes the product suitable for all types of kitchens
  • Its design helps keep the surface clean and gives the room a beautiful and fresh look
  • The sky mat foam is trustworthy and will provide ultimate comfort in the long run
  • Elite customer service adds to your delightful product experience


  • The mat is very high in demand and can occasionally run out of stock

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5) ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

mat for kitchen floor

ComfiLife products come in very handy for those who’re interested in buying versatile mats. Manufactured with premium quality materials the elegant design of this mat adds comfort and elegance to your kitchen life.

The antimicrobial surface is stain and dirt resistant and hence very easy to clean with a cloth or a vacuum. As for the cushion foam that acts as a thickening middle layer, it helps relax your ankles, heels, and backbone that are the center of all that fatigue you feel in your body.

The textured surface, beveled edges, and a non-slip bottom are incorporated in its design to make sure the mat stays put on wet surfaces and you don’t trip over it. The plain yet elegant look of this mat makes it suitable to use in a standing office as well.

ComfiLife believes in utmost customer satisfaction and hence if you have any complaints contact the sellers and you can get a replacement or a refund.


  • The mat is triple-layered. This feature adds to the comfort and looks of the mat
  • The upper surface is phthalate-free and the lower surface is non-skid. The edges are also non-curl and this makes this ComfiLife mat a safe addition to your kitchen
  • An elite cash-back/replacement commitment further adds to the charm of this option


  • The mat comes in only two sizes

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6) Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

long kitchen mat

A runner always charms the look of kitchen design. This latest anti-fatigue mat by butterfly comes with an exhilarating quatrefoil design on its surface to complement the warm accent it provides to your kitchen.

The colors and design is not the only special thing about this mat, its surface has been made using premium quality materials which makes it withstand heavy traffic and the messiest of spills. Just wipe the mat off with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

The ergonomic engineering on the thick foam inside makes this a perfectly comfortable and stress relieving surface to stand on. While the textured surface and beveled edges prevent any tripping incidents the non-skid bottom also makes it suitable to place on hard marble flooring.


  • The variety of sizes makes this mat a good runner and suitable for small i shaped kitchens as well
  • The unique design complements a warm kitchen theme
  • A thick foam and soft surface relieves you of all knee and back problems
  • It can be used in coffee shops and offices as well


  • Do not use soapy water on this mat as the colour can fade away due to the soap ingredients

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7) GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

padded mat for kitchen

The original premium anti-fatigue mat is just another right option for someone who loves a variety of color options. A beautiful mat that has been designed using non-toxic, prop 65 compliant, and phthalate-free rubber, the Gorilla Grip will add elegance to any kitchen theme.

The rubber used is also highly durable which makes this mat suitable for any area that is highly trafficked. Its ergonomic design and the thick padded foam embedded within will make you feel relieved of all physical stress while carrying out the regular kitchen chores.

Gorilla Grip ships this mat in a flat position to avoid any curls. The surface is also stain-resistant and you only need to vacuum or wipe it to clean up any spills or dirt.


  • The sellers offer a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from
  • The premium quality rubber makes it a non-hazardous and durable kitchen product
  • A padded foam supports your heels and spine while standing in the same position
  • The mat comes with a 10-year warranty


  • Do not wash the mat as its surface is not water-resistant and the edges might curl leading to a slippery surface

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8) Color&Geometry Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Rug (Editors Choice)

mat for kitchen floor

Do you prefer leather mats in your kitchen? This particular mat by Color&Geomerty is made of the highest quality PVC leather which will not only withstand everyday movement in the kitchen but also comes with a stain and oil resistant surface.

So in case you spill a messy item just grab a sponge and wipe it off. Regular dirt can be wiped off using any household cleaner hence saving your time and effort. Forget about slipping as the rough-textured surface and a non-skid back helps provide the mat a strong grip onto the floor.

Comfort is a key to any good mat. The thick padded foam in this product will not only provide a soft surface to stand on but will also physically help you if you suffer from back, hip, knee, leg & foot discomfort, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis, or arthritis.


  • A premium leather surface makes the mat highly durable
  • The thick foam pad makes it a comfortable kitchen companion
  • This mat will not bottom out like any other memory foam
  • An elite customer service is provided post purchase


  • The mat comes in three colors only

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9) FEATOL Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Mats Cushioned

cushioned mat for kitchen

Another mat made of PU leather, the Featol anti-fatigue option presents a unique design that makes it stand out in the market. The 0.9 inches foam of this mat is designed using PU and combines the advantages of both memory and gel foam.

The engineering not only helps provide a soft cushioned surface like a memory foam to stand on but also majorly focuses on your pressure points (heels, knee joints, and lower back) and relieves you of all that stress from the long hours of standing in one position.

The surface is phthalate-free and 100% non-toxic which not only helps create a safe kitchen environment but also avoids any bad odor in the room. The precise low-angled beveled edges and a rough non-slip bottom eliminate the chances of slipping while carrying out busy chores.


  • Good quality PU leather withstands heavy traffic and does not crack or wear out over time
  • The extremely thick cushion foam helps play the role of a gel foam providing the ultimate comfort while standing
  • It’s a multi-use product and can be added to your office or garage as well


  • Only two sizes are available hence liming the options to buy from

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10) Casa Pura Kitchen Mat

casa pura mat

Aren’t we all huge fans of environmental friendly products? Casa Pura has introduced this line of anti-fatigue mats which are 100% recyclable. The polyurethane gel foam inside the mat alleviates your posture while relieving the knee joints and heels of all the physical stress.

A strong PVF surface makes the product resilient to sharp objects. So if you have a busy kitchen then you don’t have to worry as the foam won’t flatten out over time. You can place the mat on laminate, marble, or even tiled flooring and it will perfectly grip onto the surface.

With lowly-angled tapered edges and a strong grip slip-resistant padding on the bottom, the Casa Pura mat will stay put on wet surfaces as well. The strong surface is also water-resistant and easy to clean.


  • A non-toxic surface and recyclable materials make the Casa Pura mat an eco-friendly option
  • The gel foam focuses on improving your blood circulation and posture
  • This mat is versatile and can be used on office and laundry room floorings as well
  • The antimicrobial surface is very easy to clean and maintain


  • The mat comes in only two sizes and four dark colours

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How to Choose the Best Padded Mat for Kitchen?

Now that you’ve read all about our selected options for you, let’s elaborate on what makes a good padded mat for kitchen. We’ve looked into all the products from four perspectives.


There are several products in the market that start to wither out or their edges curl and the surface wears out over time. However, a good quality mat is different in this aspect.

The surface and bottom layer are made using the best material which makes it resistant to stains and dirt. This helps it withstand the heavy movement in your kitchen and all the mess made by the regular spills.

The surface can be regularly cleaned and the product stays as good as new for a long time.

Color and Theme

While an anti-fatigue mat’s primary purpose is to protect the flooring and provide you with ultimate comfort, why not opt for something that adds to the decorative look of your kitchen?

The modern architecture incorporates particular themes and entire rooms follow that colour and design combination. Padded mats also come in various colours and designs. Make sure to select the colour that matches your theme and beautifies the room.

Similarly, dimensions are also very important. A long runner will fit well in a large farmhouse style kitchen whereas a small foot mat would suit an I shaped kitchen.

Foam Thickness and quality

Let’s get to the most important part now. You’re most probably buying a padded mat for kitchen to get rid of the everyday joint and back pain. This purpose is achieved by the foam inside your mat. The generally thicker cushioned foam would help relax the pressure points in your body.

However, this is not the only standard. Thick memory foam might be made using poor quality raw materials and will settle down over time. Hence, opt for well-padded foams or gel foams that will make you feel comfortable for a longer period of time.


We know how important those financial restraints can be. Therefore, you’ll see that this list comprises all premium quality products available at a wide range of prices. A good product will back the price you’re paying through its quality and performance.

Some options might be cheaper than those on our list. However, their quality and durability is highly questionable and will spoil your kitchen’s look while wasting the amount spent.

We’ve conducted the research on your part and only selected the options that provide all these features at the best prices.

Why Select from Our List?

You might be wondering as to what makes the options on our list stand out? Well, let’s primarily consider the criteria that we just mentioned for a good padded mat. As we discussed, a good mat will be durable, match your kitchen’s theme, come with premium quality foam, and back its price tag.

Now go through the entire list and we assure you that you’ll see that the entire range will fit this criterion.

Secondly, our entire list has been selected from Amazon. A wide range of network, reliable supply chain, customer-friendly staff, and premium deals make the largest e-commerce network stand out amongst all such channels.

You can get a wide range of options at the best prices here. Whereas, if you opt for other networks like Costco and bath and beyond, it will not only limit your options but will also be costlier.

Do you know we have a personal favorite product on this list? While the entire list is full of quality items and a wide range of options means you can select the best mat according to your exact requirements, the Color Geometry Anti Fatigue Mat stands out amongst all others.

It’s sober design, durable texture and comfortable foam make it the best padded mat for kitchen.


1) What is the best Padded Kitchen Mat?

Padded mats come in a variety of colors, sizes and can have many different features. It’s very difficult to label one specific mat as the best one due to different sets of requirements different buyers have. Generally, Amazon products are considered to be the most reliable ones. There are some basic qualities that a good padded mat for kitchen should possess and if you can shortlist your options using that criteria then it gets very easy to select the best mat for your kitchen. Read our entire article and go through the list we’ve selected for more details.

2) Do padded mats really work?

Padded/cushioned/anti fatigue mats have one major purpose. It’s to provide a comfortable surface for you to stand on while relieving excessive pressure off your ankles, heels and lower back. Mats that have a good quality gel, polyurethane or memory foam will do this by softening the surface and helping the blood circulation in your body. Apart from this some options will also protect the flooring, avoid any tripping incidents and add to the general theme of the room. For more details read the full article.

3) How thick should a cushioned mat be?

There is no hard and fast rule to measure the thickness of a padded mat’s foam. The options in the market range from 0.25 to 1 inch. We would suggest selecting a mat that is at least 0.75 inches thick. This will help stabilize the bottom and make it usable for a longer period of time. The alleviated surface would also help increase your posture and minimize the buildup of pressure on your feet and back.

4) How do I choose a padded kitchen mat?

A good padded mat will have certain basic qualities that help serve its major purpose. Primarily it should be durable and long-lasting. The material on the surface and back should be strong enough to resist instant physical wear and tear. Moreover, the foam inside should be of the utmost quality as that plays a major role in relaxing you off the physical fatigue. The color and design should be attractive and all these qualities should be backed by a reasonable price. For further details read the full article.

You’ve read all that is required to know about padded mat for kitchen. Now evaluate the options and order the best one according to your requirements.

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