Best Vinyl Floor Mat for Kitchen Reviews -2021

The best vinyl floor mat for kitchen, like the ones going to be mentioned in our article, is backed by manufacturers who have put major effort into making these mats look chic, elegant, and available in a variety of intricate patterns, vibrant color schemes, and dozens of shapes and sizes


We often associate kitchen rugs with natural fibers such as cotton and jute or with man-made polymers of microfiber, synthetic rubber, and polypropylene. These materials have been dominating the rug-making industry for years.

Well, let us introduce you to a new fabric. A fabric that might be new in this industry but boasts infinite potential with its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and excellent track record. Say hello to vinyl! Polyvinyl chloride or PVC rugs are the rising stars of the kitchen rug industry. Long gone are the days when buying something that excelled at functionality meant compromising on form and aesthetics.

Are you still confused about the idea of buying a new mat for kitchen floor that boasts a vinyl composition? Well, let us entice you some more with how these rugs are a necessity for your kitchen.

vinyl mat

Why Do We Need A Vinyl Floor Mat For Kitchen?

Vinyl or PVC made rugs are quickly replacing cotton and polypropylene as the most versatile material for kitchen mats. The material is resistant to abrasion, weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, and shock. This along with its phenomenal mechanical strength and toughness provide longevity and durability to kitchen mats composed of PVC.

Lightweight and the ease with which vinyl polymers can be cut, shaped and joined makes these rugs easy to make, install and handle. All these factors, combined with the fact that vinyl is inexpensive, provide an amazing price to performance ratio.

Because of its high chlorine content, PVC rugs have enhanced fire-resistant properties. Some more points for safety are bagged due to the fact that PVC and its products are non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Due to its versatility, PVC allows designers a high degree of freedom when designing and innovating new products. Most PVC rugs, like the ones mentioned, boast perks such as anti-fatigue cushioning, non-skid backing, and waterproof surfaces.

Functionality aside, there are so many different vinyl rugs in the market with unique blends of colors, patterns and textures that are sure to breathe depth, warmth and an attractive outlook to your kitchen.

Top 5 Vinyl Floor Mat for Kitchen Comparison Table

Product Size(s)Size(s)Color(s)MaterialThicknessShop Now
Color & Geometry Kitchen Rug
(Editors Choice)
59″ x 18″  
80″ x 18″
Black, Brown, Cyan, Grey & Rust RedPVC0.4″Check
Latest Price
LEEVAN Kitchen Rug Set17″ x 29″
17″ x 47″
Classical Pattern, Daisy Pattern,
Kitchen Tools, Leaves & National Pattern
Latest Price
U’Artlines Anti Fatigue
Kitchen Floor Mat
18″ x 30″
20″ x 55″
Geometric Patterns Blue
& Geometric Patterns Purple
Latest Price
Simple Being Anti Fatigue
Kitchen Floor Mat
32″ x 17.5″Black & Burgundy, Blue & Tan,
Bohemian, Brown Geometric,
Green Geometric, Grey Geometric,
Marble & Pebbles, and Multi Geometric
Latest Price
KIMODE 2 Piece
Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat
18″ x 29″
18″ x 47″
18″ x 29″
18″ x 59″
17.5″ x 30″
Buffalo Plaid, Egg Beater, Ceramic TilePVC0.4″Check
Latest Price

 The 5 Best Vinyl Kitchen Floor Mats

Beautiful, durable, and versatile, the five best vinyl floor mat for kitchen in our list have been meticulously tested and reviewed and are sure to boast a huge bang for your bucks. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Color & Geometry Kitchen Rug (EDITORS CHOICE)

Vinyl floor mat for kitchen

We believe that the best things shouldn’t be delayed until the end. So, let us start off this list with a vinyl floor mat for kitchen that can very well be termed as our top pick of the list. The Color & Geometry Kitchen Runner Rug hits the sweet spot in every spectrum and aces at both form and functionality.

The sturdy and durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) made surface is firm and textured which gives it a luxurious feel. The mat is 0.4 inches in thickness. This is thick enough to protect your kitchen floors and not curl when placed while simultaneously being thin enough to give the mat a low-profile look.

The low rebound foam ensures the vinyl mat won’t break down over time and provides sufficient cushioning for your feet and will cradle and relieve the stress off of them. You can bid farewell to back and joint pains from standing too long because this rug boasts an anti-fatigue surface.

Made entirely of non-toxic, phthalate-free and environment friendly PVC, the long mat also features beveled edges that ensure its longevity after repeated washes. Speaking about washing, the rug’s surface is anti-oil and waterproof which makes it stay clean for long stretches. Even when the rug does get dirty, you can easily wipe it down with a damp cloth. Furthermore, its non-slip bottom grips firmly onto your floors for optimal skid resistance.

If you thought the Color & Geometry Kitchen Rug was all function and no aesthetic, you’re in for a surprise. The two size options of 59 by 18 inches and 80 by 18 inches are available in five bright and vivid colors of Black, Brown, Cyan, Grey and Rust Red.


  • Anti-fatigue top and anti-slip bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes; can even be trimmed!
  • Made entirely of environment-friendly materials


  • Didn’t find any

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2. LEEVAN Kitchen Rug Set

mat for kitchen floor

Would you like to know what’s best for your kitchen? Well, it’s a set of two of those high-quality rugs! The complementing small and long mats in the LEEVAN’s Kitchen Rug Set boast exquisite craftsmanship and low rebound foam that is very resilient and stands up to high impact/usage extremely well.

The non-fade and non-shrink surface is bordered by handcrafted edges which ensures longevity and a premium feel. Furthermore, the surface is also oil and stain-resistant, and waterproof. The fact that any dirt on the surface can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth makes the rugs easy to clean.

Now, let’s look at these mats from a safety point of view. The 0.4-inch thickness gives the rugs a low-profile look and is thin enough to prevent tripping on the edges. Speaking of tripping, the rugs feature a PVC Rubber Backing which not only protects your floors from water damage but also provides a nonskid element to it. Bid farewell to slipping and tripping accidents for this rug will cling to your floor and not sway!

Available in prints of Classical Pattern, Daisy Pattern, Kitchen Tools, Leaves, and National Pattern, this rug set is sure to bring an aesthetic element to your kitchen as well. The set comes with a 17 inch by a 29-inch small rug and a 17 inch by 47-inch runner rug.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a small mat that compliments the look
  • Anti-Slip Backing
  • Easy to clean


  • No size options

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3. U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

best image

Standing at a thickness of just 0.24 inches, the U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat is the thinnest kitchen rug in our list. The mat is almost impossible to get caught beneath doors and in fact, its ultra-thinness is so remarkable that if your floors are vacuumed by a Roomba, the robot would not even get latched onto it and just breeze right over it!

The high-density PVC composition gives the rugs a sturdy feel and resistance to damage from long term wear and tear. Furthermore, the U’Artlines Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and odorless. Its waterproof surface is also resistant to spills and kitchen disasters and is easy to maintain and clean.

Relieve your fatigue and pressure off your feet, knees, hips, and back with the rug’s anti-fatigue surface. This vinyl floor mat for kitchen, like many others on the list, also boasts a non-slip bottom which protects your hardwood floors from moisture and will grip your floors.

The rug can be bought in two size options; 18 inches by 30 inches and the bigger 20 inches by 55 inches variant. Can’t find your preferred size? Fret not because the vinyl component of the rug makes it easy to cut and trim to liking. Go for the bigger size and trim to preferred measurements. The two geometric patterns of blue and purple are sure to provide a warm and bright accent for your kitchen!


  • Beautiful design
  • Thin but cushy
  • Anti-Slip Backing and anti-fatigue surface
  • Easy to clean


  • The nonskid backing could have been a little better
  • Few color and size options

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4. Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

simple being mat

Ever heard of reversible rugs? Well, a rug’s reversibility means you can totally just flip it over when one side gets stained or if you simply get bored of the color. The Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat is one such reversible mat and it surely has everything you can ask for in a kitchen rug. It is easy to clean, durable, comfortable, soft, and versatile.

Whether you’re a professional chef who spends hours in the kitchen each day or you’re simply looking for ample support, the Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat cradles and cushions your feet with its 0.5 inches high-grade and ample padding. The padding gives the rug it’s signature anti-fatigue element which helps relieve pressure off your feet and knees and promotes the body’s blood circulation.

The premium non-toxic PVC material is phthalate-free, latex-free, and odor-free which gives the surface a sturdy and premium feel. It also ensures the prevention of matting or the rug disintegrating after repeated washing or extended use. No matter how much foot traffic your kitchen may receive, the Simple Being Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat is sure to stand the test of time.

The slip-resistant rubber backing keeps this vinyl rug securely in place for added safety from tripping. Installation of the kitchen mat is also hassle-free and can be done without using glue or tape.

The 32 inch by 17.5-inch vinyl kitchen mat comes in eight colors; Black/Burgundy, Blue/Tan, Bohemian, Brown Geometric, Green Geometric, Grey Geometric, Marble/Pebbles, and Multi Geometric.


  • Reversible
  • Available in a variety of beautiful prints and colors
  • Anti-fatigue surface and anti-slip bottom
  • Super comfortable to stand on


  • Edges curl a little
  • Only one size option

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5. KIMODE 2 Piece Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat


Make a bold statement with this complementing kitchen rug set by KIMODE. The eco-friendly PVC leather composition gives these rugs a super durable surface that is resistant to oil spills and waterproof. Furthermore, the surface’s resistance to catching hairs makes it the perfect decor for anyone with pets.

No matter how dirty it gets, the KIMODE 2 Piece Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat’s easy to clean surface is just a wipe away from looking good as new. The durable materials and premium construction ensure that the rugs in this set will not deteriorate, flatten out or fall apart with long-term use or heavy foot traffic.

The rug set bags more points with its anti-fatigue property. The 10 mm thick anti-fatigue cushioning provides plush and ample support for your feet and knees during long periods of standing. Backed by a non-slip bottom, the rugs will protect your precious kitchen floors from moisture and water damage while simultaneously providing anti-skid.

The rug set can be bought with two runners measuring 18 inches by 29 inches, and 18 inches by 47 inches respectively.

The other option comes with a bigger second runner measuring 18 inches by 59 inches. Both size options can be bought in two beautiful patterns of Buffalo Plaid and Egg Beater.

If rug sets are not your style or if you’re simply looking for a solo long mat, opt for the standalone vinyl runner with a ceramic tile pattern measuring 17.5 inches by 30 inches.


  • Super soft and plush
  • Non-slip bottom and anti-fatigue top
  • Easy to clean
  • Absorbs lots of water


  • Might be considered a little too thin
  • A little expensive
  • Although the patterns are beautiful, they fade a little from the edges after repeated cleaning

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Buying Guide

Look for three things when in the market for vinyl kitchen floor mats; the rugs’s properties, the rug’s dimensions, and the rug’s design.

The Rug’s Properties

As we mentioned earlier, Vinyl and its polymers offer a high degree of freedom to designers during manufacturing. You should thus look for kitchen mats that offer the best of properties and functionality.

If you’re a professional chef who spends long hours in the kitchen standing each day or if you’re simply looking for ample support and cushioning, look for rugs that offer anti-fatigue.

Rugs use their excessive padding or cushioning to help relieve the stress from your joints and muscles when they are anti-fatigue. This makes cooking easy and less tiring.

As we all know, the kitchen is the center of messes. From oil splashes to water spills, kitchen floors are prone to pose slipping hazards for you and your loved ones. You should thus look for kitchen rugs that offer amazing water retention abilities. This will help them contain these messes and make your kitchen safer.

Talking about safety, rugs that offer non-slip should also be in your preferred list. Their latex or rubber backing helps them grip the floor tightly. Stepping on such a non-slip kitchen mat wouldn’t cause you to slide or stumble across the floor thus preventing household accidents.

Furthermore, the best rugs offer more perks such as stain resistance, easy cleaning, scratch resistance and reversibility.

The Rug’s Dimensions

The length, width, and thickness of the rug are what make up its dimensions. The best of vinyl floor mat for kitchen, like the ones mentioned in our article, can even be trimmed to the desired length and width.

If you are looking for compact rugs to place under the sink or refrigerator, go for rugs that are smaller and squarer in shape. Opt for runners, mats that are narrow and long, if you want to cover the area beside your kitchen counter or range.

Moreover, you should always measure the area where you would like to place the mat before making the ultimate decision.

Thickness plays a very important role as well. Rugs that are too thin may be prone to matting and disintegrating if your kitchen is a high traffic zone. Thicker mats, on the other hand, are liable to pose tripping hazards for you and your loved ones. You should thus assess your kitchen’s needs and buy accordingly!

The Rug’s Design

Aesthetics can make or break a room. Go for minimalistic rugs to create a harmonious blend with your kitchen’s decor or better yet, add a dash of contrast and vibrancy to your kitchen with rugs that boast intricate patterns and bold colors. The best designs are sure to catch the eyes of the guests.

Why Buy these Vinyl Floor Mats for Your Kitchen?

As we all know, the UK has its fair share of departmental stores. From Argos to NEXT, you can find one at every street corner. Once you’ve entered one of these stores and successfully found their home decor sections, you are sure to find yourself in the midst of a plethora of rugs; hundreds of rug manufacturers, and thousands of products. You might get overwhelmed, to say the least. The same goes for all other stores around the world.

All these brands would obviously claim their product as the best one out there but who is to judge the viability of this claim? Well, allow us to undertake this task! We looked at every aspect of a kitchen rug, meticulously researched and tested them, and found these 5 products as the ones that aced at most.

We would also like to save you from the hassle of going through heavy traffic or ordering from dubious sites. Consequently, we have attached links to the best vinyl floor mat for kitchen’ respective Amazon pages. We recommend that you utilize their secure and hassle-free online services and avail the prompt delivery and money-back guarantees.


We realize that all this information might be overwhelming for you. You might even have some further questions and queries regarding vinyl floor mats. Thus, we bring you this FAQ section to hopefully answer them all:

1) What is PVC?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a polymer of vinyl and is one of the most popular fabrics used in rug making. It is durable, lightweight, and fire-resistant. For more on the benefits of PVC made rugs and the best ones out there; check out the above article!

2) Are Vinyl Mats Safe?

Yes, PVC or vinyl composed rugs are safe to use. Eco-friendly, odor-free, and non-toxic, PVC meets all the international standards relating to the safety and health for both the products and the applications for which it is used.

3) Are PVC Kitchen Floor Mats Cheap?

Due to its excess supply and ready availability, PVC is an inexpensive polymer. The price of their rugs is further pushed down due to their easy construction and installation. This in no way means that PVC rugs are of low quality. In fact, PVC rugs are denser and more durable than other kitchen mats. For more about their amazing properties, check out the above article!

4) What Is The Best Vinyl Floor Mat for Kitchen?

All the rugs mentioned in our article boast pros that significantly outweigh the cons. If, however, we were to choose one that excelled at all the aspects of a kitchen mat and offered the best price to performance ratio; we would recommend the Color & Geometry Kitchen Rug.

With that, we would like to end our article. We hope all your queries regarding vinyl kitchen mats have been answered and that we proved helpful in easing this purchasing decision. Happy Shopping!

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