Best Way to Clean Kitchen Floor Mats

Our kitchen is one of all the places we frequent daily and where we find spending considerable time in. If not us then someone from the family is always loitering in there.

Be it the cook preparing food, the maid cleaning up or the little kids sneaking in for a snack every once in a while. The place is constantly subjected to quick, often dirty feet scampering to and fro and making a mess of the place. 

best way to clean kitchen floor mats

Kitchens are generally messy places and the nature of the work done there compels most people to place a few mats here and there to make it a better workspace.

To care for the mats is a much easier and sensible solution and the best way to clean kitchen floor mats explained right below! 

Best Way to Clean Different Types of Kitchen Floor Mats

If you’re a new user and would like to explore the different kinds of floor mats available and their uses read up in detail about it in another article on our site. However, if you’re a frequent user and the cleaning of floor mats perplexes you, stick with us and have it explained to you in just a few steps! 

Just like cleaning your clothes is different for all materials, it’s the same for your floor mats. All of them are made up of different materials so the way to care for them is also very different. No need to worry, because in just one read you’ll know exactly how to clean your mat in no time!

Foam Kitchen Mats

 If you’re one of the users who are enjoying the comfort of foam kitchen mats, then gear up because this is for you! Foam mats are both cheap and easy to clean, but because of their material, they need to be cleaned more often than other mats. Even then, you can easily go 4-5 days, or more depending on how much time you use it, before having to clean your mat!

Since foam mats are made up of foam, they’re more durable than rubber. Rubber mats are not advised to be washed in washing machines, but if you have the type of machine that has the setting for floor mats, then your foam kitchen mat can easily be cleaned in your machine!

If you’re scared of using your machine because so many things can go wrong, then gear up because you can reach the same effect using just your hands! All you need is a place to soak your mat, some detergent, and your kitchen mat! Essentially your mat should be cleaned after just a few hours of soaking it in the liquid and drying, but if you feel like it’s still grimy, feel free to give it a cursory rub with a cloth and scrub away the dirt. After that, just let the mat dry and it’ll be ready to use in no time!

Anti Fatigue Mats

Your anti-fatigue mats are your legs best friend! Anyone who knows them and has to spend long hours in the kitchen is aware of the blessing that they are. These are designed to last a long time, but without proper maintenance, they lose their durability. No worries, caring for your floor mat is as easy as using them, and the best way to clean these kitchen floor mats is as under.

Shake your mat

The first thing to do when cleaning your anti-fatigue mat is to pick it up from the floor and give it a good shake. Let lose all the dust that’s stuck in it. Take a broom or brush and softly pat down the mat a few times to make sure all the big debris is removed. This can be done every day, as it doesn’t take more than a few minutes and makes the experience of using them much more comfortable!

Soak in hot water

The second step is just as easy as the first- simply soak the mat in hot water, and squirt in some soap or detergent, and let it sit. Make sure your detergent is not too acidic and has a pH of less than 9 as that can be damaging to the mat! Leave the mat to soak in and go about your day- while you do your chores, the water will remove the grease and other dirt stuck to your mats!

Dry in Sun Light

The last is the simplest- just let it dry! Once you’ve washed your mat and cleaned it thoroughly- all it needs now is the warm sun and a gentle breeze. With just a few hours of soaking sunlight, this mat will be ready to go back to its home in your kitchen looking brand new!

Carpet-styled Mats

These mats have probably spent long years at the entrance of your kitchen looking as beautiful as the day you bought them! That’s the best thing about carpet styled mats- with the proper care they can survive for a long time and look as good as new!

Cleaning carpet styled kitchen mats is the easiest- it’s the same as how you’d clean your living room mats! Start with vacuuming the mat, this will remove most of the dust! Once that’s done you can just hose it down or soak it in a tub with detergent and water. If it’s been a while since it has been thoroughly cleaned, then just use a scrub and brush it out once!

Carpet styled mats can also be washed in machines. However, washing it in that too many times can ruin it, so it’s generally advised to not use washing machines for your kitchen floor mats!


Gel mats are the easiest to clean when it comes to the best way to clean kitchen floor mats. All you need to do is take a sponge and lightly dip it in some water and soap and gently clean the top surface of the mat. The bottom of this mat is highly sensitive, and can’t be exposed to moisture, so to clean the back, just take a cloth and lightly wipe it.

Since this mat has a lot of fibers, it’s advised to not use high temperatures, different chemicals, or even a vacuum to clean it, just in case that damages the mat. Just one quick dab and sweep, and this mat is as good as new!

Let’s Get Cleaning!

Everything you need to know is right here, so look no further, gather your supplies and get cleaning!

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