The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by SoHome

Exclusivity, innovation, and creativity are the key aspects to any good home item. SoHome, a venture started in the US over three decades ago has now become a trendsetter in the home décor industry by fitting on these very standards. We decided to look over some of the best mats for the kitchen floor by SoHome.

mat for kitchen floor

Offering a wide base of options in categories ranging from area rugs to kitchen mats and pet accessories, SoHome has become one of the most reliable and diverse home goods business. However, to date, the company is best known for its kitchen rugs.

A blend of premium quality, supreme service, and excessive variety makes their kitchen mats stand out in the entire market.

Therefore, we’ve selected three of their best kitchen mats to review. You can read about these options and decide which one suits your requirements the best.

The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor By SoHome- Our Selections

After thorough research of SoHome’s product catalog, we’ve come to the conclusion that the following three products fit as the best addition to any kitchen floor. The table below summarizes the key characteristics of these options.

Product NameSize(s)Colors and ThemesMaterial usedThicknessShop Now
SoHome Air Step Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat  20” X 32” 20” X 39”Beige, Charcoal, Espresso, Navy BluePVC3/4″Check Latest Price
SoHome Cozy Living Anti-Fatigue Mat18” X 30” 18” X 55” 20” X 36”Lemon wreath gather, Home sweet home, grateful, let’s stay in, live laugh lovePVC1/2″Check Latest Price
SoHome Original Gentle Step Anti-Fatigue Standing Floor Mat    17” X 32” 17” X 39”Black, Red, Beige, Espresso, GrayPVC0.3”Check Latest Price

1) SoHome Air Step Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Mats for Kitchen Floor by SoHome

What do you look out for in a good kitchen mat? A comfortable surface to stand upon or a safe and stable backing? A wide range of colors and multiple sizes to choose from? Name the requirement and this SoHome mat will tick all those categories for you.

The PVC surface not only provides a strong surface to stand on but also makes the mat stain resistant. So do not hassle anymore about those spills as a wet sponge is all you need to wipe the surface clean.

SoHome’s selling point is its air-infused design. The unique memory foam will not only help alleviate your posture but also relieve the pressure points (knees, joints, and lower back) so that you can stand for long hours without physically stressing out.

Forget about all those tripping incidents in the kitchen. A rough non-skid texture at the back combined with the beveled edges will help keep the mat in place even when placed on wet surfaces.

Place this masterpiece near the stove, under the sink, or near the counter and it will blend in perfectly.


  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your exact kitchen requirements.
  • A durable upper surface is supported by a non-skid lower layer
  • Being an anti-fatigue mat, the product adds comfort to your kitchen experience
  • Easy to maintain


  • The beige color might catch dust and hence give a dirty look at times

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2) SoHome Cozy Living Anti-Fatigue Mat

SoHome Cozy Living Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you’re looking for a funkier option for a light-themed kitchen, then this option will suit you the best. A blend of light colors with imprints of short and sweet lines distinguishes this option from the others on this list.

Being an anti-fatigue mat, the cozy living product also follows SoHome’s standard air-infused design. A soft and thick surface helps you make all your favorite dishes while avoiding additional physical fatigue.

Just like the previous option, this product also comes with a strong texture on the upper surface. However, this durability is unique as the imprints do not affect the quality of PVC used. Similarly, the mat is also stain-resistant and frequent cleaning wouldn’t affect its design.

Place the mat on any surface including tile and hardwood and witness the strongest of grip supported by a non-skid backing. The beveled edges further prevent tripping and make your overall experience in the kitchen a safe one.


  • A warm and cozy design lights up the overall theme of the kitchen
  • Updated technology accounts for upmost comfort and relief while carrying out kitchen chores
  • The rough texture at the bottom makes this product safe and durable


  • The light colors can display dust and dirt often and hence need to be wiped off

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3) SoHome Original Gentle Step Anti-Fatigue Standing Floor Mat

SoHome Original Gentle Step Anti-Fatigue Standing Floor Mat

Our final choice is the original gentle step mat. If you’re a big fan of textured surfaces that provide a quality experience, then we’ve found just the right option for you.

The mat comes in a variety of dimensions and colors. The options (as shown in the table) range from very bright colors to light and sober ones. You can also select the dimensions according to the size of the kitchen.

The machine-made PVC on the upper surface not only gives a precise design but also makes the mat stronger and longer-lasting. A rough-textured bottom accompanied by non-folding edges keeps you safe on wet and hard surfaces.

Its design and texture make the mat quite versatile and helps it fit in kitchen, home and office surfaces. The cleaning process is as easy as the previous options and a damp cloth or a sponge is all you need to get through the day.


  • The striped texture makes it aesthetically appealing
  • A variety of colors helps you select the best option for your exact kitchen theme
  • The surface is highly durable and the mat is safe for busy kitchens
  • Safe material for children and pets


  • It isn’t as thick as the other options and hence a little less comfortable

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Why Buy These Kitchen Floor Mats by SoHome?

Mats are essential parts of your kitchen. These layers not only protect the flooring or relieve your feet but also add to the aesthetic theme of the room. Therefore, it is vital to select a product that not only suits a fixed budget but also fulfills all the requirements of the buyer.

We’ve kept four basic criteria in mind while testing different options available in the market. They are as follows:

  • Durability
  • Comfort (anti-fatigue)
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Use of high-quality material

After a rigorous process of selecting and testing various products, we came across these three mats that although are different in design, are all made of premium quality PVC supported by strong lower surfaces. This makes these mats highly durable.

All these mats are thick and anti-fatigue and therefore keep you comfortable and fatigue-free at all times. The range of colors and textured designs also make all these products highly appealing and the best mats for the kitchen floor by SoHome.

As we mentioned before, SoHome has established itself as a very successful and reliable brand when it comes to home goods. Therefore, any product associated with such a rich brand generally meets all the requirements of quality assurance.

Finally, we’ve attached Amazon links with all three mats. Buy from the largest e-commerce platform on the planet and enjoy a quick and reliable logistical service. If you’re still unsatisfied with the selection then feel free to claim a refund or an exchange.


What should I look out for in a kitchen floor mat?

There isn’t one particular answer to this question. It depends upon the general requirements of each buyer. If you prefer comfort over anything else then the inner foam should be your utmost priority whereas, colors become more important for people looking out for aesthetics.

Generally, a good mat will balance some basic characteristics such as durability, easy maintenance and overall comfort. If a mat fits all these generic standards then it qualifies as a fine fit for any and all kitchen floors.

Is SoHome a reliable brand for kitchen mats?

Maintaining a standard of quality for three decades now, SoHome is regarded amongst the most reliable brands in the market. They focus on unique and innovative designs to meet the variety of needs of their target market.

The brand has laid great emphasis on customer feedback and therefore has improved its products and service over the years. Moreover, the backing of a platform like Amazon adds to its hassle-free service

Should I buy an anti-fatigue mat?

We generally prefer anti-fatigue mats as the memory foam within provides an alleviated and soft surface to relax your heels. When standing for long hours, your joints, knees, and lower back feel excessive pressure and in some scenarios affect the overall blood circulation in the body. Hence, this advanced design helps you enjoy the process of cooking while avoiding physical fatigue

Which mat is the best amongst all these options?

While all three options qualify as versatile and high-grade mats, the SoHome Cozy Living Anti-Fatigue Mat stands out on the basis of an aesthetically good design and a blend of warm colors. It is the best mat for the kitchen floor by SoHome.

We hope this article cleared up all your queries. Do not delay any further. Go to Amazon and select the mat that you think will suit your kitchen floor the best. Happy shopping!