Best Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Mats Reviews -2021

Being the central and busiest part of your home, you’ll always want your kitchen to look appealing and aesthetic. Several kitchen designs are trending in today’s world; however, one of them strikes a perfect balance between modern and traditional aesthetics. Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about the farmhouse style. But did you know that there are mats that are specifically designed for this kitchen style? These mats follow certain design patterns and are called farmhouse kitchen floor mats.

Light colors, antique elements, and natural materials are defining factors of a farmhouse kitchen. But do these features complete it? Wouldn’t a bare floor make your warm kitchen look a little dull? Why not add to its aesthetic design by finding the right addition to your floor? A mat specifically designed for this very kitchen style is all you need to enhance the central room of your house!

Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Mats

Why Buy a Mat for Your Farmhouse Style kitchen?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that floor mats have a much bigger role than just beautifying your kitchen.  Do you know an entire study was conducted to evaluate how ergonomics can be used to reduce the fatigue and stress levels one faces in the kitchen?

The research stated that kitchen fatigue was one of the major reasons for back pain and other cardiovascular issues. However, it concluded that the use of ergonomics can minimize this stress to a certain extent.

While your standing posture, nature of movement and cooking patterns are all matters concerning ergonomics, kitchen mats use this very science to balance your weight throughout the long-standing hours and hence minimize stress and fatigue levels.

This is just one use of these rugs. They can be used to define different spaces as well. For instance, if you opt for an open farmhouse kitchen, the floor mats can be used to mark its exact boundaries. It also helps give a clear view of the room and protects your flooring from any stains and dirt.

Kitchens can prove to be hazardous sites due to tripping incidents. Your floor mat will also make sure that you don’t slip while working.

Who doesn’t like a perfectly color-coordinated kitchen? When you opt for the farmhouse design you add multiple natural materials to your kitchen. The sunlight also gives the room a specific theme which should be balanced by adding a covering on the empty floor. Hence these rugs provide an ultimate package of safety, comfort and aesthetics to your kitchen experience.

To make your buying decision easier we have shortlisted some of the best rugs for you to select from.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Mats Reviews

You can easily find some great mats online. Some will have a beautiful texture, while others will be more comfortable. We have tried to cover those products that satisfy you on all levels. Hence, you can read all about their pros and cons and decide which option suits you the best. The following table also lists some specific features of all the shortlisted options for comparison purposes.

Name of MatColor(s) / ThemesDimension(s) (inches)MaterialFoam ThicknessShop Now
Farmhouse Themed Kitchen Mats
3-apple pie, 3 cheeses, 3 female chefs, 3 grapes and bottles, 3 kitchenwares, 3 macaronis, 3 merry, 3 Xmas red, 3 sweet tea, baroque gray, baroque light brown, 1-chef, 1-sunflower, 1-sweet, 1-wine, 1-fresh lemon, 1-gray plaid, 1-green plaid, 1 leaves, 1-tableware, 1-lemon, 1-vegetable18 x 30
18 x 47
18 x 70.8
PVC8 mmCheck Latest Price
Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Mats Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat
Glass, wine, coffee, farm fresh meat, farmliving, flowers, garden, home, home of the brave, homefarm, Laundry, laundry room pattern, laundry room red, life better on the farm, monskitchen, tile pattern, vintage pattern, welcome to the farm style18 x 30
18 x 47
PVC9 mmCheck Latest Price
Woven, Bohemian, Rugs with Printed Patterns
Black and tan with non-slip mat, blue and tan with non-slip mat23.6 x 35.4CottonWithout FoamCheck Latest Price
Pauwer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Set
Black and white plaid, bohemian, floral, kitchen, morroccan B, morroccan C, morroccan Gray17 x 47
17 x 28
PVC10 mmCheck Latest Price
KMAT Kitchen Mat
Gray17.3 x 28
17.3 x 47
PVC10 mmCheck Latest Price
HAVARGO Kitchen Rugs and Mats
Coffee, Geometric, Kitchenware17.7 x 29.5
17.7 x 47
PVC10 mm
12 mm
20 mm
Check Latest Price
KIMODE Kitchen Rugs and Mats Set
Beige with a palm leaf print18 x 29
18 x 47
18 x 59
MicrofiberWithout FoamCheck Latest Price
Idee-Home Light Gray Cotton Rug

Light Gray
24 x 36
24 x 51.6
45% Cotton
45% Polyester
10% Viscose
Without FoamCheck Latest Price

1) Farmhouse Themed Kitchen Mats (Editor’s Choice)

farmhouse kitchen floor mats

These beautiful cushion-padded mats are not just fancy but also of premium quality. The print will really attract you if you’re obsessed with matching themes. You can focus on making your favorite dishes as the mat’s cushion pad will help relieve your ankles and knees of any fatigue.

The PVC leather used to make this mat makes it durable and stain-resistant. If you spill something on the mat you don’t have to freak out like a damp cloth or a sponge is all you need to wipe it off. It is also quite versatile and hence can be used on any and all surfaces such as marble, hardwood and even carpet.

Elite customer service is the selling point for this brand as they provide a 6-month “no questions asked return policy”. So if you’re buying this product from amazon you always have the option of going back if not satisfied.


  • The mat’s unique theme makes it stand out in this list
  • The use of premium material makes it durable, waterproof stain-resistant, and hence good value for your money
  • Its cushion pad will provide you with ultimate comfort while working in the kitchen
  • The brand offers excellent customer service


  • This mat is a bit expensive when compared to the other options

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2) Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Mats Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat (Editor’s Choice)

Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Mats Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

A perfect blend to your warm kitchen theme, this rug comes with a thick cushion pad within. The pad not only provides a soft surface to stand on but also relieves your feet and back while standing for long hours in the kitchen.

It has been made by using PVC leather material and hence is waterproof and oil resistant. If you spill some ingredients, damp cloth or even a vacuum will be enough to wipe it off. A PVC foam backing also makes it a non-skid rug and safe addition to your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen floor is made of marble, laminite, hardwood, concrete or any other material, this extremely versatile mat stays put on all these surfaces. We know that a good product comes with a premium quality customer service. This mat has been listed here as Amazon provides a 10 year “no questions asked warranty” on it. So if it doesn’t suit your requirements, you always have the option of going back.


  • This mat comes with a thick cushion pad which will relieve you of any fatigue in the kitchen
  • Its surface is durable and easy to maintain
  • The foam backing helps prevent any tripping incidents in the kitchen
  • Amazon is providing a long term warranty on this product
  • It is quite reasonably priced


  • The original color is a bit darker than that shown in the picture

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3) Woven, Bohemian, Rugs with Printed Patterns

Woven, Bohemian, Rugs with Printed Patterns

Made with the highest quality cotton material polyblend, this bohemian rug will add a charming look to your warm kitchen design. It’s tassel fringes give it a beautiful decor look as it goes perfectly well with a wooden surface.

The bohemian’s unique design makes it a multi-purposed rug. You can place it in your bedroom, hallway, kitchen and even your bathroom. In fact it’ll look beautiful even while hanging by the porch or the balcony.

Decorative rugs can be a nuisance when it comes to cleaning up. However, this mat is an exception as you require barely any effort while washing it. It can be hand washed or placed in the dryer, while minimal dirt can also be wiped off using a vacuum cleaner.  The bohemian rug is pretty light-weighted and hence it comes with a free non-skid bottom pad which helps you balance on hard surfaces and avoid tripping over.

The versatile nature of this rug also makes it a perfect house gift for your family and friends. Moreover, its customer service team is well reputed and apt to respond. Therefore, you can contact them for any issues you’re facing post purchase.


  • The light color of this rug blends in perfectly with a farmhouse kitchen
  • High quality materials make it a durable and stain easy product to maintain
  • The unique texture of this rug makes it very versatile
  • It is quite reasonably priced


  • It is not an anti-fatigue mat and can be purchased accordingly

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4) Pauwer Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Set

farmhouse kitchen floor mats

If you’re looking for a thick-cushioned runner then there’s no better option than the Pauwer anti-fatigue. It’s a perfect blend of softness and comfort as the thick PVC cushion foam inside it helps you stand in the kitchen for hours without stressing out.

The runner’s beveled edges and a non-skid bottom make it usable on wet surfaces and help you have a safe experience in the kitchen. The PVC wrapped surface is also waterproof and oil resistant. So you don’t have to worry about the stains left behind after spilling as a mere sponge is a perfect remedy to it.

We specifically chose this product as its beautiful light stripes and a perfect blend of black and white makes it a perfect farmhouse kitchen floor mat. You can place it on a wooden, ceramic, or marble surface and this runner will be as stable as any other. In fact, it would perfectly blend in near the sink as well.


  • By going for this option you’ll get two rugs for the price of one
  • The design goes perfectly with a farmhouse style kitchen
  • The high-quality material used within makes it a comfortable choice on any kind of flooring


  • The actual color of the product is a bit lighter than that shown in the images

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5) KMAT Kitchen Mat

KMAT Kitchen Mat

With a beautifully designed texture and a neutral gray color, the KMAT is one of the best farmhouse kitchen floor mats on this list. It comes with a thick cushion pad that helps you maintain your posture while working in a standing position. The soft material also helps blood circulation by relaxing the heels.

You’ll see that the top surface of this latex mat is water-resistant due to the high-quality PVC used to make it. This is backed by a rough non-skid bottom which combines elegance with safety. If the mat gets dirty, you can simply use a damp cloth or a vacuum to clean it up.

KMAT provides two different-sized mats in this package. If you have a big kitchen, you can place both of them together, or else you could place one of them in the bedroom or the corridor. The versatile nature of this mat helps it settle on different surfaces such as marble and ceramic.

Its anti-break nature is also a distinguishing feature. The strong latex foam inside the mat prevents any crockery from breaking after a light fall. So if your kitchen counter is at a reasonable height, the mat will act as a protector in case of an accidental fall.


  • KMAT provides two mats for the price of one making it an extremely affordable option
  • The mat will not only protect the flooring but also your crockery from breaking of a fall
  • The high-quality PVC surface makes this product stronger and more durable
  • The neutral colors make it a perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen


  • May be used carefully on wet surfaces

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6) HAVARGO Kitchen Rugs and Mats

HAVARGO Kitchen Rugs and Mats

You’ll notice that each option we’ve listed has a specific quality which makes it stand out amongst others. For HAVARGO that quality is its water-resistant nature. So if you’re looking for a rug to be placed underneath the sink, this is your perfect suit.

The elite quality PVC foam used on the upper surface makes this mat very easy to clean up. A spill can be wiped off using a sponge and excessive dirt can be removed using a vacuum cleaner. The underside honeycomb design gives the bottom a rough texture. This helps prevent you from slipping when the floor is wet.

The modern design on the upper surface and a sober coffee color make it one of the best farmhouse kitchen floor mats. Apart from its texture, the thick cushion pad embedded within makes it a perfectly comfortable kitchen partner.

If you have any queries relating to this option you can contact the customer team at Amazon who are apt to respond.


  • HAVARGO is offering two pieces of rugs in this option which makes it quite reasonable
  • The water-resistant nature of the mat makes it a perfect fit for a busy kitchen
  • The color pattern and the texture helps it blend in with a warm farmhouse kitchen
  • The product is durable and comes with premium customer support


  • While the mat is generally very easy to clean up, please be careful about intensified drying as it may affect the elegant texture printed on the surface.

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7) KMODE Kitchen Rugs and Mats Set

KMODE Kitchen Rugs and Mats Set

Natural materials are the basic elements of a farmhouse style kitchen and a mat that matches those elements is best suited for your kitchen. The exquisite pattern on the surface gives the rug a trendy and fresh look and uplifts the already natural theme of the farmhouse kitchen

With a micro-fiber surface, thermoplastic rubber, and a non-skid back, this rug is the most eco-friendly product on this list. The fiber surface makes it very easy to clean. You can shake it, hand wash it, or even clean it with a suction pump.

The non-slip rubber bottom combined with the beveled edges helps stabilize the mat on hard surfaces. Hence, you’ll see that even when swiftly walked upon, or kept on a wet surface the mat won’t easily slip. In fact, it’s rough bottom makes it suitable on all kinds of surfaces. (wood, marble, ceramic, etc.)

The exquisite nature of the rug’s design makes it versatile and you can even add it to enhance a farmhouse style lounge or guest room.


  • This rug also comes in a package of 2 pieces and that makes it a good value for your money
  • The environmentally printed design makes it the perfect farmhouse kitchen floor mat
  • The strong rubber surface combined with the beveled edges make the rug a stable and safe option for your kitchen


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8) Idee-Home Light Gray Cotton Rug

 Idee-Home Light Gray Cotton Rug

An all in one package, this rug is a great option for anyone looking to cover a large area of flooring. Its beautiful gray color will add a warm and calm look to your farmhouse style kitchen. The beauty of this mat is further intensified by the 3 to 4 inch long tassels that have been precisely designed on both the edges.

The soft cotton and polyester used in this rug give you a comfortable experience while walking upon it and also makes it withstand everyday usage. It not only protects the flooring from any stains or scratches but is also water-resistant and hence can bear several machine washes.

The stand out quality of this rug is its handwoven texture which makes it extremely comfortable and durable at the same time. The design helps it fit into multiple rooms such as your lounge, bedroom, or even corridors. The neutral color also means that it would go with almost any kind of flooring.


  • This is one of the best long and wide runners you’ll get for this price
  • The neutral colors make it an ideal farmhouse style kitchen floor mat
  • This rug is handwoven and that’s why is very comfortable and also durable
  • Its water-resistant nature helps it last longer in busy kitchens


  • It is not an anti fatigue mat and hence would not be suitable to provide ample relief while working in the kitchen for long hours

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Things to Consider When Choosing Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Mats

Like any other product, premium mats have certain qualities that distinguish them from the low-quality ones. Now that you’ve read about different products available in the market It’s important for you to know the exact list of criteria that would help you select a suitable match for your kitchen. The following factors should be kept in mind before making a final decision.

Color and design

Let’s start with the visuals of the mat. Whenever you’re buying a product for a themed room, you have to be very careful about the color. An otherwise beautiful mat might not go with the farmhouse theme you’ve set for your kitchen. Hence, make sure to opt for lighter colors that give the room a warm touch and blend in with the overall spirit. Neutral colors make the ideal farmhouse kitchen floor mats.

Design is equally important. If your kitchen has a light tone and is not filled with excessive materials and elements, you would rather prefer a plain rug like the KMAT. Whereas, a hefty design like the first two products on the list would match a kitchen with countertops, furniture, and other showcase equipment.

Durability and safety

Aesthetics are important as long as they’re backed by premium quality. You would never want to buy a mat that withers out within months. Therefore, choose a product that uses top quality raw materials on its surface and bottom hence lasting for a longer time. You’ll see that our entire list of products possess this quality and do not compromise on durability.

Similarly, your rug can become a nuisance and even dangerous if it’s too slippery. Hence, kitchen rugs should either have beveled edges or a rough non-skid bottom to make sure you do not trip over while working. We’ve made sure to only list those products that are either water-resistant or come with a rough back texture hence making your kitchen experience a safe one.


Kitchen chores can be overly stressful at times and you need a rug that helps relieve you of all that physical fatigue. Eventually, design and durability are only important when combined with the right comfort level. Firstly, make sure the mat is big enough to stand on. A rug that is too small can confine your space while cooking and hence cause fatigue.

We would suggest you look at anti-fatigue options for your kitchen. Our list comprises five such products and while the others are also soft and comfortable, you should go for the anti-fatigue option if you spend long hours in the kitchen.


We know how important your home budget is for you. Therefore, our entire list covers reasonable products that provide the ultimate quality at affordable prices. Moreover, most of these products come in packages of 2 which makes it an even better deal.

A good rug’s quality is backed by its price and therefore an ideal farmhouse kitchen floor mat is one that is beautifully designed, goes with your kitchen theme, is durable and comfortable, and is also fairly priced.

Why Recommend These Products?

After going through the entire list you might be wondering why are we suggesting these very products? What makes them stand out from all other options available in the market? The answer is pretty simple.

Firstly, you’ll find this list fitting all the criteria we have mentioned for the best farmhouse kitchen floor mats. The colors are beautiful and the designs are elegant. The first two products have a hefty appearance and are good for a farmhouse kitchen with more natural equipment while the others are better for a plain and warm room.

All these products are also made of premium quality raw materials and remain usable for a long period of time. Their texture helps balance them on wet floors and is safe additions to your kitchen. Most of these options are anti-fatigue while others have a soft surface hence making them comfortable as well. They are also reasonably priced.

Moreover, all these rugs belong to reliable brands which further assures their supreme quality and reliability. We’ve also made sure to select all the options from Amazon. Their customer service is globally reputed and as you already know they provide a warranty on most of these products.

Precisely, while all these rugs are distinctive in their features, their quality and reliability remain unquestionable, and hence their purchase results in the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are farmhouse style kitchen mats?

Farmhouse style is a term used in modern architecture to define a specific theme. It strikes a balance between modern and traditional aesthetics. While there is no specific standard design for this theme, all farmhouse style kitchens possess some similar qualities. They are typically light, airy, and bright. Therefore, they usually use more neutral colors on the flooring and cabinet to go with the warm look of the room. These rooms are also decorated with natural elements and other antique elements to give a fresher view. Any floor rug that is designed to match this theme or goes well with this look is called a farmhouse style mat.

2. Are kitchen mats comfortable?

Kitchen mats comprise an entire line of products. Some of them are of premium quality while others are not up to the mark. Hence, the answer to this question depends upon the exact mat you are buying. If it comes with a good quality surface, a rough texture at the bottom, and well-designed edges, the mat will prove to be extremely comfortable whereas, if the seller is not reliable or the product lacks these basic features, it will turn out to be a disastrous addition to your kitchen. Read the full article to learn about some high-quality kitchen mats.

3. What color mats should I buy for my farmhouse style kitchen?

There is no specific color recommendation for a farmhouse style kitchen mat. However, a range of neutral colors usually goes well with this theme. Light gray, white, and black and beige colors make the theme look even more elegant. More importantly the design and print are also as important as the color. A hefty design will look good in a crowded kitchen whereas a plain design would charm a more open room.

4. Why do I need a kitchen mat?

Mats can be used for multiple purposes in your kitchen. A bare floor can completely ruin the otherwise elegant design of your kitchen. A simple floor mat adds a particular charm to the room. It also protects the floor from stains and scratches. Most importantly it provides you with the most comfortable experience when working for hours in the kitchen. Other benefits include defining boundaries and preventing tripping incidents. That’s why a kitchen is always incomplete without a floor mat.

By now you know about the importance of kitchen mats, some of the best farmhouse kitchen floor mats, and how to decide on which option is the best. So don’t delay anymore, press on your favorite option, and order away! You won’t regret it.

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