Best Mat for Kitchen Sink – Reviews 2021

There is no nuance worse than that of scratching the surface of your kitchen sink while doing the dishes. A scratched sink surface is not only unappealing but is a germ hoarder too. Once scratched, there is no remedy or trick that can help restore your sink except buying a mat for kitchen sink.

So what is the solution?

The first solution that may pop into your mind would be to invest in a good stainless steel kitchen sink. That might be useful but is still not a 100% effective measure. Stainless steel is still prone to scratches; you will need some form of non-slip kitchen mat in your sink area.

The main cause of scratches is the friction caused by the utensils and surface of the sink. The simple solution is to add a protective layer among the two so as to avoid friction and dents.

Initially keeping a piece of cloth was enough to prevent the sink from damage. Now, with increased needs for quick solutions, the market is filled with numerous mats for the kitchen sink. While you may have come across various brands on HomeDepot and Walmart, we have chosen the best silicon kitchen mats for you.

mat for kitchen sink

Why Do We Need A Mat for Kitchen Sink

A sink is one of the busiest equipment in the kitchen. It is very difficult not to scratch a stainless steel sink while managing the load of dishwashing.

Did you know leaving your used dishes on the surface of the kitchen sink is one of the major reasons for these dents?

Well, that problem has also been solved for you now. A simple sink mat that fits into the bottom of your sink will protect its surface from any scratches and dents.

This isn’t the mat’s only purpose as it also helps prevent your dishes from slipping onto the sink surface and hence breaking or getting majorly damaged. So your sink and cutlery will both be protected by it.

Who isn’t irritated by the constant clattering sound of the dishes placed in the sink?

Yes! These mats provide a surface between the sink and the cutlery, hence reducing the overall noise in your kitchen.

Moreover, the gap between the surface and the dishes also provides a passage for the water and food particles to run freely along with the sink rather than accumulating on other dishes.

As important as these products are, it’s very important to be aware of the quality being provided. Premium quality mats can act as in-sink drainers for the washed dishes and reduce your workload in the kitchen.

Furthermore, most of these mats are also dishwasher safe. This not only aids the washing process but also helps clean up the sink in a snap.

Therefore, be it comfort, sink area protection, or eliminating nuisance from the kitchen, these mats provide an all in one package.

Best Mats For Your Kitchen Sink

Buying a product is one thing and finding which particular options are the best ones in the market is another.

So let’s have a look at some of the best protective mats available for your sink. We’ve also drawn a comparison table to help you evaluate the basic features of all the listed options and choose accordingly.

Name of MatDimension(s)
Color(s) /ThemesMaterialThickness
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Rubbermaid Evolution Sink Mat
12.8 X 15.9
10.7 X 12.7
White Antimicrobial
Check Latest Price
Pebble Sink Mat
15.8 X 11.8Black
Flexible PVC0.1 Check Latest Price
mDesign Large Kitchen Sink Protector Mat Pad Set
12.5 X 16 (mat)
8.25 X 2.1 (saddle)
Light Pink
Heat safe silicone0.5 Check Latest Price
Cusinine Silicone Sink Mat
12.6 X 11.2GrayBPA free silicone0.4 Check Latest Price
mDesign Decorative Kitchen Sink Dish Drying Mat
12.25 X 15.75
16 X 12.5
Pliable- water safe PVC plastic0.25Check Latest Price
OXO 13138100 Good Grips PVC Free Silicone Sink Mat
12.75 X 11.25
16.25 X 11.75
WhitePVC free soft silicone0.25Check Latest Price
iDesign Syncware BPA-Free Flexible PVC Plastic Large Sink Protector Mat
10.75 X 12.25
12.00 X 15.75
Black ClearBPA free PVC plastic0.1 Check Latest Price
Yolife Kitchen Sink Mats
12.00 X 15.8Black and Gray pebble designPVC Plastic0.1 Check Latest Price

1) Rubbermaid Evolution Sink Mat (Editor’s Choice)

mat for kitchen sink

If you’re looking for a small-sized rubber mat which is priced under 13 dollars, then we’ve got just the perfect option for you.

A part of Rubbermaid’s new and exclusive line of sink ware, this mat comes with a microban antimicrobial protection which avoids damping on the surface and makes it one of the more durable options in the market.

The design and material have both been finalized while keeping long term functionality in mind. The flexible rubber used helps the mat fit in perfectly and protects fragile crockery from coming in contact with the sink.

A mat is most useful when it isn’t directly coming in contact with the surface of the sink. Therefore the Rubbermaid evolution comes with raised feet which not only helps the flow of water through the dishes but also helps them dry quickly.

The antimicrobial protections also helps avoid long lasting stains and makes the mat easy to clean.


  • Rubbermaid is a reliable brand and provides premium quality at an affordable price
  • The antimicrobial protection helps avoid stains and a bad odor and makes this mat your long term kitchen companion.
  • Made from premium quality rubber, it helps dry your dishes hence saving effort and time
  • The raised feet also help keep the sink clean


  • May be a touch smaller for larger sinks

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2) Pebble Sink Mat

Pebble Sink Mat

A beautiful combination of modern design and ultimate protection, the pebble sink mat also makes it to this list.

Made of premium quality PVC, this mat comes in a unique pebble design. It settles on the sink surface and protects it from all scratches and dents.

The adjustability of this mat is its primary selling point. Although it comes in one size, the material can be easily cut to adjust to your requirement.

Moreover, it’s stone gray color also gives an aesthetic look on both stainless steel and porcelain sinks.

To further enhance your experience, the company uses an odorless material during manufacturing. This gives the sink a fresh lemon smell and avoids any bad odor in your dishes.

The materials used are also environment friendly and free from phthalate and latex.

Removing stains can be a nuisance for any person. Therefore this gray stone surface is easy to clean. All you need to do is place it in soap water and use a sponge to wipe off the stains and the mat will be as good as new.

The padded foam which helps protect glassware from any damage also makes this an ideal drain pad.


  • An elegant pebble stole design gives the product an aesthetic look
  • Its size is adjustable and that makes it suitable for various sink sizes
  • The premium quality material makes it odorless and durable
  • It is a versatile product and can be used for other purposes as well
  • Amazon provides a 60-day money-back and 18 months worry-free guarantee on this option


  • Due to its premium quality It is high in demand and runs out of stock pretty quickly

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3) mDesign Large Kitchen Sink Protector Mat

mDesign Large Kitchen Sink Protector Mat

Mdesign brings to you a middle-sized silicone mat which not only promises ultimate quality but also provides a range of colors to choose from.

It helps to protect your sink surface from scratches and the foam also protects various glassware and mugs from getting damaged while being washed.

Once again mDesign stands out due to its unique product pattern.

The gaps incorporated in the design help water pass through which leads to the dishes drying up quickly and relieving you of any extra nuisance in the kitchen.

The silicone material used in the mat is also heat resistant and thus the mat can be used to protect surfaces from hot items.

These items will have no effect on the durability or design of the product. It is also very easy to wash any stains off it. Wiping off dirt using a damp cloth and regular rinsing is enough to keep it clean.

It comes with a sink saddle which protects the divider.


  • The superior drainage design of this mat not only helps dry the dishware but also keeps the sink clean
  • Heat resistant silicone material makes it a versatile and multi-purpose product
  • The addition of a sink saddle helps protect the entire sink and not just the surface


  • Sink saddle can be used if your sink has a sink divider

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4) Cusinine Silicone Sink Mat, Kitchen Sink Dish Drying Mat, Adjustable Sink Protector

cusinine Silicone Sink Mat, Kitchen Sink Dish Drying Mat, Adjustable Sink Protector

This is another one of those premium silicone mats that protect your dishware from coming in contact with the sink surface.

We’ve selected this option as Cusinine promises the use of premium quality silicone without any mixture of plastic or PVC. This makes the product functioning and durable.

This mat provides an extra layer to further protect any fragile dishes. The holes compensated in its elevated design help water easily pass through and into the offset drain hole.

The extra layer helps it act as a great draining board as well. You can even add a matching saddle onto your cart if you have a sink divider

An elite design helps it be resistant to temperatures up to 500 degree Fahrenheit and hence you can place utensils directly from the stove or oven without waiting for them to cool down first.

The ventilation not only allows the dishware to dry quickly but also makes the mat easier to clean itself. A dishwasher is enough to give it a fresh look.

The elite product quality is further backed by a 30-day refund policy which frees one of any worries during the purchase. If you have any concerns, simply contact the site and you’ll either be provided a solution or a refund.


  • The design and ventilation aids the drying procedure of your dishware
  • The product is made of pure silicone without any mixtures
  • Provides an option of adding or removing a saddle according to your requirements
  • Backed by premium customer service


  • The mat can be used as a protective layer and a draining pad. Do not use it to cut fruits and vegetables as the layers might get stuck in the holes causing inconvenience.

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5) mDesign Decorative Kitchen Sink Dish Drying Mat

mat for kitchen sink

Another unique product introduced by mDesign, this mat is made out of PVC plastic and comes in four different colors.

The soft surface provides a safe layer for protecting glassware and other dishes. It also makes sure that these dishes do not come in contact with your sink to avoid scratches and denting.

Major focus has been laid upon the grip of this product. A strong grip helps keep it in place and does not allow the dishware to skid while washing and drying.

The large size combined with unique colors and neutral designs makes this an ideal addition to your farmhouse style kitchen.

The circle diamond design allows water to easily flow through the mat and into the offset drain hole avoiding any blockages.

The ventilation makes it an ideal draining pad as well. As far as the cleaning process goes you should avoid placing it in a dishwasher. Instead, simply rinse it after every use and you’re good to go.


  • It is one of the rare sink mats designed to match the farmhouse theme
  • The drainage allows dishware to dry up making it a versatile mat
  • It’s very easy to maintain this mat as all you need to do is rinse it after every use


  • May not go well with very small sinks

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6) OXO 13138200 Good Grips PVC Free Silicone Sink Mat

oxo sink mat

A beautiful and functional design makes the OXO an ideal protective mat for your sink.

It has been made using soft and pure silicone. This material provides a cushion for your dishware that keeps your glassware safe from breaking and your sink from being scratched by metal items.

The pattern is not only aesthetic but also helps sustain the drainage system. The gaps help water and other food particles pass through and into the drainer. This keeps the sink clean and your dishes dry after the washing process.

The design is further supported by a free elevate mat that keeps your original protector off the surface.

Silicone in its premium form is also heat resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry about cooling down your pots before placing them in the sink. The cleaning process is also extremely simple as this product is dishwasher safe.

The best part about OXO is its size adjustability. The mat comes in two different sizes to cater main and corner sinks.

Moreover, if you have a large 33 X 24 sink or a double sink then two of these would perfectly fit your requirements.


  • The soft material provides an ideal pad for your dishes
  • The mat is suitable for corner sinks, double sinks and small ones as well due to its perfect dimensions
  • It is dishwasher safe making it very easy to maintain
  • It comes with a free elevate mat to aid the drainage process


  • Oxo is not offering multiple color options on this product

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7) iDesign Syncware BPA-Free Flexible PVC Plastic Large Sink Protector Mat Pad

iDesign Syncware

A part of idesign’s new range of products, this mat has been made from the most durable BPA free PVC plastic.

The quality of raw materials used gives the mat a strong grip on steel, ceramic, and metal surfaces and prevents it from skidding while washing the dishes.

The design also assures long term durability without any molds or odor.

The thickness of this product also provides padded support to your dishes. This helps protect the kitchen equipment and minimizes the clattering sound as well. The small-sized mat can even be placed in laundry and corner sinks.

You will also see small holes incorporated in the product pattern. These holes make sure that the water does not stay on the surface leading to a cleaner sink and dishware. The mat itself is also generally easy to clean as it’s dishwasher safe.

If you want to protect the surface of a double sink or a large 24 X 33 one, then you can buy two of these mats. This will provide a matching look while fulfilling all the basic drainage needs of your kitchen.


  • Premium quality plastic helps keep the mat in place
  • It comes in two different sizes and can also be used to cover larger sink areas.
  • The protector is versatile and adjusts to all kinds of surfaces


  • While the pattern helps water pass through effectively, large food particles can sometimes get stuck

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8) Yolife Kitchen Sink Mats

Yolife Kitchen Sink Mats

Yolife has come up with an ideal sink mat after repeated testing.

Its quality and elegance make it stand out from other related products. The unique pebble-shaped design makes your sink stylish, supports the kitchen theme, and also protects the surface at the same time.

The gaps left in between help the water pass and a gap can also be created for opening the offset drain hole.

The grip is also perfect and supported by the points at the bottom. Although the size options are very limited, the soft texture allows accurate and simple cutting hence adjusting the mat size to your exact requirement.

The dark color also makes it more resistant to stains. If in case it is stained then a rinsing, soaking in soap water, and scrubbing with a sponge are all ways to clean the mess.

The premium design also makes the Yolife product a good draining board that can be placed on the sink side or in front of the cabinet. It is truly a piece of craft.

You don’t have to worry about post-purchase regrets as a 60-day money-back and 18-months worry-free guarantee is provided on this option.


  • The mat is durable and suitable for long term use
  • The elegant design and colors add an aesthetic appeal to it
  • Its qualities make it a versatile product
  • Premium customer support backs the quality of the mat


  • Make sure to rinse the mat immediately after dropping spaghetti sauce as it can leave a stain otherwise

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How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Sink Mat?

Whenever you decide upon buying a certain product, there are certain factors that have to be kept in mind. These pointers help evaluate the options available and compare them to choose the best option available.

Therefore, after listing down some of the best sink mats for you we’re moving on to the factors you should consider before making a final decision.

Sink Size

This is probably one of the most important bases of selecting an ideal mat. Most of the options we have mentioned here come in multiple sizes, while others can be cut according to your requirements.

However, you should know the sink measurements before making any purchase. A small protective mat would be useless in a large sink and an extra-long one would not fit in a small corner sink.

Similarly, if you’re going for the option of buying a saddle alongside the mat then measure the exact height of your sink divider. These measurements will help you shortlist the options available and eventually opt for the most suitable product on the list.

Pattern and Color

There are multiple reasons to lay emphasis on this factor. Firstly, your kitchen is a central part of your house. Therefore, you design it on a particular theme and the stove, cabinet liners, floor tiles, and even the sink matches that theme. Therefore, you do not want to purchase a mat that disrupts that theme and spoils the entire aesthetic look of your beautiful kitchen.

Secondly, the pattern also plays a huge role in aiding or blocking the drainage. As you can see on the list, all the options come with designed spaces, gaps or holes that help the water pass through.

This not only keeps the sink clean but also avoids the offset drain hole from blocking. It also helps the dishes dry up quickly and makes the mat an ideal draining board as well.

Material(s) used

The quality of raw materials determines the quality of a final product.

Sink mats can be made from PVC plastic, silicone, and even rubber. However, not all materials guarantee equal results.

Silicone mats are heat safe and this makes them stand out amongst other options. So if you’re fond of baking or tea parties then a silicone mat suits your needs.

Similarly, rubber mats are very flexible and have a strong grip. Meanwhile, PVC plastic gives a soft texture to the mat and makes it easy to wash and maintain.

We have listed all these options so you can decide on which feature attracts you the most. Generally, silicone mats are the most durable ones.

Brand name

It’s true that every product has individual qualities but certain brands are more reliable than others. mDesign, Rubbermaid, and iDesign are premium quality brands that not only guarantee premium quality products but also provide elite customer service.

Trust is very important in a buyer-seller relationship. Therefore, we’ve only listed down products from reliable brands. Their quality, performance, and durability speak for themselves. Although, the prices for these brands might be slightly higher than the others their results back the money you spend upon them.

Why Buy From This List?

Now that you know the basic qualities of kitchen sink mats, you might be wondering why we’ve suggested these very products.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that this list comprises distinctive options so that you’re not bound by certain categories. We’ve incorporated various materials, sizes, and colors to give you a large pool to select from.

However, all these options share certain common qualities. Durability is the key to any good quality mat. Therefore, all these mats have been carefully designed as to provide a long term service.

Secondly, we believe that a versatile product always attracts attention. Its multi-purpose nature gives you a good run for your money. Therefore most of these mats can also be used as drainboards.

This entire list also fits the criteria that we’ve previously set for a good sink mat. The various dimensions incorporate different sink sizes, while a variety of colors accommodate for different kitchen themes.

Moreover, all the patterns aid the draining process and the premium quality raw materials make the mats functional and easy to maintain. Lastly, we’ve only listed down products coming from reliable brands.

Customer service differentiates an excellent product from a good one. Amazon is the most reliable platform when it comes to shipping in the US, UK, Australia and all around the globe.

Their vast supply chain also makes it more reasonable and easy to purchase from them rather than ordering individually from Rubbermaid, bed bath and beyond, oxo, lowes, Weathertech, Kohler, Interdesign, Blanco, Ikea, Hafele, Wayfair, and other such brands.


1) What is the best sink protector?

There is no specific answer to this question. Different options cater to various requirements and needs. However, all premium quality products do possess certain common features. For instance, long term durability, function ability, easy maintenance, and patterns that aid the drainage system are all qualities of good sink mats.

We have kept all these factors in perspective and has shortlisted 8 of the best products available on Amazon. For more details go through the list and select the option that best suits your requirements.

2) What is the point of buying a sink mat?

A sink mat serves various purposes. Firstly, it protects the surface of a kitchen sink. Adequate research and experience have shown that placing copper and aluminum dishes in the sink leads to dents and scratches.

A mat provides a protective layer so that the surface remains cleaner and safer. Moreover, it provides a cushion to make sure that fragile dishes such as glassware do not slip and get damaged. Good quality mats also act as drainboards and help you dry the dishware in a quicker and easier way.
For further details on its uses read the full article!

3) How do you clean a silicone sink mat?

This question would also be more accurate if it was product specific. Not all silicone mats are the same and hence their cleaning process might differ from one another. However, the silicone mats mentioned on this list can be cleaned up quite simply. All you need is warm water and a sponge. After scrubbing off the satin with warm water you can rinse the mat and it will be as good as new.
Some of these mats can also be cleaned in soapy water. However, as a thumb rule, always consult the cleaning guide before making any decision.

4) How do you protect the bottom of a stainless steel sink?

A simple sink mat is enough to protect your stainless steel sink. The extra layer placed between the surface and dishware will not only reduce the clattering sound in your kitchen but also make sure that the two do not come in contact.

This means only water will pass through the mats and the sink surface won’t come in contact with solid items such as glass. This will drastically reduce the scratches and dents on your steel sink surface.

We’ve mentioned all that you need to know about kitchen sink mats now. Go through the list again, evaluate your options and decide which mat would be an ideal part of your kitchen. You won’t regret the choice!

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