Best Mat for Kitchen Counter – Reviews 2021

Countertops are an exotic part of your kitchen design and play a major part in determining the theme of the entire room. That’s why it becomes very important to protect the look and quality of this surface. Did you know a simple mat for kitchen counter can do this job for you?

These surfaces are usually supported by cabinets underneath and can be harmed by cutting boards and food spills. Therefore, what you need is a mat that provides an additional protective layer and endures the spillages and rough cuts.

mat for kitchen counter

Before we list down some of the best options in the market for you, let’s just look into why these mats for the kitchen counter are an essential part of your collective set of products and appliances.

What Makes These Mats So Important?

This is the first question you ask before buying any product. Do I actually need it? The answer, in this case, is affirmative and there are multiple reasons for that.

Firstly, these mats are ideal to place your washed dishes on to dry up. The quality materials and precise design help, provide an ideal layer to not only protect the dishware but also soak the water in a shorter period of time, thus saving excessive effort.

Some countertops like granite are heat resistant. However, other materials are not as durable and can be adversely affected by extra hot pans and pots. Similarly, extra cold appliances can also disturb integrity and in some cases the look of the surface.

In such cases, you need a heat resistant layer that protects the counter and acts as a surface for the pans to cool down.

Don’t you just hate the marks on these tops left behind by chopping boards? Well, these mats will rid you of this nuisance as well. Make sure to place the board on these top-quality layers and they will not only help the board avoid skidding but also endure those harsh chops and cuts.

Finally, we’re all fond of maintaining the look of our exhilarating kitchen themes. Just like a bare floor will spoil or at least reduce the effect of that appearance, an uncovered countertop is also incomplete.

Therefore, we bring to you some of the most beautifully designed top-quality counter mats that will not only protect the surface underneath from physical wear and tear but also spark up the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Best Mats For Kitchen Counter- Our Top Picks

Let’s save you from the excessive effort of searching through the several options available in the market. While there are many well-reputed platforms such as Homedepot and Costco that work on these products, we have selected our top picks from Amazon.

The following table enlists our reviews to compare the best options on the basis of certain features.

Name of matDimension(s)Colors and ThemesMaterialThicknessBuy Now
Gasare Extra Large, Thicker, Silicone Mats25” X 12”Black, White, Blue, Brown, Clear, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, TaupeSilicone14 mmCheck Latest Price
mDesign Reversible Microfiber Dish Drying Mat18” X 16”
24” X 18”
Utensil Print- Wheat/IvoryMicrofiber0.5 inchesCheck Latest Price
S&T INC. Dish Drying Mat16” X 18”Solid Black and Print Black Trellis, Solid Dark Gray and Print Dark Gray TrellisMicrofiber0.5 inchesCheck Latest Price
Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Rubber Trivet Mat  
(Editors Choice)
9” X 12”Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, YellowSilicone rubber0.5 inchesCheck Latest Price
Dish Drying Rack and Mats – JODNO18.23” X 19”GrayMicrofiber0.4 inchesCheck Latest Price

1) Gasare Extra Large, Thicker, Silicone Mats

large silicon mat

If your home kitchen is filled with hot equipment and you need a heat resistant surface to place them on, then this Gasare mat should be your top pick. The premium silicone used to design this mat makes it an ideal surface for an air-fryer, microwave oven, and even a coffee maker.

The surface can endure temperatures ranging from -40 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from heat protection a strong silicone layer also avoids spills from coming in contact with the countertops and thus maintains a clean look.

Similarly, it acts as a protective layer when using a chopping board. The mat can be placed under the board to avoid any scratches on the counter surface.

Non-slip material on the bottom layer helps the mat stick to all kinds of counters and hence it won’t skid while you place the dishware on it, or carry out tasks like cutting over it.

Don’t stress too much about the cleaning process as this is a washable mat and all you need is soap and water to maintain a fresh look. Its beautiful colors and designs also make the Gasare mat a perfect protective layer for carrying out craft-related tasks.


  • A strong heat resistant surface protects your counter from wearing out
  • The mat is made of durable silicone and is ideal for home use
  • This package contains 2 similar sized mats and hence can cover a larger area in the kitchen
  • It comes in various colors and all of them are exhilarating


  • Just comes in one size which might limit your options

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2) mDesign Reversible Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

mDesign Reversible Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

mDesign has introduced the best dish drying mat and we had to include that in our list. A 3 ply surface makes this product stand out as it provides the softest and safest surface to place your dishware on. The microfiber material not only protects the countertop from scratches but also your glassware from getting damaged.

Wondering what makes this mat so good for drying dishware? Its mesh side reduces condensation and in turn, increases airflow. The microfiber surface on the other hand absorbs water very quickly.

This combination helps create a quick chain of soaking and evaporating the water with the help of ample airflow and helps the dishes dry up in a shorter period of time. You can even place it under a dish rack and it will still catch the drips.

mDesign opens up a wide range of options for you. If mats don’t please you aesthetically, just fold them up and put aside after the dishes have dried up. You can easily clean it up in a machine washer with some warm water. However, make sure you wash it separately.


  • A 3 ply mat makes a perfect system to dry up the dishware
  • It’s reversible for premium and efficient usage
  • mDesign offers two different sizes and hence you can choose according to the size of your kitchen counter
  • An elegant utensil design adds to the warm accent of the room


  • The mat only comes in one standard design hence limiting your options in this regard

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3) S&T INC. Dish Drying Mat

S&T INC. Dish Drying Mat

Are you looking to replace those traditional dish towels? We’ve found just the right mat for you. Place it underneath the dish rack, kitchen appliances, or directly the delicate dishware and it will fit right in. In any case, you’ll see how the product protects your countertop from scratches and scuffs.

A combination of premium microfiber and thick cushion foam not only lays a safe surface for your glassware but also helps absorb the water quickly, thus drying up the dishes while saving both time and effort. In fact, it holds water up to four times its weight.

Another mind-blowing feature is the mat’s reversibility. The designers have incorporated high-quality microfiber on both sides and hence you can reverse the sides to maintain optimal performance and give two different looks to your kitchen counter.

The best part about this mat is its easy maintenance. All you have to do is put it in the machine washer with some cold water and the result will be a product as good as new. Make sure to dry it up in a low-heat setting though.


  • Both designs of this mat are exhilarating and can spark up any kitchen at all
  • Premium use of quality materials makes this one of the best mats for drying dishes
  • It has multiple uses and hence can be placed in various spots in your kitchen
  • The cleaning process is very easy and convenient
  • It has been designed by a well-reputed brand


  • Lack of choice in dimensions can be a hindrance for someone with an extra large/small kitchen

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4) Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Rubber Trivet Mat (Editors Choice)

mat for kitchen counter

Multi-purpose products are simply the best. This silicone rubber mat has been uniquely designed to be used as a trivet, hot pad, and a dish dryer. So if you want one product that can be used to protect your counter slab from all kinds of nuisances, we’ve just got your pick.

Don’t worry about the strong smell that silicone rubber usually has as the Smithcraft mat is stain and odor resistant. The material can further bear temperatures ranging from -20 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, if you want to grab a hot kettle, you’ve got the perfect protection for it.

The soft surface of this mat combines with a non-slip texture to make for a dishwasher safe layer. Premium quality silicone also makes it water-resistant and you can safely leave all the dishware and glassware upon it to dry off.

The cleaning process is totally up to you. Hand wash the mat if you want or just toss it in the machine washer with some water and detergent. Overall, it’s a purposeful and hassle free product.


  • A multi-purposed and versatile mat, can be used for various purposes in the kitchen
  • Premium quality silicone is durable and effectively protects the integration of your countertop
  • A variety of colors makes Smithcraft an aesthetic option
  • It comes with a replacement warranty and thus you can go back on your decision if not satisfied


  • High in demand and sells out quickly

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5) Dish Drying Rack and Mats – JODNO

Dish Drying Rack and Mats - JODNO

The final listing has to be something special. We’ve selected a product that not only is an ideal mat for kitchen counter but also eliminates the need of buying a dish rack. This means you can safely place all your cutlery on these two sets of mats while doing the dishes.

The upper surface has been designed using microfiber which quickly absorbs water. Meanwhile, the mesh part at the bottom is made of honeycomb polyester and allows ample air to flow through. This engineered design helps the dishware dry up quickly without putting in any effort.

Don’t worry about the complexity of this design. The dish rack on the right side of the mat has been strongly fixed using an elastic band and hence will remain stable when placing cutlery on it. Amazingly, you can also separate the rack and place the mat under different appliances to prevent scratches on the slab.

There’s zero hassle when it comes to cleaning. Place the separated rack in the dishwasher and the soft mat in a machine washer. Your dish drying rack will look as good as new after one wash.


  • A package of two in one saves money to be spent on a separate dish rack
  • Top-notch material makes this mat highly durable
  • The large size caters to all your washed dishware
  • It comes with a 60-day return or exchange policy


  • The mat comes in one standard color, hence limiting your aesthetic options

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How to Buy the Best Mat for Kitchen Counter

You’ve read our reviews now. However, what are the general factors you should be looking out for in a good mat for kitchen counter? After browsing through several different products available in the market, we’ve shortlisted four major criteria that any good mat would fit on.

Good drying mat

A lot of people buy counter mats to protect their slabs from spills and the dripping water from washed dishware. Hence, a mat whether placed under a dish rack or directly underneath the cutlery should act as a good drain pad.

You’ll come across different options of silicone and microfiber mats that are good at absorbing water. The back part is equally important as it helps stabilize the grip and keeps the surface steady. It also determines the level of airflow and hence the speed of the drying process.

Similarly, reversible mats should be preferred for optimal performance. Both their sides are good at absorbing water and hence they last longer and do a better job at helping the dishware dry quickly.

Durable and easy to maintain

No one will prefer buying a product that perishes quickly. Therefore, the material of a mat plays a huge part in determining its quality. The exact material like microfiber or rubber silicone is up to your preference, but make sure it is of top-notch quality.

This will determine how effectively it drains the dripping water, or endures the sharpness of cutting and chopping boards and survives the nasty spills from various cooking items. A good quality mat will also last for a longer period of time without losing its texture or color.

Maintenance can be a hassle-full task for some mats. Therefore, select an option that can be easily washed at hand or simply tossed in a washer and dried off.

Colors and designs

As we mentioned before, countertops and slabs play a key role in determining the theme of your kitchen. Hence, a layer that covers such a central surface should have an attractive and appealing design.

Usually, you won’t see a lot of fancy colors in mats for kitchen counter. However, some simplistic yet appalling designs will spark up the look of your slab. It’s important to match the design with the overall theme of the kitchen so that it fits right into place.

If you don’t aesthetically prefer the look of counter mats then go for the foldable options. You can lay them whenever carrying out tasks like dishwashing or cutting and later place them in a cupboard or a drawer.

Price and offers

A product is only as good as it backs the price tag attached to it. You’ll find some appealing designs and excellent draining surfaces but their price levels would be too high. Hence, it’s important to create a balance.

Do not buy products that are too cheap or too expensive. Instead, select the right platforms to avail the best deals (like 2 mats for the price of one) and enjoy using quality products at a very reasonable rate.

Similarly, prefer buying versatile mats that can fit in multiple spots in the kitchen. This helps save the cost of buying more than one product.

What Makes Our Picks Stand Out?

Before listing down our top picks, we told you to sit back and relax as we’ve carried out excessive research on your part. Now that you’ve read through the buying guide, you can see that the entire list consists of:

  • Excellent drying mats that save your time and effort
  • Durable products that are made of top quality materials and are very easy to maintain
  • Options that come in various designs and colors to fit right into your kitchen theme
  • Reasonably priced mats that are versatile

Thus, even though the features of all the products might differ to enhance your options, all of them fit the criteria set to identify good mats for the kitchen counter.

Moreover, we’ve selected all these products from Amazon which is the best global e-commerce platform. While you’ll find various other sites that deliver quality products, none of them match the services of Amazon due to its wide network, excellent deals, and elite customer service.

Now we finally come to the hard part, and that is selecting our favorite option in this list. Although all these mats have varying features setting a benchmark of high quality, we think that the Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Rubber Trivet Mat is the best mat for kitchen counter with regards to colors, versatility, and optimal performance.


1) How do you protect a countertop from the heat?

Most slabs and countertops are not heat resistant and hence can be harmed by extra hot/cold pans and pots. Therefore, you can buy a well-insulated mat that not only covers the bare surface of the counter but also protects its overall integrity by acting as a middle layer. These products are also specifically engineered to balance the heat across the utensils so that you do not burn your hand and they can cool down in a shorter period of time.

2) What do I put under my toaster oven to protect the counter?

A top-quality silicone mat is what you need for this purpose. The heat resistant pad will help grab hot utensils and act as a cooling middle layer hence not exposing the counter slab to excessive heat. This protects the color and texture of your counter. A versatile mat can be used under several appliances such as a toaster, oven, coffee machine, and an oven stove. For more details read our full article.

3) Are silicone mats heat resistant?

Yes, these mats are expertly designed to withstand wide-ranging temperatures. A good quality silicone mat can endure temperatures ranging from -15 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if you want to protect your hands and countertops from overly heated pans, buy a simple silicone mat and witness the quick cooling process it aids.

4) Are microfiber mats water-resistant?

Yes, most good quality options will use premium quality fiber that is very good at absorbing water. The bottom surface also plays a key role. If it’s non-slip and allows a good amount of airflow, the water will evaporate quickly and hence the dishware will dry up in a jiffy. For more details read our full article and find the best microfiber mats available on Amazon.

Let’s just conclude by assuring that you’ve read all the important details about mats for kitchen counter, so avail the best packages. Go to Amazon and order your favorite option from the list without wasting any further time.

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