Different Types of Kitchen Floor Mats

The hazards of the kitchen are many, and the solution is an easy and simple one: use different types of kitchen floor mats.

types of kitchen floor mats

There’s no one above the age of three who hasn’t stepped into the kitchen, most of them probably do that before they hit the age of three!

The space is open for people of all ages and is often hazardous for those who are too young and too old. It’s not just the sharp knives that pose as a danger, or the burning hot stoves, it’s the floor itself that acts as a hazard in this case!

The sink in the kitchen is almost always surrounded by splashed water, or some kind of broth or sauce is often found staining the floors. Either way, anyone can easily come in and slip on it and land on the cold, hard floor and injure themselves!

In the case of youngsters, especially toddlers who are often found crawling around on the floor, the kitchen floor can be a hazard to their health where the floor is often covered by various dirt and germs which can easily stick to their hands! 

Let out a huge sigh of relief because this article isn’t meant to scare you, rather it’s just here to ease your mind by letting you in on an easy solution that can solve so many problems in one go! 

Most people are aware that kitchen mats exist, it’s often the variety of kitchen mats that overwhelms the customers! While many might not know, kitchen floor mats come in many forms, quality, and materials! Each has its own specific advantage so there are enough kinds to fulfill everyone’s needs! 

We’ve put together an easy list to compile the types of kitchen floor mats as well as added the benefits they’re known for, so look no further and scroll away! 

Anti-Fatigue Mats 

The most famous one and the one found most often is the Anti- Fatigue Floor Mat. It’s known for the exact quality it’s named after- it reduces fatigue! Too many of us spend long hours slaving away in the kitchen, wishing there was a way we could just fall down and have someone else stand in our place, but with this on our floors, there’s no need to take a break!  

The unique design of anti-fatigue floor mats is designed in a way that it reduces the pressure in our legs, and can be customized to whatever size and color the customer requires! It’s efficient and aesthetic in one go! 

As a huge hazard in kitchens is slipping and falling, a variety of anti-fatigue mats are also reinforced to act as wet area mats, which means they’re water resistant! Some mats are also made to be grease resistant which greatly reduces injuries in the kitchen as well as the discomfort of standing on a wet mat!  

Carpet Styled Mats

These mats speak for themselves! They’re modeled to have the material of carpets, as well as the aesthetics! These are usually preferred for the entrance of the kitchen as the material of the mat enables it to hold a lot of dirt and grime without messing up the floor. An easy swipe of the feet as they cross the mat going in reduces the dirt carried into the kitchen making it a hygienic place to work in!

Carpet styled mats are also great at holding up against water! These mats absorb water and don’t appear wet or sticky afterward making them comfortable to use without cleaning up every few hours. They dry on their own and reduce the risk of slipping and of making a mess in the kitchen! They can also be placed over already existing splashes of water on the floor as their material will absorb it and make the kitchen safe once again! 

Foam Kitchen Mats

Often the urge arises to stroll inside your own home barefoot. While that can be done in almost the entire house, people often feel the need to always wear slippers in the kitchen. Although placing different mats in the kitchen can remove the wet and dirt factor, the hard floor is just not comfortable to stand on barefoot for long hours! But people all over the world are geniuses in their own right, and have come up with a solution to this problem as well! 

Foam Kitchen Mats are the all in one deal everyone loves to discover! There are varieties of this mat which comes in anti-fatigue material making it comfortable to use for long hours! The foam is easy to stand on both barefoot and with slippers. Stepping on it is like soaking your feet in a soft cushion, and its fibers also help with circulation which prevents numbing of legs!  

The best part about these mats is probably that they aren’t overly pricey! They’re found in almost all markets and are fairly cheap. They’re not only worth their cost, but also save you from spending on a massage you often need to rest your legs! 

While these mats aren’t ideal for wet areas, they are best placed near kitchen counters where you’re found often chopping vegetables, kneading dough, and stirring pots! It’s comfort of a different kind which allows you to enjoy your work without wanting to sit and massage your legs! 

Gel Kitchen Mats

One of the common types of kitchen floor mats often found is the Gel Kitchen Mat. It’s a mat that quite literally molds around your feet and gives you the best possible standing experience while taking all the pressure off your feet! Its material is easily water and dust resistant and allows it to go for a long time without being cleaned

This mat also comes in the form of an anti-fatigue mat and thus is an all-around popular option! It’s great for hard floors which cause unnecessary pressure on your legs and is a great comfort for all those who’re expected to spend long hours in the kitchen.

Time to Order!

Keeping all of these notes in mind, it’s fairly easy to narrow down what your kitchen needs and to order one from the nearest store right away! Each mat has some ways it can be specified and thus fulfills the hygienic, safety, and aesthetic purposes all house items need to!


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