The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is a name that translates into superior quality and competitive pricing. When you buy from AmazonBasics, you already know that it is the best offering in the market, and you don’t need to think twice.

The best mats for kitchen floors in their product catalog are made from the finest quality of raw materials, carefully carved and stitched by the artisans. These mats will not only complete the look of your kitchen but also improve its performance as a unit of the house, adding a touch of state of the art-technology to it.

Kitchen floor mats by AmazonBasics are just the edge that your kitchen requires to make it stand out; facilitating your daily chores in the kitchen and enhancing comfort, convenience and cleanliness.

The Three Best Mats for Kitchen Floors by AmazonBasics

ProductSize(s)Color(s)MaterialThicknessBuy Now
AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue
Standing Comfort Mat  
20″ x 30″  Black Pattern Blue Pattern
Gray Pattern Sunflower
Tan Pattern Teal Pattern
  Foam0.75 inchesCheck latest Price
AmazonBasics Non-Slip
Rubber Bath Mat  
27.5″ x 15.7″  Blue, Grey & White      Rubber  N/ACheck latest Price
AmazonBasics Non-Slip
Memory Foam Bath Mat  
18” x 28”Dark Brown, Gray & Beige Polyester0.6 inchesCheck latest Price

1. AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat (Editor’s Choice)

mat for kichen floor

If you are that someone who loves to cook and is not a fan of fast food meals, someone who loves the scent of spices and cannot get his/her eyes off that brownie while it bakes in the oven then this kitchen floor mat is for you.

AmazonBasics Anti Fatigue Mat is specially designed for long cooking hours when your legs get sore from all the standing in the kitchen and your feet turn numb. The mat gives a cushioning effect to your feet which helps reduce the stress and makes it easier for you to stand on the hard floor.

It is super comfortable to step on and provides exceptional support to your feet, legs and back and eventually reduces body aches and back pain. With extensive padding in its core and carefully designed pattern, this mat not only reduces fatigue but improves your health too.

It has been scientifically proven that anti-fatigue rugs like this mat reduce fatigue levels by up to 50%! Improves blood circulation, anti-fatigue rugs help with and reduce the chances of developing varicose veins, joint pains, and even pregnancy problems.

The phthalate-free arrangement incorporates just the most premium and safe high-thickness PVC foam which is excessively solid and impervious to tangling or wearing down after some time. Toss any measure of footfall at this wonder of a floor covering, and it would consistently provide premium quality comfort.

The textured top surface provides a firm grip for your feet and extra support for your posture while giving a premium feel. The 20 inches by 30 inches rug comes in 6 colors of Black Pattern, Blue Pattern, Gray Pattern, Sunflower, Tan Pattern, and Teal Pattern.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Anti-fatigue with texture on top
  • Does not wear off easily
  • Easy to store


  • Limited size options due to the focus on functionality

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2. AmazonBasics Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mat

Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mat was developed to offer three things: aesthetics, grip and water absorption.

It is a bathroom rug, in essence, offers amazing water retention capabilities that will contain the frequent messes in the kitchen and will protect your floors from water damage.

The non-porous surface will also keep germs from being trapped in the mat and offers points for hygiene.

Backed by a rubberized bottom, the rug provides an anti-skid element which will protect your kitchen from tripping and slipping accidents.

The 27.5 inches by 15.7 inches kitchen floor mat comes in four desirable designs of Black and White Plaid, Black and White Stripes, Grey, and Sunrise grey.

Other than its ultimate precise cutting, the unique patterns of the rug add a pop of exquisiteness to your kitchen. These designs can subtly blend in your kitchen and add to your kitchen’s elegant finish.

A Black and White Plaid can never go wrong! It can tone down the colors of your kitchen and make it look classy. The traditional pattern may also bring a feel of homeliness to your accommodation.

If you believe in functionality with beauty, then this is the product for you! When all else fails and nothing matches your theme, then these traditional black and white stripes are just the luxuries that your kitchen needs.

AmazonBasics pretty& comfortable mats are made with love and care. They ensure one wipe clean with their waterproof technology or can easily be machine washed. The product is environmentally friendly and guarantees style & comfort for a lifetime.


  • Fascinating designs
  • Various size options
  • Machine washable


  • Might catch dirt
  • No anti-fatigue element

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3. AmazonBasics Water Sponge Mat

AmazonBasics Water Sponge Mat

Inspired by the amazing water retention capabilities of bathroom rugs, AmazonBasics realized the need for a water-absorbent mat for kitchen floors and thus came up with its very own Water Sponge Mat.

With no foolproof way of avoiding frequent water spillages in the kitchen, this kitchen mat is sure to save the day with its revamped design that can absorb three times more water than your average bathroom rug.

Not impressed? Well, this marvel of a kitchen floor mat by AmazonBasics not only absorbs water quickly but dries even faster due to its multiple permeable layers of high-density material.

Made from gentle microfiber, which is environment friendly, the kitchen mat is safe to use around kids and pets. It uses a flocked technique to stand frequent machine washes which makes it super easy to clean.

The best part is that even after multiple washes, the mat is sure to look as fresh as new with no loose strands, and the colors still vibrant as ever.

Furthermore, AmazonBasics Water Sponge Mat is equipped with a non-slip bottom which adds to the safety and sturdiness of the rug. The TRP bottom and its strong adhesion do not let the rug slip or move despite the nature or condition of the surface.

The 18 inches by 28 inches rug comes in Dark Brown, Gray & Beige color options.


  • Water absorbent
  • Durable
  • Non-slip back


  • No anti-fatigue element

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Why Buy These Kitchen Floor Mats by AmazonBasics?

With millions of Kitchen mats available in the market and each promising to be the best of its kind, it is hard to choose the best one for you. With exact and to the point specification labeled on each mat, AmazonBasics does not force its products on you instead enables you to choose the most suited for yourself. The company does not boast and sell; instead, it shows, explains, and convinces you to buy.

We meticulously researched and tested many mats of the same kind and after combining and bringing together the best of each, we put forward a product that comprised of the best of both form and function.

We have thus shortlisted the best three mats mentioned in this article and brought them forward to you, our readers.

Now is the time to order these multifunctional mats and make your kitchen experience better! The mats would be delivered to you within 2-3 working days and are backed by the hassle-free and safe transactions by Amazon.

In any unfortunate case of you receiving a damaged product or not being fully satisfied with the produce, Amazon takes full responsibility and will allow you to claim an exchange or refund.

FAQs Regarding Kitchen Floor Mats

Why Do I Need A Kitchen Mat?

Every household has its own specific set of needs. Kitchen mats are not just an addition to the aesthetics of your kitchen but a valuable addition to the workability of your kitchen.

With eloquent designs and sparkling colors, the mats keep your kitchen neat and clean. Nobody would be able to tell if you had spilled or dropped anything on the surface as they are easily cleaned with paper towels.

Is AmazonBasics a Trusted Rug Manufacturer?

AmazonBasics is a household name when it comes to its legitimacy. It is backed by the trustworthiness and safety of Amazon, its parent company.

Where Do You Place A Kitchen Mat?

Kitchen floor mats can be placed anywhere; outdoors or indoors, in front of the sink, besides the counter, or parallel to your stove.

Which Is the Best Kitchen Floor Mat by AmazonBasics?

All the mats mentioned in our article are of top-notch quality and provide durability and functionality. Their eloquent designs backed by the latest technology make them the best pick for you.

However, the performance of AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat cannot be ignored. With its anti-fatigue properties and easy to clean feature, the rug is more suited for the general populace.