The 5 Best Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats -2021

A commercial kitchen floor mat is the need for commercial kitchens of restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias. But how?… Let’s dig into this in detail.

This is the era of real foodies. People spend thousands of dollars annually just for a good eating experience which not only involves good food but also good hygiene. Some restaurants even offer their customers with visits to their kitchens. Hence, it is important that your restaurant’s kitchens are clean and safe not only for your employees but also for outsiders.

The kitchen is the heart of this eatery of yours. When we think about the commercial kitchen, all we imagine is the heavy types of equipment and a polluted environment.

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You must have visited the industrial kitchens and also the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias; and noticed that the commercial kitchens are much larger than your regular home kitchens. With the larger size comes the greater responsibility to keep it well maintained.

The food prepared in these kitchens varies with the industry they are operating in, nonetheless, the noise and the fast-paced cooking process seems chaotic.

In these kitchens, the eatery’s menu comes to life but at the same time, they may also get unpleasant due to dirt and food waste.

This problem can be solved by simply adding a commercial kitchen floor mat which is designed to keep the kitchen pleasant and convenient regardless of how busy it gets. Cleaning and draining waste is essential and we are here to help you with it. We have some amazing mats listed below that are perfect for this role.

Why We Need A Commercial Kitchen Floor Mat

You must have noticed that your commercial kitchen gets dirty very often. Oil spills and grease splashes are very common and even though these messes can be cleaned, we consider your time and the time of your employees to be valuable. Consequently, arises the need for a commercial kitchen floor mat.

These durable and comfortable rugs are designed with holes for easy drainage. They would thus help you in keeping your kitchens clean and professional.

The best commercial mats, like the ones going to be discussed, also offer comfort and stability for your employees during their long shifts.

Standing all day on the hard floors of your kitchen may cause stress and fatigue. However, with a rug that provides an anti-fatigue element; your employees would feel relax and enjoy improved blood circulation and posture.

Talking about oil and water spills, they may also pose tripping hazards for your kitchen staff. However, with a commercial mat that offers non-slip; you can bid farewell to trips and slips. Their anti-skid backing will grip your kitchen floors and also protect them from water damage.

Some countries make it obligatory for a commercial kitchen to have heavy-duty floor mats. Only then they are allowed to operate. Not following these rules can lead to strict actions being taken and thus, commercial kitchen floor mat becomes a necessity.

Top 5 Mats for Commercial Kitchen Comparison Table

ProductSize(S)Color(S)MaterialThicknessShop Now
Notrax T30s0035bl
T30 Workstation Mat
(Editors Choice)
36″ X 36″
36″ X 60″
BlackNatural Rubber0.5″Check Latest Price
Comfort Flow Mat24″ X 36″
36″ X 60″
48″ X 72″
36″ X 108″
BlackNitrile Rubber3/8″Check Latest Price
Heavy Duty Mat
36″ X 36″
36″ X 60″
Black & RedNatural Rubber0.4″Check Latest Price
Wearwell Natural
Rubber 224 Upfront
36″ X 60″BlackNatural Rubber0.3″Check Latest Price
Yesland Restaurant
Kitchen Mat
23″ X 35″BlackNatural Rubber0.5″Check Latest Price

Top 5 Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Do you want your chef to work his magic in your kitchen while standing on a clean floor? Do you believe that the comfort and relaxation of your employees are integral to your eatery?

Well, if your answer to these questions is a Yes; you are at the right place for we have some incredible commercial kitchen mats for you.

Suitable for all types of floors, these kitchen rugs can endure exposure to extreme elements and are resistant to stains and spills from lubricants and grease.

Many kitchen floor mats available in the market offer ‘the greatest’ value to customers and so, we meticulously reviewed and tested these said, ‘best products’ and came with a list.

Every product in this list of the top five commercial kitchen floor mat offers superior functionality and boast benefits that far outweigh their drawbacks. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1) Notrax T30S0035BL T30 Workstation Mat (EDITORS CHOICE)

commercial kitchen floor mat

NoTrax is a known manufacturer of high-quality anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats for businesses operating in the food industry.

Their NoTrax T30S0035BL T30 Competitor Workstation Mat is a lightweight rubber mat that provides a great platform to walk and work on.

The front and backside boast the same design and functional elements which makes it reversible. With its premium heavy-duty feel, this kitchen rug means business.

The mat has small holes on it which helps in removing all sorts of greasy and non-greasy liquids from your worker’s platform.

More importantly, this mat is anti-fatigue which means its extra padding helps in relieving stress from the feet, hips, and back. Your workers would no longer feel exhausted while standing for long shifts.

Furthermore, you can now say goodbye to tripping hazards for this rug has beveled and curl-free edges that have been reinforced to prevent disintegration.

The 0.5-inch thickness gives it a low profile look. Rest assured, your workers would be able to effortlessly breeze through the kitchen moving carts and going about their work without any obstruction.

This mat comes in a solid black color and two size options for you to choose depending on your kitchen’s requirements.

The small size is 36 inches by 36 inches and the large option is available in 36 inches by 60 inches.


  • Anti-slip and anti-fatigue
  • Can be trimmed to liking
  • Reversible
  • Low profile for smooth cart movements


  • None found

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2) Comfort Flow Mat

mat for kitchen floor

M + A Matting is a leading manufacturer developing mats that focus on making food making enterprises safer, cleaner, and more comfortable.

They have been specializing in this industry for more than 50 years now and their Comfort flow mat is living proof of their excellence.

The comfort flow mat is designed with longevity in mind. The nitrile rubber composition is particularly created for places where liquid, oil, and chemicals are exposed.

The industrial-grade mat’s non-skid element is tested and certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute). As we have established, one of the main purposes of a commercial kitchen mat is good drainage, this rug achieves that with its aperture surface which allows fluids to flow freely in it.

The high-density closed-cell nitrile rubber aids the anti-fatigue properties of the rug to help reduce leg pain caused by standing for a long time at work.

The black-colored mat is available in 4 sizes: 24 inches by 36 inches, 36 inches by 60 inches, 48 inches by 72 inches, and 36 inches by 108 inches.

All sizes have similar properties and work effectively to make it slip-resistance, anti-fatigue, and durable. They are not only soft and flexible but also easy to wash and rinse out.


  • Long-lasting
  • Slip-resistance and anti-fatigue
  • Odor and phthalate free
  • Easy handling and cleaning


  • Edges don’t stay flat sometimes

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3) Commercial Heavy-Duty Mat

Commercial Heavy-Duty Mat

Are you bored of seeing the same black colored mats in every commercial kitchen? Well, we have an amazing product for you if you are! Let us introduce you to a rug manufacturer named Crablux.

They produce mats for both residential and commercial purposes and offer a wide range of mats for home décor and heavy-duty industrial usage.

Crablux’s Commercial Heavy-Duty Mat’s premium construction offers comfort and durability. Anti-fatigue and flexible, this rug’s water resistance makes it easy to clean after extensive exposure to grease and oil.

If you are an environmental activist, this mat is made for you due to its environment-friendly and sustainable composition.

The rug also boasts a non-slip backing which ensures your safety and the safety of your kitchen staff from slips and trips. It also helps the rug protect the kitchen’s floor from water damage.

At first, this commercial kitchen floor mat may feel a little heavy and compact due to its sturdy built but rest assured that this helps it maintain its shape.

Throw any amount of foot traffic at the Crablux’s Commercial Heavy-Duty Mat and it will emerge unscathed and intact. If at any point you want to keep it aside, you can easily roll it up without damaging it.

This mat will assuredly make your kitchen look brighter and more colorful. It is available in two colors; black and red, and two sizes, 36 inches by 36 inches and 36 inches by 60 inches.

We are often bored with the homogenous black mats present in most commercial kitchens. The red color option can offer a sophisticated presence without compromising on the functionality.


  • Heavy-duty drainage rubber
  • Environment friendly
  • 2 Colors available
  • Durable and flexible


  • Might be considered a little heavy due to its heavy-duty build quality
  • Might give off an initial odor

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4) Wearwell Natural Rubber 224 Upfront

Wearwell Natural Rubber 224 Upfront

Wearwell is a 70 years old manufacturer of industrial matting and flooring. Their Natural Rubber 224 Upfront Commercial Kitchen Mat boasts stylish open-slots that give it a unique outlook compared to regular mats that have circular holes in them.

The dotted design not only promotes drainage but also makes it easy to clean and dry.

This solid black colored commercial kitchen mat boasts dimensions of 36 inches by 60 inches and is aimed at kitchen networks that not only want drainage but also durability and cleanliness.

You might be worried about the dirt accumulation in your kitchen. This mat will keep that dirt out and is sure to stand the test of time with its durable construction. The design is without a doubt, low-profile; reducing the probability of tripping over.

The mat will contain kitchen spills and assist in drying them out. It is lightweight which makes it easy to wash and dry.

Furthermore, this mat comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee. At any point, if you feel unsatisfied; you can claim this warranty and Wearwell will deal with it according to their policies. Companies rarely give warranty in these types of mats, so it is surely a plus point!


  • Unique design
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Reversible
  • Easy to roll and lightweight


  • No size options
  • Not anti-fatigue element

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5) Yesland Restaurant Kitchen Mat

Yesland Restaurant Kitchen Mat

Composed entirely of recycled rubber, the Yesland Restaurant Kitchen Mat is about to become the newest addition to your restaurant’s kitchen.

Its water absorbent surface is perfect for wet areas and provides all-day comfort when standing for long periods. The mat is good for commercial use as the high-quality rubber is water and dirt resistant.

The drainage holes allow water and dirt to flow through the circular holes leaving a clean platform to work for your chef.

The high-quality rubber mat is also flexible and lightweight which makes it easy to roll it up as per need.

The sturdy design provides excellent grip and protection from slipping accidents. You don’t have to worry about its maintenance either. If dirty, the mat can be easily rinsed in water without causing damage.

It comes in a solid black color and 23 inch by 35 inch size option.


  • Effective for water drainage
  • High-quality rubber used
  • Anti-slip
  • Flexible and can easily be rolled


  • The smell of rubber is present initially
  • Absence of choice in size

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Buying Guide

Now that you are fully aware of how important commercial kitchen floor mat is for your restaurant’s kitchen, we would like to assist you in finding the most suitable option.

At a glance, all commercial mats may seem like offering no variety whatsoever. However, there are some factors that set one apart from the other.

Special Features

The best commercial kitchen mats offer three main elements; anti-fatigue, slip resistance, and great water absorption capabilities.

Commercial mats use their rubber or gel padding to provide the rug with an anti-fatigue element. It helps them relieve stress from the user’s joints and provide comfort.

Non-slip commercial kitchen rugs have either latex or rubber backing which helps them hug the floor while simultaneously providing traction on the top.

Stepping such a rug doesn’t cause you to stumble or slide across the floor thus preventing accidents in your restaurant’s kitchens.

Rugs that are good at absorbing water help in containing messes in your kitchen. They also protect the floor from the dangers of moisture and water damage.

Thickness and Edges

One of the most important things commercial kitchen owners should consider is the mat’s thickness and edges.

Since commercial kitchens are usually congested, a low profile beveled mat might be exactly what you need to improve the mobility in the room.

A mat with lower height and molded-in edges reduces trip hazards and assists in smooth movement of the kitchen carts. Both these things may seem trivial but are vital when making the ultimate purchasing decision as they add to the overall safety of the room.

Size and Weight

A restaurant owner must figure out the dimensions he wants the mat to be and this depends on the size of the kitchen. We believe that the mat should not boast a width smaller than 23 inches and a length smaller than 35 inches.

If, however, you have more people working in the kitchen or prefer runners, a longer mat is suitable. The best commercial kitchen mats are also trim able to the size of liking.

You should also consider the rug’s mass when making this buying decision. While lightweight mats are easy to move and carry, a commercial rug that is heavy offers sturdiness and durability. More mass also means the mat will stay in one place regardless of the foot traffic.


Even though most commercial kitchen floor mats do not offer much choice in terms of colors, they do boast unique designs sometimes.

Some of them consist of simple circular holes while others have more style added to them.

An elegant mat adds beauty to your kitchen but the main purpose of buying the mat should not be neglected.

The functionality of the mat should never be compromised over the aesthetics. An intricately designed commercial mat is just a cherry on top of the cake.

Why Buy These Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen?

The mats mentioned above have been tried by many customers and they have been satisfied with their purchase.

We do accept that these mats have some cons nevertheless; the benefit they offer is much greater than the drawbacks.

When browsing through these products, the main focus should be functionality. This is exactly what we prioritized while suggesting to you. Every other aspect comes second.

Being the owner of a commercial kitchen, your priority should be the safety of your employees and these mats are perfect for that. These products offer slip resistance, anti-fatigue, low profile, durable and flexible properties and they are way more than any other mat has to offer you.

With each product review, we have attached the Amazon link to the product. This is done to make sure you don’t have to waste time searching these up. They are only one click away and after reading this article you must be convinced that you need one of these mats for your food and industrial network.

Amazon is a trusted site that is consumer-friendly. They will offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the product arrives defected. You can also go through additional reviews of the product on their site. Hopefully, you will not face any issues while placing an order.

FAQs regarding a Commercial Kitchen Floor Mat

1) Should I drape my vinyl kitchen floors with commercial mats?

Vinyl is low maintenance and water-resistant flooring material. It is not only used in commercial kitchens but is also very popular in other commercial and residential areas. This kind of flooring, however, is only effective if you use superior quality which comes with high price tags.

Furthermore, vinyl flooring may turn dull over time and needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure longevity and prevent discoloration. You can resolve this issue by draping them with a non-slip commercial rug, like one mentioned in our article. The mat will protect it from exposure to elements and moisture. 

2) Are anti-fatigue commercial mats worth it?

A study at England’s Loughborough University proves that anti-fatigue mats can have a considerable positive impact on the health of workers who stand for long periods. These mats not only reduce stress and minimize the leg and back pain but also improve their blood circulation. Improved comfort option would also mean more productivity and motivated kitchen staff. Hence, without a doubt, anti-fatigue commercial mats are worth investing in.

3) Is it OK to put a rug in a commercial kitchen?

Rugs can and should be placed in commercial kitchens. If you want the rug to cover only a small area, maybe just the sink, go for small floor mats. Opt for runners if you want to cover larger areas such as the range or the kitchen’s hallway. These rugs will keep your kitchen tidy and your staff safe and comfortable.

4) Are commercial kitchen floor mats necessary?

Commercial kitchens mats are considered essential by many restaurant owners because of the value they offer. They provide support depending upon the type of mat that is used. Your kitchen staff that spends a lot of time standing may require one with a soft anti-fatigue surface to reduce tiredness and exhaustion. Kitchens are places where exposure to liquids and oil is extensive therefore you do need an anti-slip mat.

We realize that you want to make a decision about which commercial kitchen floor mat to use in your restaurant, industry, or food network on your own personalized merits. We do, however, have a humble recommendation based on our judgment and product reviews that we would like to share with you.
We would recommend purchasing Notrax T30S0035BL T30 Workstation Mat. This commercial floor mat aced at every test we put it through and can truly be considered the best floor mat for your commercial kitchen. With that, we would like to end this article. We hope all your confusion regarding the topic has been cleared and your queries, answered. Happy Shopping!

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