The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by GelPro

If you have ever walked the home decor isle or browsed through any kitchen mat catalog, you must have come across the rug manufacturer that is GelPro. Well, let’s talk about this company a bit and guide you through the best mats for kitchen floor in Gelpro products catalog.

The company was started by an American couple who believed that there is an unfilled gap in the mat market. The wife, Lisa, personally felt that there should be high quality, comfortable floor mats that would relax her feet in the kitchen. This is where it all started, and now, GelPro has established its name not only in the USA but internationally as well.


The Three Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by GelPro

GelPro specializes in A-grade mats produced by highly trained workers under the supervision of experts that are sure to breathe a new life of versatility and vibrancy in your kitchen.

So, without further delay, let’s dive right into it!

ProductSize(s)Color(s)MaterialThicknessShop Now
Artisan Accent
24″ x 34″
24″ x 76″
Adelle Blue Jewel Barton
Blue Rock Barton Sandstone
Bella Persian Charcoal Haze
Bella Persian Khaki Heritage
Buttercream Heritage Dusty
Blue Natural Lattice Grey Taryn
Dark Blue Taryn Wildberry
Polyester0.5″Check Latest Price
GelPro Elite
Premier Gel
& Foam
Comfort Mat  
20″ x 36″
20″ x 48″
20″ x 72″
Basketweave Black
Basketweave Truffle
Blossom Stone/Ivory
Damask Beachcomber
Damask Dove Grey
Lattice Garnet Lattice
Indigo Lattice Light
Grey Lattice Tan Linen
Granite Gray Linen
Khaki Linen Truffle
New Leaves Deep
Sea New Leaves
Warm Taupe Quill
Atlantic Blue Quill Black Quill
Toast Rustic Texas Flag
Vintage Red & Blue
Vintage Leather
Mushroom Vintage Leather
Rustic Brown Vintage
Leather Slate Basketweave
Khaki Linen Granite Grey
New Leaves Deep Sea Stain
polyurethane0.8″Check Latest Price
by GelPro Designer
Kitchen Floor Mat  
20″ x 32″
20″ x 48″
20″ x 72″
30″ x 108″
Pebble Palm, Tweed,
Barn Red, Tweed Green Valley, Tweed High Tide,
Tweed Honeycomb, Tweed Honeycomb, Tweed Nickel Grey.
polyurethane0.8″Check Latest Price

1) GelPro Nevermove Artisan Accent Mat

best mats for kitchen floor by GelPro

GelPro Nevermove Artisan Accent Mat is a unique 2 part system that works together to offer comfort and charm to your kitchen floor. Let us explain how it works.

It comes with a mat that is placed on top of a rug. The mat has gel-filled, energy-return foam while the rug possesses elegant designs and a soft surface.

The mat is anti-fatigue, which means that you can work for longer hours without getting tired. The backing is made up of jelly grippers that increase the friction between the floor and mat, making it anti-slip.

The rug part of this mat is made up of polyester, which is stain resistant. If it does get dirty, it can easily be vacuumed or washed in a machine.

This product is available in 2 sizes: 24 inches by 34 inches and 24 inches by 76 inches. There is a wide variety of designs available which are sure to make your kitchen more delightful and lively.

The colors available are Adelle Blue Jewel, Barton Blue Rock, Barton Sandstone, Bella Persian Charcoal Haze, Bella Persian Khaki, Heritage Buttercream, Heritage Dusty Blue, Natural Lattice Grey, Taryn Dark Blue, Taryn Wildberry.


  • Two-part system (rug and mat)
  • Jelly gripper backing
  • Stain-resistant
  • Machine washable rug
  • Unique patterns


  • Only two sizes
  • Mat is not machine friendly

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2) GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Comfort Mat

GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Comfort Mat

GelPro claims its Elite Premier Gel & Foam Comfort Mat to be the World’s most comfortable floor mat. This exceptional mat is made up of four layers: non-slip backing, therapeutic gel layer, energy-return foam, and a designer surface.

The backing is certified by the National Floor Safety Institution (NFSI) to be non-slip. Its beveled edges also ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Once you have this mat in your kitchen, you will be saying goodbye to slip and trip accidents.

It is made from the highest quality non-toxic polyurethane which is not only stain-resistant but also easy to clean with a damp cloth. This anti-fatigue and pain-relieving mat are all you need to mitigate your stress and physical discomfort.

The kitchen floor mat comes in 3 sizes and 24 designs. That’s right! With 24 unique varieties of designs and patterns available, nothing can stop your kitchen from being luxurious and perfectly-themed. The sizes include 20 inches by 36 inches, 20 inches by 48 inches, and 20 inches by 72 inches.

The colors offered are Basketweave Black, Basketweave Truffle, Blossom Stone/Ivory, Damask Beachcomber, Damask Dove Grey, Lattice Garnet, Lattice Indigo, Lattice Light Grey, Lattice Tan, Linen Granite Gray, Linen Khaki, Linen Truffle, New Leaves Deep Sea, New Leaves Warm Taupe, Quill Atlantic Blue, Quill Black, Quill Toast, Rustic Texas Flag Vintage Red & Blue, Vintage Leather Mushroom, Vintage Leather Rustic Brown, Vintage Leather Slate, Basketweave Khaki, Linen Granite Grey, New Leaves Deep Sea Stain.


  • Certified by NFSI to be non-slip
  • Anti-fatigue
  • 4 layers
  • Stain-resistant
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Anti-slip
  • Beveled edges


  • A bit high priced but well worth it

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3) NewLife by GelPro Designer Kitchen Floor Mat

mat for kitchen floor

NewLife Mat by GelPro is made from eco-friendly high-density foam. The ergo-foam core of this mat gives it its anti-fatigue properties. Waterproof and stain-resistant features further improve the functionality of this mat.

The non-skid backing of the mat keeps the mat in one place and prevents slip accidents. Additionally, the beveled edges provide added protection from trip hazards and ensure an easy flow of traffic. Apart from these characteristics, the top surface is soft and comfortable to stand on.

The plain design of the mat gives it a minimalist look. It can be matched with the theme or used for color contrast. Either way, it adds simplicity and sophistication to your kitchen without compromising on the functionality.

The sizes available for the NewLife mat are 20 inches by 32 inches, 20 inches by 48 inches, 20 inches by 72 inches, and 30 inches by 108 inches. The 7 offered colors are Pebble Palm, Tweed, Barn Red, Tweed Green Valley, Tweed High Tide, Tweed Honeycomb, Tweed Honeycomb, Tweed Nickel Grey.


  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Non-skid
  • Beveled edges


  • Slightly firmer than other mats
  • Plain design

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Why Buy These Mats for Kitchen Floor By GelPro?

After several months of research and development, GelPro came up with their unique gel comfort mats almost 15 years ago. Until now, they have provided comfortable kitchen floor mats to nearly 4 million families!

Constant innovation and superior value have been their motto and they can truly be called the maestros of rug making. All the best kitchen floor mats by GelPro discussed in this article have been meticulously reviewed and tested.

Moreover, we recommend taking advantage of the hassle-free and secure website of Amazon, an easy to use website where you can read reviews of other buyers before placing an order.


Are GelPro Mats safe for hardwood floors?

The best GelPro kitchen mats, like the ones mentioned in our article, are safe for hardwood floors. These mats keep your kitchen clean by their waterproof or water-resistant qualities and protect your floor from water damage. GelPro mats also boast high standard backings which do not scratch your precious floors.

Is GelPro a trusted manufacturer?

The sole purpose of GelPro is to provide comfort, luxury, and relief to its broad customer base. The extent to which the company values its customers is prominent in the 5-year warranty that it provides on all its lines with a full money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, this also says a lot about how confident GelPro is about their products, and why shouldn’t they be? Their mats are indeed extraordinary!

Do anti-fatigue mats work?

Anti-fatigue mats are made in such a way that they reduce the effect of the shock generated from standing on a hard floor by offering a soft malleable surface.

Without a doubt, high-grade anti-fatigue mats like the ones discussed in our article improve muscle conditions, reduce feet and leg pain, and improve blood circulation among many other benefits.

What is the best kitchen floor mat by GelPro?

The best Kitchen floor mat by GelPro, in our humble opinion, is the GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Comfort Mat.” This mat offers an excellent blend of performance and design. This mat is termed an “Elite” mat which is manufactured with non-toxic polyurethane.

The stunning colors and patterns allow your kitchen to be awe-inspiring. Furthermore, this mat provides a safe and relaxing place for you to work in the kitchen. The mat is durable and is like a one-time deal; once you buy this mat, it is sure to perform efficiently for years!

The certification for being non-slip by none other than the National Floor Safety Institution is like a cherry on top of a cake.

We are confident that most of your questions have now been answered in this article. Happy shopping!