The Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by Kangaroo

A subsidiary of Hills Points Industry, Kangaroo specializes in kitchen and bath rugs that are globally sourced from countries such as the U.S, Europe, and Asia.

With a goal to always deliver high-quality products at the best prices, the best mats for kitchen floors in their product catalog excel both in form and function and are backed by exceptional customer support.

Two Best Mats for Kitchen Floors by Kangaroo

Our list of the best floor mats in Kangaroo’s product catalog is the culmination of extensive research and meticulous testing. These two mats boast pros that significantly outweigh their cons and can thus truly be termed, the best of both worlds.

ProductSize(s)Color(s)MaterialThicknessBuy Now
Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug
(Editors Choice)
20″ x 32″
17″ x 24″
20″x 39″
20″ x 49″
20″ x 60″
24″x 70″
Beige, Black, Brown, Charcoal, Diamond: Brown/Cream, Gray, Hunter Green, Marble, Mocha, Navy, Quatrefoil: Gray/White, Red, Sand, Sky Blue, Stripe: Black/Gray, Waves: Beige/White & WoodLeather3/4 inchesCheck Latest Price
Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug17″ x 24″
30″ x 20″
36″ x 24″ 42″ x 24″ 60″ x 24″
Beige  Black  Brown  Cream  Gray  Hot Pink  Light Blue  Light Pink  Light Purple  Navy  Red  Sage  Seafoam Turquoise  White  YellowChenilleN/ACheck Latest Price

1. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug (Editors Choice)

Best Mats for Kitchen Floor by Kangaroo

Kangaroo recently retired its ‘Anti-Fatigue Comfort Standing Mat’ from the catalog and launched the all-new ‘Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug’; and what a marvel of a rug it is!

Boasting the luxurious look and premium feel that comes with leather rugs, the latex-free and phthalate-free kitchen mat is Proposition 65 compliant and non-toxic.

This offering by Kangaroo possesses a soft yet sturdy feel due to its 3/4 inch thick cushioning which also ensures longevity. No matter how much wear and tear this rug sees in its lifetime, it will withstand breaking down or compressing.

Moreover, the inclusion of this foam also means the rug boasts an anti-fatigue element. Upon stepping on such an anti-fatigue kitchen rug, you would feel the mat’s extra soft surface cradling your feet.

This helps disperse body weight naturally and promotes blood circulation. Consequently, the pressure on your heart is reduced which means a healthier you.

By promoting a better posture and superior blood circulation, the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug is sure to prevent joint aches and back pain. Cooking and cleaning in the kitchen would be even more comfortable after the stress from your lower limbs and feet is relieved!

Let’s talk about the surface now. The textured surface reduces friction while giving a premium feel. It is also waterproof which makes the kitchen mat the perfect decor for the wet areas of your kitchen such as under the sink and refrigerator. It is also super easy to clean and can be spot cleaned with a wet cloth. The water absorption also protects your kitchen floors from water damage.

Kangaroo understands the needs of the customers well which is apparent in the rug’s beveled edges that prevent tripping accidents in the kitchen. These edges have also been reinforced to prevent fraying and offer added grip.

Furthermore, Kangaroo does not want you to waste your precious time trying to unfurl the rug. It is thus shipped flat to the consumer and is free of unsightly creases and folds.

Functionality is not the only aspect that Kangaroo’s Original Standing Mat excels at. The rug comes in seven different size options: 20 inches by 32 inches, 17 inches by 24 inches, 20 inches by 39 inches, 20 inches by 48 inches, 20 inches by 60 inches, and 24 inches by 70 inches.

With 17 vibrant color shades of Beige, Black, Brown, Charcoal, Diamond: Brown/Cream, Gray, Hunter Green, Marble, Mocha, Navy, Quatrefoil: Gray/White, Red, Sand, Sky Blue, Stripe: Black/Gray, Waves: Beige/White and Wood, this rug is sure to complement any kitchen’s decor.


  • Super soft and anti-fatigue
  • Available in a huge variety of colors and sizes
  • Ships flat to prevent creases
  • Can be trimmed to liking
  • Easy to clean and waterproof


  • Could not find any

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2. Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug

Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug

The company and the market call it a bath rug, but we have included this product in our list of the best mats for kitchen floors. Confused? Let us explain!

Bathroom rugs offer some of the best water retention capabilities due to the nature of the room they are placed in. However, what many people do not realize is that kitchens do get wet too; maybe not as much as bathrooms do.

We thus tested the Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug in our kitchen and indubitably it aced at providing comfort and functionality.

The thick, high-pile chenille fabric helps to absorb moisture by preventing excess water from accumulating on your kitchen floors. This not only keeps your kitchen clean but also protects the floor from water damage.

The tufty chenille material is also super soft and a treat to step on and walk over. It also helps in trapping moisture deep within the rug’s fabric fingers allowing the rug to dry quickly after getting wet or after washing.

Talking about washing, the rug has been designed and tested to be machine washable. The ultra-strong underside features durable TPR material that is resistant to falling out after repeated washes. Rest assured, this mat is sure to stand the test of time.

The perfect gift for your grandparents, friends, or just anyone who likes to cook, the Kangaroo Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug is sure to bring versatility and convenience to any kitchen.

It comes in five sizes: 17 inches by 24 inches, 30 inches by 20 inches, 36 inches by 24 inches, 42 inches by 24 inches, and 60 inches by 24 inches. Each size comes in 16 colors, Beige, Black, Brown, Cream, Gray, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Purple, Navy, Red, Sage, Seafoam, Turquoise, White, and Yellow.


  • Amazing water retention capabilities
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Available in a huge variety of colors and sizes
  • Resistant to breaking down
  • Machine Washable


  • No non-slip backing or anti fatigue top

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An article without a FAQs section is a boring one! We thus bring to you comprehensive and succinct answers to the frequently asked questions regarding Kangaroo and its best kitchen floor mats.

Where Should I Buy Kitchen Rugs From?

We hope our article has convinced you of the legitimacy and superiority of Kangaroo in the rug-making industry. Now comes the question as to where you should buy its kitchen floor mats.

We have one word for you, Amazon. Products on Amazon have always been delivered in the exact form of what they were promised. Further, to make the process transparent or in case you want to hear from other users before making a decision, we have attached the link to the product reviews as well.

Take advantage of their easy to use the website and secure transactions to buy the mat of your dreams. Moreover, in case of any unfortunate defects or unsatisfactory product quality, you can also claim a refund or exchange. Rest assured, Kangaroo and Amazon will always deliver on their promise of complete customer satisfaction.

Do I Really Need A Kitchen Mat?

Kitchen floor mats are slowly becoming a necessity due to various factors. They define the boundaries of the kitchen and breathe new life into the room with their distinctive patterns and vibrant colors.

Kitchen floor mats utilize their superior water retention capabilities to contain messes and spills. This keeps the floor underneath protected from water damage and from posing tripping hazards.

The best kitchen mats offer anti fatigue and comfort enhancing properties as well.

Can I Place a Bathroom Rug in the Kitchen?

Yes! Bathroom Rugs offer amazing water retention perks due to the nature of the room they are placed in. Check out Kangaroo’s Plush Luxury Chenille Bath Rug mentioned in our article for one such rug.

The rule of thumb is to skip bathroom rugs that have a towel like feel. Apart from this, you are good to go!

What Is the Best Kitchen Floor Mat by Kangaroo?

Both the kitchen floor mats mentioned in our article offer superior functionality to price ratios as compared to other market offerings. If, however, we were to choose one as our top pick, we would go for the Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug.

Simplistic and elegant, the rug has been Amazon’s top pick since many years. It features an anti-fatigue top and a heavy duty design that is easy to clean and is super soft.