Best Kitchen Floor Mats For Dog

We’ve listed everything you need to know when looking for the best kitchen floor mats for your dog! 

 Many of us have little balls of fluff who like to follow us around everywhere. Small furry bodies who love to run around our feet and cuddle up to us while we work is common for many of us. As much as we love to spend time with them, it’s often hard to have them around us at all times. 

Dogs are a favorite pet in most homes. They’re said to be man’s best friend and they often are! Just like any other best friend they’re always underfoot, trailing us from one room to another, which makes it essential for us to design our house to cater to them. 

best kitchen floor mats for dog

Too many good pieces of furniture, carpets, curtains, and even cutlery have been ruined by hurried paws scampering over them which is why anything added to the house must be safe from their antics. As most of the time we spend in our homes is spent in kitchens preparing meals, and then cleaning up, it’s a favorite spot for our dogs as well. However, there’s no need to worry because manufacturers have been keeping dogs into consideration and have introduced the best and specific line of kitchen floor mats for your dog that caters to what they need! 

Patterns and Colors: 

Dogs shed like crazy! This is a fact every dog owner knows and is tired of cleaning up. Everywhere they toss and turn, walk and jump around has an abundance of their hair. Most of a dog owner’s free time is spent running around and cleaning up after their pet. It’s not just hair that’s the issue, dogs often trample into the house with their muddy, dirty paws and mark the furniture and carpets. 

The best way to avoid visible hairs and stains on the mats is to make sure that your mat compliments your dog! If your dog has light hair, then go for a rug of that color- it won’t hide stains that well, but it’ll hide all the hair your dog sheds! If your dog has dark hair then a dark color that’s the possible solution! 

Aside from colors, another great idea is to have patterned mats! Patterns can hide stains much better and maintain an overall clean look even when it’s covered in stains and dog hair! 

Cut or Loop? 

Mats come in either cut piles or loop piles, and kitchen mats are no different. For dogs, cut piles are a much more reasonable buy. Loop piles, as apparent from the name have threads looped over each other. Since dogs can be expected to be playing around on the mats, they can easily pull the loops apart and tear the mat. 

A more important reason for choosing cut piles is because loop piles can be dangerous for dogs! Their nails and even teeth can get caught on the threads in the loop piles and can cause them injury! Thus it’s more convenient for you, as well as safer for your dog if you choose cut piles over loop piles. 

While choosing cut piles it’s also important to note that your piles aren’t too big. Often enough, cut piles have a lot of layers that trap hair and other impurities in the air. This triggers allergies in homeowners as well as dogs! Though high cut pile mats can be maintained, they need to be cleaned a lot more than low cut mats do!  

The easy answer to this debacle is to get yourself a pretty, low cut mat and make life easier for both you and your dog! 

What material should you choose? 

There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to materials for pet kitchen mats. The most popular ones are woven wool, woven cotton, sheepskin, and plain cotton. These may seem overwhelming but in just a few lines you’ll be able to choose the best material of kitchen floor mats for your dog.

Woven Wool:

Wool is your best friend. Wool is the closest thing you have to a cleaning lady when it comes to looking after your pets. Woven wool mats are going to make your life much easier because they are highly stain-resistant.  

When your pet waddles into the kitchen and tramples all over your woven wool kitchen mat with dirty paws, exhale. Inhale. You’ve got this. It’s easy to clean, and this will tell you exactly how. 

Two easy steps: 

Brush your rug out with a broom so that all the entangled dog hair comes out- that’s half the job done! The second step is to take out your vacuum cleaner, dial-up your beater brush to its highest setting, and vacuum away! All the trapped dust and dog hair will be out in a few minutes flat.  

Woven Cotton:

Woven cotton is more commonly known as cotton dhurries or horse blankets. These kitchen mats are easy to fold away and put aside when you’re not using them. They’re soft, easy to clean, and durable! 

Cleaning them is as easy as handwashing them or brushing the rug out to clean up the dust, dog hair, and mud out. It doesn’t even need a vacuum cleaner! 


Sheepskin kitchen mats are as comfortable as they sound like- they’re warm, fluffy, and cozy. There’s no doubt that with this mat on your feet, your dog will scamper into the kitchen and roll up on your feet.  

Sheepskin is similar to the woven wool rugs- it’s stain-resistant and can be cleaned using the same method. Because of its material, it traps more hair and dust so it needs to be cleaned more often but it’s easy enough so it doesn’t use a lot of effort. 

What you need to do 

Turn around and look at your dog. Figure out which one of these meets the criteria of best kitchen floor mats for your dog and order them easily from amazon. You’ll have a cozy mat soon and your dog will have a comfortable spot to curl up and sleep in your kitchen! 

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