How to Wash Kitchen Floor Mats

How does a normal weekday go for most of us- vastly different I think. Some of us have school, some are in college, and some might be well into their professional lives. Some might stay at home and be busy running after kids all day; the point is, we all have very different lifestyles.

There are two facts that bring us together. Fact number 1, a large part of our time at home is spent cleaning up. We’re always either cleaning up the bedroom, the lounge, the kitchen, the cutlery, or the washing.

How to wash Kitchen Floor Mats

Fact number 2; we hate it. We loathe washing up and we hate that we have to do it every day. We’re lazy when it comes to cleaning. What’s worse is that we sometimes end up with mats that look worse after cleaning than they do going in.

How’s that possible? It’s because so many people don’t know how to best wash certain mats and how they all have to be treated. In this article we have detailed which cleaners are best to use and how mats should be cleaned, but if you’re still worried and still have questions about what kind of water pressure is required and how to care for mats individually- give this a read!

Foam Mats

Who doesn’t love good old foam mats? They’re soft underneath your feet, your pets love it and they’re a blessing when you need to stand for long periods. The downside? They get dirty fairly easily.

What you shouldn’t do!

There’s one key thing that you need to write down and that we will reiterate everywhere- don’t just dump your mats in washing machines and hope to God that they’ll clean themselves. That’s a flat out no. Washing machines will ruin your mats and reduce their life.

What you can do:

If the washing machine is your way to go then it’s better that you fold up your mat and put it in a cloth bag. Now place it in your machine and use cold water to wash it. Make sure you turn your spin-off!

Other than washing machines, an easy way to wash these mats is to simply hose off your mat, or clean it in a tub. If you have a dishwasher then they can be washed in that as well!

Commercial Mats

Commercial mats are designed to last a long time. The pre-existing condition is that you take good care of it of course. These are fairly easy to clean, as long as you keep some stuff in mind.

The don’ts

We’re starting with what you absolutely shouldn’t do because that sticks better. A lot of places will try to sell high-quality cleaners and toxic bleaches made for cleaning mats. Whatever you do- don’t buy them!

If you want to invest in good cleaners, then take a look at our article on mat cleaners which will tell you exactly what you need for this!

The do’s

This is fairly easy and will be easy on your pocket with minimal stress. All you need to do is soak these mats in hot water before you start cleaning.

Then, simply take a brush and some diluted cleaning solution (look at our article on this for reference), and rub the mat gently. Make sure your strokes aren’t too abrasive as that can ruin the mat quality.

Now you just need to rinse the mat with normal temperature water- not too hot or cold. You’re good to go!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

There is a mantra you all need to repeat in your heads. No washing machines. Absolutely none. This is especially relevant for anti-fatigue kitchen mats. The material they are made up of is sensitive and washing them in machines regularly will ruin the texture of these mats.

That being said, give its high-quality material, these mats are quite easy to clean. They take you back to traditional methods where all you need to use is some good old-fashioned soap and water.

There’s no need for any fancy detergents or cleaners, but if you want to look into degreasers and cleaning solutions to use every once in a while, look into the options we’ve listed in our article to clean these mats.

For everyday purposes, just softly scrub in some soap and rinse off with some warm water and you’re good to go!

Cork Mats

we’ve listed easy ways to make your own mats- one of which is the infamous cork mat that you can use for your sink for aesthetic purposes as well using it to absorb the water splashes.

For cork mats especially you need to make sure that you use no high-powered machine or water spray. Since the material itself is so delicately held together, high pressure can dislodge the structure. What you need is a water spray, some cleaning solution, and a cloth to wipe it down.

Your cork mat cleaning spray can have a diluted cleaning solution, water, and even some drops of your favorite essential oil to scent it!> Just spray the mat gently and then wipe it down with a dry cloth. Make sure you give it some time to air dry before you use it!

Gel Mats

Gel kitchen mats come with a  lot of things you shouldn’t do, and a few things which will make life easier for you.

Since the material of the mat is so different and delicate, you need to ensure that you don’t wipe it too aggressively. Don’t use any machinery on it, including vacuum cleaners, washing machines, or high pressured water hose.

Don’t use any strong cleaner, detergent, or solution. Check out our article on cleaning solutions to see what works best.

Another thing to note is to not use very hot water or very cold water. Just use a simple soap and room temperature water to wipe the mat on both sides, and voila your work is done!

That’s all there is to it!

Did you come here thinking it’s going to be needlessly complicated? It’s really not, as I’m sure you all know by now. Just be cautious with your mats and you’ll get to use them for a long time!

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